Monika Luft: All Poland was talking about her leaving TVP! What does a famous journalist do today?

She was a TV star in the 90s, famous among her colleagues for her excellent knowledge of Spanish literature and language. In addition, everything that she did, she performed with a great heart. “This is a real boss” – the head of the program used to say about her “Coffee or tea?”Which Monica Loft ran for many years.

Monica Loft Already in childhood, she promised to be a screen star. In 1973 – under her maiden name Szatyńska – she starred in the film Janusz Nasfeter “I will not love you”. Later, she played the role of Emelka, the daughter of Barbara and Bogomic Nitcic in the film Jerzy Anzac. “Nights and Days”. After graduating from high school, she submitted documents for … Iberian Studies at the University of Warsaw.

Surprisingly, it was these studies that contributed to her return to the small screen. At the end of the 80s, when the whole world was interested in changing Poland, Mrs. Monica began to cooperate with Spanish television, broadcasting correspondence from Warsaw. It was discovered by someone from TVP in this work. Thus in 1994 I became a full-time employee of Telewizja Polska. I worked there for eight years.

Among the interlocutors of Monica Luft were the stars of the pen – Paul Auster, Mario Vargas Llosa and Arturo Perez-Riverte, the film – John Malkovich, Pierce Brosnan and Michel Piccoli, and the music – Jean-Michel Jarre, Enrique Iglesias, Chuck Mangion and Leonard Cohen .

At some point, her collaboration with TVP ended abruptly. “I was told that there was no job for me, but that I could keep my full-time job – the entirety of PLN 350 total. (…) It was an insurmountable limit for me: begging for alms. So I quit, she said in an interview with Gala. “.

“There was no politician behind me who could call the president in a crisis. There is a constant “shepherd’s game” on TV. Everyone likes to show off their vast acquaintance, even if it is fictitious. I didn’t lock my back that way, because it seemed awkward to me ”- she explained in an interview for

Monica Luft was also a broadcaster. In 2000, she co-hosted TVP’s New Year’s Eve party. In 2005, it also hosted the TOPtrendy festival organized by Polsat.

After completing her adventure with TVP, the journalist started collaborating with Tele 5. “At first, I was driving the car [tam] The studio I invited guests to, and then my own program “Dzie z Gwiazdą”, where I was a guest at celebrity homes. I visited the camera, among others Janusz Zaorski, Zbigniew Niemczycki and Andrzej Strzelecki “- wrote Luft on its website.

After breaking up with television, she managed to devote herself to what she loves most – writing. In 2004, she happily presented her first novel “iguana laughing”, part of which occurs in the media environment. After a successful debut, Luft wrote another one: Argentine system..

The first recipient of Monica Luft’s books is her ex-journalist, Krzysztof Dużyński. They met, of course, on TV! They both run a program once a week “Coffee or tea?” And they became friends first. After a while this friendship turned into a great and sincere feeling. She was the journalist after breaking up her first relationship with TVP2 journalist Krzysztof Luft. However, she said to herself: Art reaches twice … And today she enjoys a harmonious and loving marriage.

Monica Loft He cannot imagine his life without sports. Horses, especially of Arab blood, are her great passion. She is the owner of many beautiful Arabs and a portal publisher for lovers of beautiful, noble horses.

The star has spent 14 years writing about horses In March 2020, I became the State Department press spokesperson. Six months later, after the airport incident, she quit her job. Minister Zbigniew Rao asked her to sew his rippled pants in the presence of onlookers. “He was nervous, she was sewing, half of the airport was watching. He insulted her. And she threw the papers” – this is how “Politica” conveyed the course of events.

Monica Luft is currently away from TV. Instead, she returned to writing and dedicated every free moment to her beloved grandchildren. “Now I decide for myself, I do not work full time, I do not have bosses … I live the way I like, not others” – she said in an interview with

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