Krakow. Andrzej Zarycki’s Play and Film Music on CD

from green goose And Macbeth under Regional actors And hanky Theatrical and cinematic music version of Andrzej Zarycki on CD

Fifteen songs and tracks composed by Andrzej Zarycki have been released for drama theatres, musicals, audiobooks, and films on CD as part of the “Musical trace of Krakow” series. This is the third – after 2018 CD with works by Stanisław Radwan and CD with music by Krzysztof Penderecki from 2021 – a unique project of the Krakow Culture Forum, aimed at documenting film and theater music. The live recording was recorded during the artist’s birthday party at the ICE Kraków Convention Center on December 12, 2021. The concert and recording were attended by: Beethoven Academy Orchestra conducted by Rafai Jacek Delekta, singers and actors: Adriana Bojak Cieran, Magdalena Drozd, Peter Kotnik, Peta Baloch, Tadeusz Quinta, Julia Zarica and Wiska Zawisto. Among the recordings there is, among others music from Regional actors From 1978 (Der. Agnieszka Holland) until Macbeth (2010, Osterwa Theater in Lublin, der. Leszyk Medzyk), God’s brother (2011, Powszechny Theater in Radom, dir. Andrzej Rozhin) to hanky (2019, KFK/NCK, dir. Pawe Kumięga). The album’s publisher is Doux. Recordings will also be available on the website www.muzycznyslad.plThe audiovisual recording of the entire concert is available on the platform

“- Amazing world, amazing imagination

– said the party leader, Rafai Jacek Delicta, about the music of Andrei Zareky. He takes part in the project “Musical Effect of Krakow” for the second time, having already performed the role of the conductor of the orchestra in an album with theatrical and cinematic music by Stanisław Radwan in 2018.

The following literature has been published on CD: green goose (KI Gałczyński, Director: Marta Stebnicka, October 20, 2003, PWST, Krakow); Fatalashka’s song And Landscape of beautiful things (Katarzina Pater, audiobook you can’t waitZaszafie, Krakow 2009); Regional actors (Director: Agnieszka Holland, Year of Production: 1978, Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych); border (Zofia Nałkowska, Director: Jan Błeszyński, Year of Production: 1984, Krakow Television); That’s deep (“God, can you hear me?”) (I’m Karenina Based on Leo Tolstoy, Director: Joseph Opalsky (UK), April 25, 2007, Gliwice Musical Theatre, Lyrics: Michal Kludzinski); Song of songs(Paul Claudel, crossing point, Director: Piotr Paradowski, September 14, 1968, Wybrzeże Theatre, Gdask, Text: Old Testament In the Hustle Father Jacob and Jake); What made you suddenly pale? And between me and you (Boleslav Limian, Moral decay after deathDirector: Bogdan Husakowski, October 23, 1982, Theater M. Jaracz in ódź; tango And Bolognese (from music Hankalibretto Tadeusz Patek, directed by: Bauwe Komega, December 17, 2019, Krakow Cultural Forum); Where is my jommel? (Ilya Ehrenburg, The turbulent life of Lejzorek Rojtszwaniec, Director: Wojciech Ziętarski, January 28, 1990, Teatr Bagatela im. Tadeusz Boy-eleński, Krakow, song text: Elżbieta Kuryło); Macbeth – the witches (William Shakespeare, MacbethDirector: Leszek Medzek, June 11, 2010, Theater M. Juliusz Osterwa in Lublin); flirty music (Tirso de Molina, Seville CheeksDirector: Piotr Paradowski, January 26, 1985, Teatr Bagatela im. Tadeusz Boy-eleński in Krakow); miso forte (Leszek Medzic, StreamDirector: Leszek Medzek, September 30, 2006, Lubuski Teatr im. Leon Kruszkowski, Zilona Gora).

The rich production of Andrzej Zariki is not only an important part of the history of Polish theater or the history of Polish art song – it is essentially a highly expressive expression of his ideals: belief in classically understood rules of beauty, not succumbing to aesthetic fashions and commercial trends

– Dr. Magdalena Vijzai Janikowska, theater scientist at the University of Silesia in Katowice, wrote in the commentary on the album.

Andrzej Zarycki began working with theater in 1963 (Krakow’s Teatr 38 and Teatr Ludowy). He scored scores for all of Poland’s leading theaters, including foreign theaters in Germany and Hungary, Polish radio theatre, television theatre, and puppet scenes. He has collaborated with notable directors such as Marta Mizáros, Barbara Sass, Agnieszka Holland, Bogdan Husakowski, Joseph Opalski, Maciej Wogetsko, and others.

Andrzej Zarycki is a composer of songs, symphony, oratory, theater, music and film. Pianist, arranger, music director, educator. He was born on May 7, 1941 in Zakopane. He is the author of more than 350 songs performed including. By Hanna Banaszak, Ewa Demarkczyk, Katarzyna Gronik, Jonasz Kefta, Janusz Radek, Zbigniew Wodecky, Jacek Wojcicki. Everyone has heard of it at least once Violinist Herjkovic if song about silence. He is also the author of the great speeches – Polish Golgotha And sendMusical preparation for more than 300 theater and television shows, children’s opera composer Music and magic and music Hanka Based on Opera Moneusco. Recorded songs are available on many CDs and on the Internet.

The following persons participated in the implementation of the project:

Beethoven Academy Orchestra

Orchestra Conductor: Rafay Jacek Delicta

Soloists: Adriana Bojak Cieran, Magdalena Drozd, Piotr Kotnik, Peta Baloch, Tadeusz Quinta, Julia Zarica, Viktoria Zawistoska, Jacob Zuckerman

Sound Director: Partek Stanjak

Project Curator: Andrei Kosovsky

The organizer of the project is the Krakow Cultural Forum – a cultural institution of the city of Krakow.

More about the project:

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Audiovisual recording of the concert at ICE Kraków:

Andrzej Zarycki on the website “The Musical Impact of Krakow”:

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