Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe’s famous dress

The dress that Kim Kardashian appeared in at the MET party is – along with Grace Kelly’s wedding dress – one of the most famous creations of the 20th century. It owes its extraordinary importance primarily to the person for whom it was sewn and the event for which it was first introduced into the world. But The dress in which Marilyn Monroe sang the famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” by John Fitzgerald KennedyIt’s not only part of the story, it’s also part of the story itself…

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe at the MET Gala.
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Kim Kardashian and Marilyn Monroe – Put them together in a dress

The MET party is One of the most important events in the world of fashion and business shows. Every year, stars and celebrities appear on the exposed red carpet on the stairs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, taking pictures for several dozen seconds for the photographers and fans gathered there.

Guests invited to the party wear costumes of famous designers created specifically for this event or obtained from the archives of fashion houses. they Creations can be beautiful, but they are usually designed to grab attentionIt stirs emotions, and sometimes just controversy. All this was accomplished this year by Kim Kardashian, who appeared at the MET gala in the dress that Marilyn Monroe herself was wearing.

Kim Kardashian – How Much Weight Did She Lose To Fit Marilyn’s Dress?

Kim Kardashian waited a long time at the MET party. The reality show star with a camera in the Kardashian family and an exceptionally effective businesswoman She was the last to appear in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her attendance at this year’s gala was not only eagerly anticipated but also intriguing, as Kim brought her new partner, Pete Davidson, and donned a Marilyn Monroe gown.

In the end, Monroe’s dress got more media attention than the man who replaced Kim Kardashian for husband Kanye West. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone, because there’s an amazing story attached to the creation that Kardashian chose, and Kim had to really try to wear it:

It’s Marilyn Monroe’s dress. She is 60 years old. (…) – Kim Kardashian said during the MET party. – I came up with this idea to try it out. It was brought by armed guards, there were gloves … I tried them and they did not fit me. I looked at them and said, “Give me three weeks.” I had to lose almost 8 kg to fit it. It was such a challenge! It was like a role. I was determined to fit in. I didn’t eat any sugar or carbs.

In an interview with the American version of “Vogue” Kim Kardashian More details revealed about the preparations for the MET party:

I wore a slimming suit twice a day to the sauna, ran on the treadmill (…) and ate only vegetables and protein. I didn’t starve myself, but I was disciplined – Kardashian argued.

But even this “sacrifice” was not enough for Kim Kardashian to match Marilyn Monroe’s dress. In 1962 when she was wearing this famous outfit for the first and last time, 165 cm Monroe weighed 53 kg, the circumference of her bust was just over 90 cm, the waist was less than 60 cm, and the hips – about 84.5 cm. Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian’s hip circumference is around 99 centimeters.

To match Marilyn Monroe’s dress, Kardashian had to let go…hing it up. creative slider shadow untethered, a Kim’s dress was tied a little bit like a corset.

That is why, during a short stroll on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Kardian did not part with White. The fur, which – hanging loosely on her shoulders – covers the dress, which is not fastened from below.

Kim Kardashian in Marilyn Monroe dress – not everyone was cheerful

As expected, Kim Kardashian’s appearance at MET in a Marilyn Monroe gown caused mixed feelings. an actress Lili Reinhart has slammed Kardashian for an outright and unhealthy loss of nearly 8 kg:

Kim Kardashian Lili Reinhart wrote on social media that it is inappropriate (…) to openly admit that you are starving yourself for a MET party when you know so well that millions of young men and women follow your example and listen to your every word. The media.

And so did Kim Kardashian Criticized for destroying the famous creation. Michelle Morgan, author of The Girl: Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year Itch, and an Unlikely Female Birth, revealed in an interview with the New York Post, in an interview with The New York Post, that she was “disappointed to see how the iconic adult dress would 60 years old in public.

This dress is very fragile and has been stored so far under controlled temperature conditions. And now she is not only dressed, but also on the red carpet, where anything can happen to her – biographer Marilyn Monroe complained.

Michelle Morgan is absolutely right, although Kim Kardashian partially justifies the fact of it Monroe’s dress was literally for a moment. Kardashian put her famous creations in a wardrobe prepared especially for her, next to the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The archaeological guard helped her put on the dress, wearing white cloth gloves. Right after stepping off the red carpet Kardashian took off Marilyn Monroe’s dress and wore a perfect version of it. To avoid damaging the dress, Kim also ditched body makeup.

Marilyn Monroe dress – the story of the famous creation

The dress that Kim Kardashian was so keen on wearing at the MET party, She wore Marilyn Monroe on May 19, 1962. At this performance she sang the famous “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” song by John Fitzgerald Kennedy, who celebrated his 45th birthday. It was held during a Democratic convention in Madison Square Garden, with 15,000 people in attendance. Persons.

Unusual for the time, the dress for Monroe was designed by fashion designer Jean-Louis based on a drawing by Bob Mackie. narrow The flesh-colored dress was supposed to give the impression that Marilyn was wearing it naked. However, in order not to exaggerate this impression, it was manually cut by several thousand crystals.

The dress was so tight that Marilyn Monroe could not rip under it. Not only that – just before the star appeared on stage, her dress was literally sewn on it. Monroe’s performance at Madison Square Garden pleased some and angered others. For many, it was a confirmation of rumors circulating for some time about the romance between the actress and President Kennedy. This performance and the dress that Monroe wore during it were remembered for another reason – Three months later, at the age of 36, Marilyn died After taking an overdose of sleeping pills.

How much is Marilyn Monroe’s dress worth?

Marilyn Monroe paid $1440 for her famous dress in 1962. In 1999, it was auctioned for just over a million dollars, and in 2016, the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum – an institution that collects and displays to the public many wonderful artifacts Almost $5 million for it. It is currently estimated that Monroe’s famous dress is worth $10 million.

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