“If I hadn’t told people that something came out of the trash, they wouldn’t have realized it.”

  • – 90 percent of the things you used to tidy up our apartment are the things you found in the trash cans. I went to the People’s Republic of Poland, and rediscovered this technique – says Marta, founder of the Instagram account “Click from the Trash” in an interview with Onet.
  • She’s more proud of her Bilea chest of drawers from the ’60s – it was my love at first sight – so proud of Marta. Her heart also stole the chairs designed by Francesc Applevich
  • – Arrivals, before they put furniture on the street, describe it and protect it from damage. The Poles throw everything in the trash. As long as we get rid of the problem – Instagramer notes
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Sylwia Jakulewicz/Onet: Your apartment is a true relic of the Polish People’s Republic, but in a more modern version. Where does the passion for this style come from?

Marta Buchak: Five years ago, I didn’t like this style at all. Probably because I lived in the apartment left by my grandmother, which was very gray and dark decorated. Single hoof furniture didn’t quite appeal to me. After moving in with my fiancée, I immediately began renovating the interior. There was a typical student atmosphere there, which is also not my cup of tea.

You didn’t miss your grandmother’s furniture, but you gave PRL a chance.

PRL has many faces. At first I went to Ludwik style. But over time, I decided that it was very rich and diverse. I rediscovered PRL. I started getting interested in furniture with a good design and the idea behind it. They are immortal, they have a soul. I started down this road.

Marta carefully chooses things for her apartment in لودód – Marta Bučak / Articles “Na prawach quotatu”

Where did the idea of ​​collecting abandoned furniture in trash cans come from?

I have always been drawn to the flea market. I liked to look at old furniture and accessories, things with a soul. Until a few years ago I lived on a prefabricated property. I often passed furniture left over from trash cans. I didn’t have the courage to take them. It embarrassed me, I thought it was of lower quality. Until finally I thought: maybe I’ll take it too?

What was your first loot?

I just need an iron. I came across a steam station. And so it all began. I joined the “garbage truck is going” Facebook groups. With my fiancé, we started chasing after things people throw away under the building or house. There is a lot to choose from.

The typewriter must not be missing in an apartment in the atmosphere of the Polish People's RepublicThe typewriter must not be missing in an apartment in the atmosphere of the People’s Republic of Poland – Materials Marta Pęczak / “Na prawach quotatu”

What do you find in the trash?

The Poles get rid of literally everything. There is nothing that cannot be found in the trash. Also valuable things. I found real gold jewelry once. There is a lot of porcelain and antique glass. For example, a signed Wawel group, complete for 4 people, took real ownership. Fits the recently purchased vase, looks nice on the tablecloth, and plays with the oval shape of the table. It is definitely not worth forgetting.

Poles often throw away grandmother's porcelainPoles often throw away their grandmother’s porcelain – Marta Pęczak materials / “Na prawach quotatu”

What are the achievements you are most proud of?

Stole my heart from Bilea chest of drawers since the 1960s, it was my love at first sight. He was standing in front of a house and waiting for the garbage truck to pick him up. An absolute gem in my Lost Property collection is a table designed by Chislau Knuth. It was found still with the original label. And of course, the chairs designed by Franciszek Aplewicz for Spółdzielnia Pracy Architektury Wnętrz – ŁAD. They are all wooden, simple shape, which is what I like the most.

In the living room, a Bilea chest of drawers in the trash can tops it.  This is a piece of furniture from the 60's.In the living room, a Bilea chest of drawers in the trash can tops it. This is a piece of furniture from the 60’s. – Marta Pęczak / Material “Na prawach cytatu”

What have you been looking at lately?

I should also mention the love for drugstore display cases. Walking occupied my way, without warning, I noticed in this maid’s garbage truck – beige, lined with green cloth, perfect for a set of (mainly located) glass. It took a little work and love, but I don’t regret any minute I spent cleaning, adding shelves, and other beauty treatments. On the bottom shelf, I put wrapping paper from years of furniture creation under the glass.

Pharmacy display cases are back in their favourPharmacy offers return to grace – Marta Pęczak / MW Media / Materials relating to pricing rights

Where do you put it all?

We live in an apartment of 50 square meters in an apartment building. I dream of a house because it is slow Space for all these wonders is running out. My friends laugh because I always clean up. It should be noted that many pieces of furniture found in the trash or antiques market require recovery. I have done many furniture renovation courses to develop my hobby. Our house according to different opinions: unusual, exotic, cozy, artistic. But the most important thing is that we made it according to our preferences, regardless of fashion and “good advice”.

Marta and her fiancé's home is authentically seductiveMarta and her fiancé’s home seduces with authenticity – Materials Marta Pęczak / “Na prawach cytatu”

You needed time to get rid of the embarrassment that you were picking up things from around the trash. Are you not criticized by your relatives?

People often ask if I, for example, am not afraid of worms and zoonoses. I explained that I had seen a rat in the basement once in my life. In fact, you have to be careful with bed bugs. But it can be brought from many places, not necessarily from the litter box. I carefully inspect and clean everything caught. If I didn’t tell people something came out of the trash, they wouldn’t realize it. I used to be ashamed, today I have no resistance. Even when someone looks at me with disdain, they treat it as their problem, not mine.

The atmosphere is also built up by the additions that Marta pays great attention toThe atmosphere is also built up by additions that Marta pays great attention to – materials Marta Pęczak / “Na prawach cytatu”

Some of the critical comments may be out of jealousy. Your apartment is really unique.

Abroad, people respect furniture more. In Holland, for example, people not only protect things placed in front of the house from damage, but also describe them. The Poles focus on giving away an unnecessary piece of furniture rather than finding a new owner for it. I enjoy the little things. My favorite thing to do is spend the morning with a loved one, cats tangled under my feet and my favorite cup of litter.

Marta is not only a fan of the PPR.  He also loves catsMarta is not only a fan of the PPR. He also loves cats – Marta Pęczak / MW Media / Quotation Rights Materials

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