Great September: Ralph Kaminsky, Midsmar & Robbins and sixteen other artists join the lineup

A new batch of ads has been unlocked by the newly baked Fryderyk Award winner, Ralph Kaminsky, Who will be playing with his band in Great September – The best band in the world. One of the most interesting, expressive and diverse Polish artists of recent years. His albums and theatrical creations are unique on the domestic scene. However, the performances – always at an excellent technical level. This makes Kaminski one of the greatest Polish music stars of the moment, presenting himself at the meeting point of pop and alternative with unobtrusive art.

Another artist Robbins – Previously he was a composer, guitarist, producer collaborating with other artists, and today he is a solo artist who has created an EP “I’m going out”.

Lots of sweetness, but also a bitter aftertaste – this is the first album in a nutshell Marietitled slightly perverted Baby Hands. On the contrary, because despite the carefree, madness and perhaps childish atmosphere of play, we are dealing here with a mature and conscious approach to composition.

in his songs Michelangelo It offers a fresh, funky sound reminiscent of the beginning of summer or the youthful love that its fans love. On the other side Cuba DibrovskyAs he describes himself, he composes “happy and sad songs”. The 23-year-old impresses with her sensuality, wears indie rock outfits and an alternative environment, and that’s just the beginning of his journey.

Patrick Peterzak Known from Ted Nemeth’s band, but Patryk Pietrzak In the solo version, it’s less rocky, and more swaying and reversing. The project is developing in an interesting way WalskaResponsible for it is a talented singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, author … more than 200 texts! Despite her young age, her biography is full of holes – it’s time for concert halls to blossom.

Warsaw midsummer It invites you to the land of eternal sleep and imagination, where shoegaze reigns, from time to time, giving way to the dream of pop strings. Associations with the music of the Cocteau Twins or Beach House are most appropriate, but there is no repetition here. Daoud Gerzelak He makes music videos, creates visual art, composes and writes lyrics, and he has two EPs to his credit. ultimate, “Who the f*** is Dawid Grzelak” Released in 2021. 90s, pop music and a lot of good energy are the keywords to decode your creativity Faustina Masijechuk. Pairing these effects perfectly with her musical roots, the artist suggests something intriguing, deviating from the mainstream approach to pop music.

Dreamy guitars, an atmosphere reminiscent of a bit of Mazzy Star, and a bit of Mikromusic. But it is not surprising such a feeling, since then flowers They play and sing at least at the end of the summer holidays. An ode to longing for the good ’90s songs and over 180 gigs a minute. Eurodanic And his crazy pieces combine love for the Wixapol climate and rebellion. Julia Ludwichenska, a native of Wroclaw, as Julka . guest It offers listeners a great mix of hip-hop, soul, and r&b, and the subtle reflections you put in can attract attention.

About the capabilities David Tskovsky This can be best demonstrated by the fact of cooperation with Patrick The Pan and a contract with the FONOBO label, the same label that has, among other things, Ralph Kaminsky. Breathing in new energy and unconventional lyric poetry full of emotions are just some of the arguments that make it worth watching. On the other side Leah Sky She says her life moves between several cities. This uncertainty, as well as her curiosity about the world, can be heard in her work, where you can hear the inspiration of the best female songwriting.

18 years old Ola Boscrop He delights in maturity and conscious use of various means of expression. However, as she describes herself – she is always looking for new sounds. A little punk, a little ravenous, a little sad squad a chair This is amazing The energy that many listeners and listeners will follow, and the strength that will surely be perfect for concerts on the stages of smaller and bigger festivals. first album the flowerfather! It was released in February 2022, but everyone in the trio has been composing music for a long time, and their combined superpowers have created post-punk energy. Icarus Ville They rely on guitars, catchy light, and indie rock melodies for their work.


The September Big Show Festival and Conference will be held from 15-17 September at the clubs and cultural venues of لودód. Artists previously announced at the festival will also present: The Kacperczyk brothers, Szczyl, waluśkraksakryzys, Frank Leen, Jakub Skorupa, Oysterboy, Franek Warzywa & Young Buddha, Jann, OvE, Zespó Sztylety, CZ. More announcements soon.

The cost of the event ticket is 129 PLN (until August 31, starting from September 1, the price increases to PLN 149). Tickets can be purchased via eBilet and Eventim. Organizers encourage artists who wish to play in the festival to send demo recordings to the email address:

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