Elderbrook in the twilight of electronics [wywiad]

After nearly two years of confinement at home, Elderbrook returns to the stage. Not just to play some songs on them. He returned to her to show the world his change that was both inspiring and radical.

The specter of a pandemic is behind it

debut album Elderbrook They appeared at a time when humanity was on hold for a really long time. very expressive name – Why do we shiver in the cold – They hit us inside and we were badly wounded by the sounds.

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In the end we come back to life. He does that too ElderbrookWho is currently touring everywhere Europe. What has changed in his life during the past two years? What is he striving for? Didn’t this rapid success overshadow his musical endeavors in such a short time? Read for yourself!

Elderbrook – Interview

Kuba Lipnicki, Rytmy.pl: I think I can start the interview with congratulations. A fantastic debut album, a charming EP, and a concert tour, to put it very mildly – exploding on European dance floors. How do you feel about these fruitful returns?

Elderbrook: It’s a really great feeling. Honestly, somewhere in my head I’ve assumed that what’s going on in my life right now was supposed to happen two years ago. So I’m a bit behind in my musical development lol. And really seriously, I didn’t understand that I finally saw all these people. I can really give them a piece of my hard work. it’s a wonderful feeling. I can even say I’m finally back in the game.

Elderbrook – numbnessListen!

It’s also the first time you’ve played as a happy dad. What has changed in your life after the birth of your child?

Elderbrook: Much has changed. As a parent, I see the world completely differently. I remember taking my wife and daughter with me for the first week of the tour. I was glad that I could not share my feelings with one person, but with two people who are very close to me. Of course, this feeling was also reflected in my music. I try to focus on the world around me, which is no longer the same for me. I want to find in it additional meaning, some deeper meaning and feelings hidden in the back of my head mixing in it over and over again. Sometimes I feel like they’re in their own never-ending party.

The theme of Our Ocean has also been translated into the construction of your debut album, which focuses on the idea of ​​personal connections and the need for closeness. Does this pandemic field have a broader scope for you?

Elderbrook: The pandemic has been a really strange time for me. At first, I was glad I was able to spend more time with my family and myself. I had a lot to organize in my voice. After a few weeks, I realized it was becoming very frustrating for me. At some point, I felt like I was on an emotional frontier that I could fall off very easily. That’s why I’m looking forward to getting back on the Tours as she pushes me away from this weird interior cliff as much as possible.

Elderbrook – indoor light With Bob Moses, listen up!

Do you know now why we shiver from the cold?

Elderbrook: I really thought I would know the answer to that question before introducing my first album. at the time of its appearance Why do we shiver in the cold? There hasn’t been a pandemic in the world yet. As she neared its end, her ghost suddenly appeared. Only then did I realize that our worldly affairs are really meaningless trifles. However, we are slowly getting back to normal and now I can see the answer to that question in people’s eyes – we will stop shivering from the cold when we are just trying to be closer to each other.

In electronic music, there has been a recent tendency to combine it only with the sounds of cabaret. Your music made me think it’s not going in that direction. Combine it with great ambiance, amazing music videos and also really good lyrics. Is the process of creating it difficult for you?

Elderbrook: Striving for diversity in my music is something I’ve been trying to do since becoming a singer. Electronic music is fun and interesting, it’s true, but somewhere inside I was hoping that maybe I’d find a deeper meaning in it, something important to me. Of course, I don’t always do that, but I strive to give each song a deeper message.

Elderbrook and Rudimental – something about youListen!

You have the perfect platform for this. Electronic music gives you endless possibilities to express your feelings. Do you like that feeling of no boundaries? But does it make you feel like you’re striving for moments of unnecessary perfection?

Elderbrook: Yes sure. I’m a terrible perfectionist. Although I was him. Now I’m just a perfectionist. I used to be bothered by the little tears on my cut. I thought about them all the time and tried to improve on literally every level. It’s a little different now. Of course, I still take care of my piece, but I don’t care too much about their “shortcomings”. It also looks interesting.

You have achieved so much in such a short time. How are you trying to improve as an artist? What awaits us as your fans in the future?

Elderbrook: In fact, it’s hard to think of a single topic to cover. I’m definitely going to write more about my daughter and I want it to be a little more serious sometimes, but I also like to give people some space because we still need to have some fun. I’m currently busy doing a tour, but in the coming months I will definitely be putting together my next album. Now it’s really hard because I’m in a different place every day, and I haven’t mastered writing and sleeping at the same time. But yes, I will not leave you anything – the news is just around the corner!

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