Defense Secretary Trump: I warned the National Guard of the possibility of a coup

A week before the 2020 elections, the US Secretary of Defense expressed his grave concern that Donald Trump would try to involve the military in the elections to remain in power, as he told the general who leads the US National Guard to inform him of any messages from anyone in the United States. White House.

Without being too blunt, Mark Esper wrote in his new memoir: “My message was clear: The U.S. military will not vote, no matter what you face. I plead.”

Esper writes that such mediation would include trying to persuade Trump not to use the military to remain in power, after which, if necessary, Esper would resign, appeal to Republicans in Congress and hold a news conference to appeal directly to the American people.

Esper thought Trump might order measures such as confiscation of ballot boxes in key states. In the end, Trump made no attempt to use the military to influence the election, which he lost to Joe Biden. Try to reverse the result in other ways.

It was Esper of Trump who was disqualified on November 9, 2020, six days after the election.

In the new book The Holy Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense in Extraordinary Times, which will be published next week. The Guardian received a copy.

Esper dedicates a great deal of space to working with Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to thwart Trump’s attempts to use the military for political purposes, whether it’s in military attacks on Iran, Syria…or even Mexico — or at home, citing a rebellion of law against protesters. For racial justice.

Trump demanded that such Protestants be shot in the legs and Esper to count his resistance, and this has been reported elsewhere.

The protests have subsided, but Esper says two senior Pentagon figures are concerned that Trump may seek to use the country’s military to turn power on his side.

Esper describes a meeting at the Pentagon with Milley and National Guard Commander General Daniel Hokanson on October 30, “the last Friday before the election.”

Esper says the “obvious purpose of the meeting,” as it has been visible to anyone who sees his calendar, is to modernize the National Guard military police units that have been put on standby to placate Trump during the racial justice protests.

But when it comes to the elections, “It was a dangerous moment,” Esper says.

He says he told General Hokanson, “If you receive a call in the coming days – before, during or after the election – from anyone At the White House, take it, verify the message, and call right away. The same rule applies if you hear about any TAGS [national guard state adjutant generals] Or referees who receive a similar summons.

Esper says he also asked Hokanson to “discover a secret way to extract the last part, which he said he would do.”

Esper wrote that he is the only civilian between the president and the military who fears the White House might “try to get me to do the wrong thing” and “wants me to prepare for anything.”

“The whole point of my game plan – the reason I’ve put up with so much bullshit over the past few months – is to be in this position now, to act. The essence of democracy is free and fair elections followed by a peaceful handover of power.”

He writes that Millie told him that he and the other chiefs of staff would “resign if pressured to break the oath” and to engage the military in elections. Esper says he doesn’t want to let the generals “find themselves in such a compromising position, especially if a presidential decree is legal but completely wrong or inappropriate.”

“…If such an order came from the White House, my immediate method would be to request a meeting with the President. I would listen directly to and understand his guidance, suggest alternatives if possible, and face off if he is stubborn.” If I fail, I will have to resign immediately in protest. But that wouldn’t be the end of the line for me.”

Esper writes that he was going to call senior Republicans at the Capitol to ask them to mediate with Trump, and then hold a press conference “where I told you everything that happened and is still exposed.

I would like to make my best case and appeal to the American people, their elected leaders in Congress, and government institutions to intervene. The goal is to buy time and pressure the president to step down.”

As Esper wrote on Election Day on November 3, “It came and went without any incident involving the armed forces. Thank goodness.” He says he was relieved that although the competition wasn’t announced until the following weekend, Biden’s advantage was clear.

Esper also says he “never imagined” what happened next: Trump’s attempt to redirect the election through lies about electoral fraud and coordination with congressional Republicans and other right-wing groups and advisers that culminated on January 6, 2021. Storming the US Capitol by backing mafia for Trump.

The attack on the Capitol… was linked to seven deaths that resulted in over 800 shipments. However, the ratification of Biden’s victory could not be stopped. Esper, banned after the election, watched the attack on television.

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