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The international developer has chosen one of the most elegant areas of the city for its first project in Poznan. The name and visual identification of the drug directly refer to the tradition of the “Modena” factory founded in 1908, which for years imposed Polish fashion trends. There, Cordia will build a 6-storey building with 8-storey control in the first phase. There will be 263 apartments and 9 commercial buildings in it.

“Kordia’s expansion in Poland is definitely gaining momentum: last year we had initial offers in Gdansk and Sopot, and the list of new investments opened in 2022 with the long-announced project in Poznan. Personally, I am glad that we have started our activity in the capital of Greater Poland. From Modena. It is a project very symbolic and important to the identity of Pozna, as it combines residential functions with the revitalization of the historical urban fabric.” – says Tomasz Łapiński, General Manager of Residential Investments at Cordia Polska.

The project is listed in Jeżyce

The project fits perfectly into the local context. The calm and bright facade has touches reminiscent of the brick buildings of the surrounding apartment houses: sand-colored metal tiles and light gray ribbed panels. Contrasting brown and dark gray wood windows on the ground floor give the building an elegant feel. Also drawing attention is the dominant 8-storey building, which emphasizes the entrance to the estate and visually closes the historic path of the plane trees. The Boulevard is the centerpiece of the project and is a large-scale green attraction in the city. After the renovation, all Pozna residents will be able to enjoy it.

“We want to give Modena a second life. Historic neon from the early 1980s will be renovated and used in the next stages. Likewise, the historic water pump from Wawrzyniaka Street, once decommissioned, will be renovated and integrated into the project.” – says Łukasz Węcławski, director of architecture at Cordia Polska.

Living in Modena: elegance, green and comfort

Most of the apartments in the first phase of Modena are 1 and 2 bedroom apartments, but the offer also includes larger apartments of 3 and 4 rooms. Those on the ground floor have gardens, while others are equipped with spacious balconies, loggias and balconies. Cordia has prepared a particularly interesting presentation on the dominant level – there are two-storey apartments with balconies of up to 138 square meters. And a beautiful view of Jeżyce.

The building feature is the representative lobby with the new “Modena” neon sign. All common areas, including the lobby, are elegantly decorated in black and white. High quality materials will be used to finish it. All cages will be equipped with silent lifts, and the building will be fully accessible to wheelchair users.

There are plans for, among other things, a relaxation area in the shade of the beautiful 100-year-old flying trees – with benches and hammocks. The green, elevated and tree-covered inner courtyard will allow you to rest in the midst of nature and provide privacy for the residents of the ground floors. Children will have a playground at their disposal. In addition, residents will also be able to use baby strollers located in every staircase in the building and bike kiosks.

24 hour security and monitoring will ensure a high level of security in the property.

solutions for the planet

In Modena there will also be ecological solutions: LED lighting, photovoltaic panels, a rainwater holding tank for watering plants. Swifts will be able to settle into specially designed booths on the facade. Green roofs will take care of fresh air and reduce pollution on the estate, and an automatic irrigation system will allow you to regulate the amount of water supplied to plants growing on the property. Another ecological solution would be parking spaces in an underground garage for electric cars.

Poznan’s most elegant neighborhood

Modena is also a good place to live due to its surroundings. In less than 10 minutes you can reach the Rialto Cinema, the new theater or the Tramway House. At a similar distance there are more than 50 bars, restaurants, pastry shops, cafes, dance clubs and excellent concerts. There are also many schools with addresses here. Jeżyce itself is currently one of Pozna’s most elegant and beautiful districts, located almost in the city center.

It is also close to green spaces: it is easy to connect with nature with the nearby Zoo, Wilson Park and Sołacki Park. In a few minutes you can reach Lake Rusałka. On the other hand, to St. Marcin Street, as well as Old Market Square, residents can reach Old Market Square in just a few minutes by tram or bike.

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