Cinema premiere – May 2022. Movies to watch. The most exciting news in cinemas

The premieres of Cinema Mayo are, above all, crude, wise, perverted and poignant stories of rebellion. Not only the characters were created, but the creators of the selected films also rebelled. What do we go to the cinema in May? Here is the author’s review of the film’s premiere.

Recent years show that May weather likes to play tricks on us. Cinema is the perfect idea for cloudy days. Although the weather does not spoil us, it is done by Polish distributors who have prepared 21 new products for the month of May. Journalist and reporter Tomasz-Marcin Wrona has chosen the five most interesting film screenings of May.

“Fucking Bornholm”

It’s never too late to rebel – that’s the message of Anna Kaczyk’s latest tragedy, “The Absurd Bornholm.” The director used the popular narrative structure to consider the state of human relations – in its various forms.

Maja (Agnieszka Grochowska), Hubert (Maciej Stuhr) with his friend Dawid (Grzegorz Damięcki) and his new partner Nina (Jaśmina Polak) arrive at a camping site on the Danish island of Bornholm. It was supposed to be a typical May trip with caravans for typical middle class representatives. On the first night, an incident occurred in which the youngest son of Maja and Hubert was involved. An angry mother accuses her son David of harming her child. The accident causes an outburst of hidden feelings, a torrent of quarrels and words from which no one will have the opportunity to withdraw. The sequence of events causes Maja to rebel against a hypocritical and relatively comfortable life with Hubert.

“Silly Bornholm” der. Anna KazicPhoto: J. Stolecki / Next Film

Kazejak is not trying to create a composition cinema, he is not trying to force open doors, which creates an interesting example of the much needed middle cinema today. But director, with all ease, Gabriela Zapolska exposes hypocrisy and hypocrisy and mocks the moral superficiality of the middle class. All this is in a conscious separation from reality, because the director carefully avoids morality.

The greatest strength of “Fucking Bornholm” are Agnieszka Grochowska and Jaśmina Polak – extremely talented and demonically talented actresses who create contradictory personalities. Grochowska has once again shown that she creates multidimensional and inconspicuous characters with great ease. Thanks to Grochowska, Maja – who has an unusual charm and at the same time very blunt – is able to invite someone else to leave the room or show the middle finger. On the other hand, Jaśmina Polak – as an exaggerated version of representatives of Generation Z with a mixture of what lifestyle magazines a few years ago described with love and a hint of ignorance as loving – refers beautifully to the rubbish of Hubert and Dawid.

Film Kazejak is participating in the Polish Feature Film Competition at the 15th edition of the Mastercard Off Camera in Krakow.

“Silly Bornholm” directed by Anna Kaczyk is in cinemas starting May 6.

“three floors”

Nani Moretti – winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2001 for “Children’s Room” – presented “Three Floors” during last year’s Cannes Film Festival main competition. It is adapted from the novel by the Israeli prose writer Eshkola Nevo.

Three Floors is a story written for ten years about the fate of the inhabitants of a Roman apartment house. The three-story building becomes a scene that connects the stories of three different families. Each of them must face their own challenges. There is a rebellion against helplessness and loneliness. There are relationships that do not stand the test of time, and finally, there is also love that gives hope. Two years after a pandemic that marked each of us in our own way, Moretti reminds us that it is impossible to live without being close to others, and no technology can replace the actual presence of others.

“Three floors” monastery. Nani MorettiGutek . movie

Moretti, often known as the creator of immortal stories, divides human emotions into primary factors, looking at them in different ways. Three floors is a moving example of a very quiet cinema. And a host of outstanding Italian actresses and actors beautifully make the vision of an experienced filmmaker come true.

“Three Floors” directed by Nani Moretti and shown in cinemas starting May 6.


Penelope Cruz has been worth the wait for years. Extravagant, arrogant, unpredictable, a bit chaotic, but most of all gorgeous. It’s exactly her cinematic hairstyle, as can be seen in the photo below. In “Boskie” by Argentine director Mariano Cohen and Gaston Dubart, Cruz reminds us of an equally accomplished comedian. The trio he created with Antonio Banderas and Oscar Martinez can be eaten with spoons.

Penelope Cruz in the comedy “Boscy”Photo: Manolo Pavon/Kino Shweyat

What is the theme of “Boscy”? We will not reveal anything of the plot, so as not to take away a little pleasure from the great tragedy. It’s about the toxic masculinity and exuberant ego of the financial elite. Argentine filmmakers have been able to capture the ugliness of contemporary cinematography in an original way.

Bossi Monastery. Mariano Cohen, Gaston Dupartcinema world

The perversion of “divinity” and the wisdom hidden in this story evokes Robin Ostlund’s “the arena” in the beginning. But Argentines do not follow the usual patterns. Let this association be just an additional recommendation that it is worth watching “God’s” in the cinema.

“Possy,” directed by Mariano Cohen and Gaston Dubart, opens in cinemas starting May 13.

“Little Mama”

Celine Siyama, thanks to the sensational “Portrait of a Woman on Fire” from 2019, cemented her position as one of the most interesting and diverse representatives of European cinema. In any case, “Portrait …” very quickly became one of the nominees for the Palme d’Or in Cannes. Bad luck only meant that the movie had to deal with “Parasite” and in the end Sciamma was honored with the award for best screenplay.

“Mama’s Water” dir. Celine SiamaNew Horizons Association

A director who defies all kinds of labeling attempts could cut the coupons from the success of her 2019 movie. But it would be an easy process and she doesn’t seem to care. During the main competition of the International Film Festival in Berlin last year, Sciamma showed her latest film “Mała mama”. And once again impressed the critics and the public.

“Mała mama” is a fairy tale, in epidemiological reality, like a honeycomb on a broken heart. In the center of the story, eight-year-old Nellie helps her parents clean up the house of the deceased after her grandmother’s death. Trying to understand her mother, he asked her about details from her childhood. During her stay at her grandmother’s house, she learns about the surrounding area, and one day she meets her counterpart Marion in the woods. What happens next is the key to the story.

“Mama’s Water” dir. Celine SiamaNew Horizons Association

“Mała mama” is considered one of the most sensitive films to have appeared in Poland in recent months. Sciamma proves that you can create original cinema without unnecessary thought and return cinema to its true magical dimension.

“Mama’s Water” by Celine Siama in cinemas starting May 20.


Roger Michel, one of the greatest British theater makers of the last half century, died suddenly last September. Michelle gained worldwide fame thanks to her directing films such as “Notting Hill”, “Weekend with the King” and “Without Farewell”. The world premiere of his latest feature film “The Prince” was at the 2020 Venice International Film Festival, but the director did not see the film spread widely, which was delayed due to epidemic restrictions.

“Prince” dir. Roger Michaelcompact films

The title Prince refers to the hero of the priceless portrait of Francisco Goya, “Duke of Wellington”. The story the film tells is based on the true events of 1961, when a painting was stolen from the National Gallery in London. In the first press reports, the police reported that an international gang of thieves was most likely behind the audacious robbery.

While listening to the news on TV, humble taxi driver Kimpton Bunton (played by Jim Broadbent) can’t help but laugh because he knows a stolen painting is in his locker. The 60-year-old did not steal the painting because he wanted to get rich quickly in this way. He was motivated by rebellion against social injustice and anger that the British government had spent £40,000 on the painting, rather than supporting the neglected elderly – in his opinion -. And while moving to the show was his greatest work, the patience of his beloved wife (played by the equally excellent Helen Mirren) had to be tested many times before. Therefore, when fighting for his convictions, Bunton must also bear in mind the wrath of his wife, who would like to live a quiet life before retirement.

“Prince” dir. Roger Michaelcompact films

Those familiar with Michela’s previous films certainly won’t be disappointed with Prince. The director – who was faithful to the principle that the most important film in the creator’s life is the one he is currently working on – was able to prove before his death that he is unparalleled in the comedy industry.

The movie “The Prince” directed by Roger Michel will be shown on May 20.

author:Tomas Marcin and Rona

Main image source: Photo: J. Stolecki / Next Film

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