Can music calm you down? Gongs, bowls, and kochi bells – what relaxes you? – four

Maya Bacchinska Musician, teacher, FCUM graduate, deals with sessions with Tibetan dishes. She brought a small set of her paraphernalia to Studio Four, and with her the tortoiseshell she found from her grandparents’ home.

– When I conduct lessons with the children, I bring bells, pine cones, pebbles from the mountains, and tortoiseshell too – he says in the four. The premise of any therapeutic activity with music is practical. The process is more important than the learning itself, the educational impact. It should be fun and varied. You can touch and tap all these objects and search for different types of sounds. He explains that such classes activate not only hearing, but also other senses and imagination.

Maya has a holistic approach to people in her work. This way of working is very close to it. If we learn music, we also learn photography, art, dance and nature.
He explains that the more stimuli, and the appropriate doses, the better, because this world constitutes a whole.

Does music make you feel relaxed?

Answering the question of whether music can calm down is not easy for the four guest. – It depends on the type of music and who it depends on. In my opinion, calm music can calm you, but you need to listen carefully to yourself – the teacher assures. Some people like gongs, but some cannot listen to these sounds. Some respond better to vessels, others not enough. It all depends on us and the person playing.

Maya Baczyńska emphasizes that it is worth educating yourself by playing bowls and stresses that intuition is also important here. She notes that in addition to skills, the person who plays a role is also important for her. “It is important that you do the treatment,” she admits. – I do not trust everyone, it happens to judge a person with a cold eye – he adds.

32:04 Four Special Zone 05.05.2022 (1). mp3 Maya Baczyńska (Strefa private / Four) talks about Tibetan bowls and their use for relaxation

First steps with dishes

The guest four admits that he has been a musician for many years, but she was interested in bowls from a distance. – I read about them. At some point, I ordered the first dishes from an online store (don’t do that – you have to listen to the instrument) – it reveals its beginnings. – I went with bowls on New Year’s Eve, where I can play on them. However, the small plates I had were overshadowed by a colleague who showed up with a large selection of dishes. We put the whole company to sleep together. He told me how to play and where to learn. He adds that the next day, I signed up for the course.

Turns out, the course Maya chose was a magnet. During these seasons I felt as if I was falling into a trance, But I felt myself deeply as I turned off the other stimuli — she says. – T.I was overwhelmed by the sound, and the waves melted between us. I was just there to listen to these dishes. It was a great experience – he adds.

The path to luxury

Tibetan vessel sounds can be used in many ways. Go to a relaxing party, take advantage of a one-on-one session with bowls, gongs or singing.

– During the session, the vibrations should have an effect on us – says guest Jacob Jumrosek. The bowls are made of metal alloy. In the play tradition, they are believed to correspond to specific chakras, and to be associated with the planets and elements – he explains. – But we can’t help but stop at the relaxation layer. We can be supported in various processes that lead to well-being. These vibrations must affect us, embrace us. It’s also important to feel what works for us and what doesn’t, she adds.

Maya Baczyńska deals with many things in her life, but relaxation with dishes is very important to her, which she emphasized in an interview with the four. “It is important and necessary, especially in these difficult times,” he explains. – I love antidepressants and cleansing sessions.

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Program title: “private area”

Lead: Jacob Jamrozyk

a guest: Maya Baczyńska (musician, educator, FCUM graduate, deals with sessions with Tibetan dishes)

Date of issue: 05.05.2022

broadcast time: 09/20


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