Bubbles, the Festival of Colors or the real Mexico? Attractions for family weekend

Soap bubble lovers will have a wonderful celebration in a wonderful atmosphere.

Photo: Maciej Czarniak / Trojmiasto.pl

A family picnic, a celebration of soap bubbles and colours, or maybe a day at the theater – this weekend there are many attractions waiting for you. In our calendar, you will find plenty of proposals for both small and large. See how you spend family time.

Events for kids and families in Tri-City this weekend from 7-8.05

Family outing at an ostrich farm

If you like field games, fur and feather company, have a good time and put together a well-coordinated team, you’ll probably like a family picnic with Malwinka and Lusia at the Ostrich farm in Kniewo. Once again, you will meet the heroines of the book, which will lead us into the world of children’s imagination, having a real ostrich as a companion.

You will search for secret treasure with unique map, discount and cooperation. You have to take with you a little imagination, a little creativity, a little enthusiasm, a little persistence, a little creativity and a lot of humor.

It’s also a chance to meet Cassia Keeler, author of “Malwinka and Lusia: Flight for Dream.” This is the third part of the adventures of the very harmonious duo. You will be able to ask the writer in person about the secrets of writing books and the writer’s work.

Saturday 10:00 – Ostrich farm Kniewo, Al. Lipowa 125 (Near Wejherowo). Tickets PLN 8-12.

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Mexican cooking workshops for kids

Do your kids love doing real Mexico? If you can still see their talent and passion for cooking, there might be workshops just for them. There will be lots of laughter, fun and cooking. During the workshop, the kids will prepare tortillas, sauce, cucamole, chicken fajitas (oven chicken (with cheese)), and lemon juice.

Remember that in this way children not only acquire useful skills, but also learn independence and develop their creativity. Creating favorite flavors, choosing and mixing ingredients, practicing delicious recipes – all this makes children ready to experiment and become more aware in the kitchen. If the kids are excited about helping out in the kitchen and interested in blending flavours, it may be beneficial to develop these interests in them during the cooking workshops.

Sunday, 11:00 – 13:00 – Cooking workshops with rosemary and basil Gdańsk Wrzeszcz and Franciszka Zubrzyckiego 3 (fixed (small groups) and mobile workshops (with travel) Tickets 70 PLN.

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This was the festival of colors last year in Sopot.

This was the festival of colors last year in Sopot.

Photo: Mateusz Słodkowski / Trojmiasto.pl

Soap Bubble Day

Do you have soap bubbles at home? This just happened to them. On Soap Bubble Day in Gdansk, an unlimited amount of free soap bubble liquid awaits you in the square between Przemyska and ódzka streets. Commercially available bubble sets will be prepared so that everyone can create their dream bubble, such as: mega bubble, bubble glasses, clover, spider web, bubble cloud, lucky seven, bubble heads. Or maybe you want to see what it’s like to be trapped in a soap bubble.

The special guest will be Kitty Koshia, whom you will meet for the duration of the event – you will be able to dance with her, ask for an autograph, listen to fairy tales, hugs and take a photo in her room.

In turn, the Festival of Colors will begin at 5:30 pm. It is simply an opportunity for fun and colorful madness together. Don’t worry, the powders are completely safe, which is why little ones can also be covered in colored dust. “A dirty child is a happy child.”

Sunday, 15:00 – Gdańsk Ujeścisko, a square between Przemyska and ódzka Streets. free entry.

cosmic table with exclamation mark

And when parents want to spend an evening just for themselves, the little ones will have an even better party – a cosmic nightclub with an exclamation point. Do you have the courage to explore the mysteries of the universe? Sign up for an interstellar overnight stay. The program includes, among others: cooking workshops, creative aliens, cosmic art workshops, magic slime, movie show, intergalactic disco, communal dinner and breakfast, fun in the playroom, interactive mat and many, many attractions other.

Friday – Saturday 19:30 – 9:00 – exclamation point – Gdansk Play Academy. PLN 95 tickets.

theater with a child

This weekend, shows for young children await you at the Miniatura Theatre.

“Kraina Śpiochów” is an adaptation of a play by Marta Guśniowska, one of the most famous authors of contemporary Polish children’s plays. The story revolves around the sleeping princess, who cannot sleep because she has nightmares. Her father, King Sleepyhead, is trying hard to find a solution. Directed by Jacek Malinowski, Lecturer in the Department of Puppet Art at the Theater Academy, it ensures realization by drawing on the richness of puppet theater. Sunday, 12:00, 15:00.

“Jasiek and Małgośka, that is, watch out, worm!” It is a special show by the actors of the Miniatura Theater – Magdalena Żulińska and Piotr Kłudka – prepared as part of the Acting Initiatives stage. The humorous story for children over four years refers to the well-known fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm, teaching children independence and caution at the same time.

The adaptation of the fairy tale about Hansel and Gretel with caterpillars in the lead role is another project within the stage of acting initiatives for the Miniatura Theater, initiated by actors Magdalena Solinska and Pyotr Kodka. Jasiek and Małgośka go through the forest to school. What will happen along the way? What dangers await them and how will they deal with them? Will everything end well? From Saturday to Sunday at 10:00.

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