Bronisław Pawlik from “Teddy Bear from the window”. How was his career like?

  • Bronisław Pawlik in his youth thought about becoming a visual artist
  • He was the first to play ‘Teddy Bear from the Window’, saying swear words live
  • The famous sentence: “And now, dear children, you may kiss the teddy bear in d***”, in fact he never fell, but grew to the rank of legend.
  • Bronisław Pawlik has played several hundred theatrical and film roles. He died on May 6, 2002 of stomach cancer
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June 23 1957 A little bear appeared on Polish television. With him, a young actor spoke to a puppet and thus encouraged the children to come up with important topics that they could read in books. This actor was Bronisław Pawlik, The program was called “Teddy Bear in the Window”. The television format soon changed its title to “Teddy Bear by the Window” and was broadcast under it for 16 years. Bronisław Pawlik quit talking to the teddy bear in the 1960s, but one sentence became a legend.

“And now, dear children, kiss the bear in d***” This sentence was repeated a million times and actually became the actor’s curse. According to the message, Bronisław Pawlik was supposed to say this sentence with an inappropriate word immediately after closing the window, that is, after the end of the program episode. At the same time, the live broadcast was supposed to go on and viewers could hear the uncultured language. Bronisław Pawlik left television because he did not want to be associated with only one role, and unfortunately thanks to the famous quote, his appearance on the TV show is still remembered by everyone..

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Bronislaw Pawelk. The curse of the “window bear”

Since the 1960s, there has been a debate about whether an actor could really say such a sentence? Many people have tried to solve this puzzle. Even in this unfortunate situation, the reason for Pawlik’s farewell to television was sought. In the following decades, there was no dispute about the veracity of this story. Some said they had heard the famous sentence. On the other hand, there were those who searched all available TV archives and found even the slightest hint of this legendary situation.

“Live TV broadcast. To this day, some people remember how at the end of the famous program, Bronislav Pavlik, the famous teddy bear out the window, after telling another fairy tale, believing that the microphones and vision were turned off, threw his famous book: “And now, beloved children …” – this is how Jerzy Groza called the whole “scandal”.

Bronisław Pawlik was well aware of this.

The program itself and its educational value were pushed into full-fledged bias after many years, due to arguments about this status. There was a version that Pawlik’s successor was saying similar words on the show Stanislaw Wyszyński. In one of the interviews in “Przekrój”, Bronislaw Pawlik referred to this, saying:

Bronisław Pawlik had in mind Czeslaw “Wicherk” Nowicki, a famous weather presenter, who was to come up with this story in order to have an anecdote he could repeat during meetings with viewers that he had traveled all over Poland.

Bronislaw Pawelk. The attraction to art

Ironically, this urban legend contributed to the increased popularity of the young actor. He was known and popular thanks to “Miś from the window”. Bronisław Pawlik did not want to be seen from a working perspective on television, so after leaving, he threw himself into the work maelstrom. This young actor, born in 1926, was ambitious and talented. Acting has been said to be “almost biologically related to it”. Although, in fact, in his youth, he was not sure of his career path. Soon after World War II, he worked as a railroad worker. However, this was not enough for him. He wanted to definitely pursue himself in other fields.

In fact, it was my dream to deal with art in my life. My fellow painters noticed some tendencies in me. There was a moment when I needed a mime for an opera that was performed in Krakow in 1945. A scenographer had an idea for my experience. And my first appearance was exactly the opera. It was one of the few roles I’ve played in my life“.

Bronislaw Pawlik had such dreams, which he shared in an interview with Polish radio in 1976. He also admitted that his father, who was a “respectful railroader”, would have preferred him to become an engineer, but finally stated that when his son made his sheets. I will sleep.

Bronislaw Pawelek first graduated from the Iona Gala Drama Studio in Krakow, and later in 1956 He also graduated from the directing department of the State Higher School of Theater in Warsaw. However, he already had a number of theatrical roles to his credit, in addition to making his screen debuts. He was a sought-after actor who decided to take part in a television show, from which he returned to the stage. He performed in several theaters of Warsaw.

Bronislaw Pawelk. prominent actor

Pawlik’s talent, skill, and intuition have earned him much praise. Both in the eyes of critics and the theatrical world. It has been emphasized many times that even in episodic roles he was able to breathe extraordinary energy and proportions, thanks to which he was remembered for a long time. An example of this is the role of Rzeki in the adaptation of “Lalka”. Critics highly evaluated the entire film crew. The exception was Pawlik, whose game was mainly described as perfect. He himself admitted that he tried to play unclear and unusual roles. He talked about it in an interview in “Akran” in 1988.

I am mainly interested in small people, lost in the mechanism of the modern world, the unnecessary. Always embarrassed by everything around them, almost by the fact that they exist, shy, unnecessary people They are what touches me the most.”

Bronisław Pawlik with each new role was increasingly etched in the minds of viewers. Who does not remember him as Rzeki mentioned in “Lalka” as well as from many films. Stanisław Bareja, this is in “Mężu your wife”, “Mis”, “What will you do to me, if you catch me”, TV series “Alternatyw 4” or “Zmiennica”. He also had a theatrical flair, which should come as no surprise that he performed with Dudek Cabaret or The Old Gentlemen’s Cabaret. In total, he played more than 100 roles in the theater, played the roles of film and television heroes more than 130 times.

Bronislaw Pawelk. His addiction ruined his life

Bronisław Pawlik lived and was deeply devoted to his work. beside his wife Aniela Świderska He also met on stage. While they were still students, they saw each other and quickly fell in love. They also made a quick decision to get married, and in later years often appeared together in stages. However, their lives were filled not only with art, but also with something less pleasant: alcohol. One tale says that the actor would come to the tavern on his way home after each play. He drank a hundred vodka and sat behind the wheel of the car. He was in a hurry to stop the alcohol from working before he got home. His friends learned of his addiction, and one of them mentioned in an interview with “Na Żywo”:

He poured hectoliters of cologne on himself, and this was an attempt to deceive the environment by a heavy alcoholic. That you don’t feel alcohol then and everything is fine, while nothing is fine, because it is a disease.”

Unfortunately, he was so overwhelmed by addiction that his wife moved to the home of the veteran actor in Scolimo. Perhaps because the actor did not try to quit the addiction, even when he was hospitalized in 1998 due to a brain hemorrhage. Even when he was later diagnosed with stomach cancer, the actor never quit alcohol. In the last years of his life, he also closed in on himself, rarely leaving his apartment.

Troubled times have come for art, the theater is no longer a family, and all emotional bonds between the actors are irretrievably lost. Rudeness and aggression prevail everywhere. You can’t see the outstretched friendly hands. Envy and meanness have become a perversion of the beginning of the twenty-first century, and that’s really shocking– said in an interview with Tygodnik Ciechanowski.

Unfortunately, the tumor was stronger than the actor’s will to life. Bronislaw Pavlik died in hospital on May 6, 2002. It has left him many roles and this is the only story that has not happened and is still present in popular culture.

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