Bronislaw Paulic: Alcohol ruined his health, career and marriage

Paulk was born on January 8, 1926 in Krakow. During the war, he worked as a railway worker, and soon after its end, he had an idea to fulfill his childhood dream and become an actor. After the war, he joined the Iwo Galla Dramatic studio in Krakow. He received the diploma in 1947. He had already made his debut in a play behind him – and before that was a dynamically developing career.

The actor loved the theater very much and it was for performances on the stage that he devoted the first years of his career. in Teatr im. Jaracz in ódź and on the stages of Warsaw: Teatr Narodowy, Ateneum, Polski, Powszechny.

In the 50s, he was active not only as an actor, but also as a director. Together with Zygmunt Huebner, he directed Shawn O’Casey’s “The Hero’s Shadow” at the Współczesny Theater, and himself directed Janusz Warmiski’s “Hidden” at the Ateneum.

His acting career developed simultaneously. For Kawalerowicz, he played Leon in “Celuloza” and Leon Krusiewicz in “Pod Gwiazda Phrygijską”, for Rybkowski – hairstylist Szczeżuji in “Hope Hours” and a commissioned police officer in “Mr. Anatol’s Hat”.

In the following years, he expanded his acting portfolio with dozens of roles, both in films and series. Viewers will always remember him thanks to his appearance in such works as: “Husband-in-law”, “Countess of Cosel”, “Teddy” or “What will you do to me, if you catch me”.

Pawlik was a professor on the “Incredible Adventures of Marek Piegus” TV show. He also played in the following series: “Stuka is greater than life”, “Chube”, “Polsky Droga”, “Doctor Mork”, “Carrera Nicodima Dizma”, “Alternatives 4”.

Thanks to his outstanding creations, he was admired not only by viewers, but also by his colleagues in the industry. Here’s what Olgierd Łukaszewicz had to say about the actor years ago:

Despite the streak of success and professional fulfillment, the life of the actor was full of suffering and painful experiences. All his problems are caused by…alcohol.

The popular actor lived and was deeply devoted to his work. He even met his wife – Aniela Świderska on stage. While they were still students, they saw each other and quickly fell in love. They also made a quick decision to get married, and in subsequent years often appeared together in stages. But their life, except for art, was full of … problems. Pawlik’s alcoholism was to blame for it all.

One tale says that the actor would come to the tavern on his way home after each play. He drank a hundred vodka and sat behind the wheel of the car. He was in a hurry to stop the alcohol from working before he got home. Almost all of his friends knew about his addiction, although the actor tried to hide his addiction at all costs.

Unfortunately, due to the desperation of his wife and friends, addiction took hold of the actor completely. The desperate wife, seeing that Pawlik was not trying to quit his addiction, decided to move to the home of the veteran actor in Skolimów. The woman could not watch the actor destroy his health. Meanwhile, the star was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage, after which he was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Despite his poor health, he did not give up alcohol until the end.

The disease finally defeated Bronisław Pawlik on May 6, 2002. The actor died in the hospital, plunging the entire world of cinema into great mourning.

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