Anna and Robert Lewandowski visit a cafe in Warsaw and drive half a million zlotys (photos)

Anna and Robert Lewandowski Because of the work of a football player, for years they have shared their lives between Poland and Germany. They often travel to other countries as part of their vacation or other professional commitments. So it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the sports duo’s location right now. No wonder mom Clara And Laurel that happens To complain about the continuation of life on the bags.

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Although Anya and Robert are already in their German home, they have been back home for a few days now. During their stay in Poland, they passed, among other things Visit “Dzień dobry TVN” channel As can be seen from the photos taken at the beginning of the week, Enjoyed the benefits of Warsaw restaurants.

The couple who wanted to keep in shape went to a café famous for its delicious bread. Unfortunately, in the photos taken of them, it is difficult to tell if, as an exception, they were tempted by a baguette … You can see that the king of archers and his wife They spent a lot of time in front of the mirror before leaving. Both introduced themselves in Carefully selected methods.

check it out. Stylish pair of them?

joint exit

Clara and Laura’s parents, taking advantage of their presence in Warsaw, decided to go to the city.

Visit the cafe

It turned out that the purpose of their departure was to visit a cafe. Unfortunately, it was not visible what Lewandowscy’s “pot catch” was seduced to do. Maybe they had a “cheat day” that day and indulged in some carbs…


After spending a long time in the pub, the sports duo left the venue on a bread basis.

stroll roam

Since the couple did not park their car directly in front of the restaurant, they had to walk.

an offer

However, it was a great opportunity to present carefully selected patterns.

Stylish track suit

On that day, Liu showed up in a beige tracksuit with a gray coat and white sneakers with socks of the same color.

Chocolate outfit


After a short walk, the millionaires reached their destination which is the parking lot.

Four wheel fans

This time Anya and Robert were driving a white Mercedes for half a million zlotys. Wonderful life?

I apologize after squeezing socks that barely reached the heels and finally became fashionable for half calves??

They look funny – a bit like Kim and Kanye from Poland

With all sympathy – rather they look disguised as no clothes on. His coat is a revelation but not a tracksuit!!!!

Anya wears it and Ruprcic can’t speak.

Beautiful life, a cute couple, I envy them for their financial neglect. I have 50 zlotys in my account, and up to 10 zlotys in my account

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A very good congratulations. How long should we hold a midget in heavy trampled boots?

I understand that in your village you wear Adidas clothes in the field, but this time, you can put them in the disco fire station as well, and the coat is worn with track suits, although maybe it’s not church wear and you’re not just jealous of work and you too will show off what you want.

They work for her. I appreciate a very wonderful marriage / Para / Anya for self-respect. He doesn’t have to bend over and strip out images to exist. The best Polish celebrity couple. Real stars.

What a car wrecked for half a million, every third tycoon drives such expensive cars. And it looks natural, cute

Big salute to me, a car for two days, as if I bought myself with PLN 400 and the costumes are strange, maybe used

Expensive clothes and their influence … Madin Polish celebrities like to put on a show … and Americans at ease do not have to prove that they have money with their clothes …

And I love them, my husband is a world-class athlete, known and respected all over the world, and a wonderful wife that her husband would envy. They make a successful husband and family. Perhaps other athletes and celebrities will follow suit and not advertise themselves in the media with one other person every time.

I’m Adam Burr…

4 weeks ago

I thought Kubota would at least “wear flip-flops with these socks… 😂

I love them and respect them for their hard work. To become them, let them dress, I will dress too 🙂

The left is better. It’s good that I’m not sorry 🙂 Better is better and that’s it. He was not stolen from anyone, so he buys what he can.

And I love them. They look great, she and she. They can tolerate extravagance, so why not. And on the box, as usual, only world-class specialists, designers and experts!

They have money when they are young and what is the problem,,,

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