Amber Heard revealed that Johnny Depp hated James Franco

About the romance he was supposed to have Amber Heard And James Francomentioned earlier in his testimony Johnny Depp. He admitted that he suspected his ex-wife of cheating on the set of the 2014 movie The Adderall Diaries. This wasn’t Heard and Franco’s first joint movie – they had starred in a comedy previously. “Divine prankster“.

Now, in the course of her testimony, Heard herself referred to the topic of her romance with Franco. She spoke of the “terrible” fights her ex-husband made for her about it. She remembered that when she worked with Franco on the set of “Adderall Memoirs”, Depp was in Boston, where he was filming Pact with Satan. “He was angry because I accepted the offer to appear in one movie with Franco. He hated it. He hated Franco and actually accused me of having something in common in the past, when we shot the previous movie together,” Heard said.

“In several fights Depp accused me of not telling him, for example, that I would have scenes with Franco kissing in. If I didn’t mention any romantic scenes, he immediately accused me of hiding from whom I didn’t want to argue, so I tried to find nice ways to mention such scenes. …and when I talked about her on the phone he yelled at me and was angry, as if I had just confessed to an affair.”

She also reported that Depp asked her if Franco had kissed her with his tongue during such scenes. He also said disgusting things about her body. She was also nicknamed “a bitch”. Their guards heard her, and she was ashamed of her. And when she tried to back out of the fight, she was supposed to throw things and slap Depp in the face. Heard admitted, “This is the first time he’s done something like this in front of witnesses.” She added that none of these witnesses interacted or defended her.

Johnny Depp, who maintains that he never hit any woman, also mentioned the argument in his testimony, but presented it quite differently. He stated that Heard was trying by all possible means to provoke him to her and intently fanned his obsession with Franco. She had to use all kinds of tricks – psychological, physical, emotional.

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