YouTube Premium – How much are you willing to pay for ad-free ads?

Although I was able to resist this decision for a long time, I eventually matured. I had enough. I spend so much time watching YouTube videos that I don’t pay for YouTube Premium. When listening to a single song is associated with the need to wait for the ad block time to expire, using the site loses its feel. What is left when there are no real alternatives? You have to pay. Fortunately, for modern reality, not so much.

Yes, ads can effectively discourage people from using a particular medium. A few years ago, I was happy as a kid when I was finally able in my car to replace the radio with one with Bluetooth. No more annoying interruptions once and for all – just your favorite music. the television? Well, apart from occasions like holidays, when almost the whole family sits in front of the TV and watches Kevin or Kwak rituals, I don’t remember the last time I watched a movie that was interrupted by commercials. Finally, it’s time for the internet, too. Although there are no ads in paid streaming services and VoD, there is one place where more and more of them are showing up, plus they are getting more and more annoying. Of course, we are talking about the YouTube platform, which has not decreased in popularity despite the passage of years.

Red button, and before the content I like. Unfortunately, advertising too

Honestly, I often waste my precious time on YouTube. I have a list of my favorite channels that I can easily access, primarily for entertainment purposes. I’ve overlooked the tech industry in its entirety, as watching it is kind of a professional duty for me – it’s always worth being on the lookout for what others are creating and the point of view they offer on a particular topic or equipment. I am interested, for example, in topics related to travel, transportation, agriculture or cars, but also the most popular journalism or vlogs, with which I sometimes fall asleep. Unfortunately, all this loses its former glory in a situation where I have to watch a series of commercials between articles, and there are pauses for the paid content in the movie for only a few minutes. Well, it’s time to finally fix this problem. More fun at the expense of money? Well, as in life, there is always something at the expense of something.

I’m not interested in other options

Is YouTube Premium the only option to watch content from this site without ads? In view of its regulations, which we as users have to accept, yes. Of course, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any ways to watch YouTube without ads without paying for YouTube Premium. There are such methods, of course, and a description of how to use them without any problems can be found on the Internet. Why shouldn’t I decide to take such a step? I just don’t want to break site rules or deprive creators of the income they deserve. Since the only option that does not raise any moral doubts is the paid one, I was left with nothing else. Otherwise, I’d be uncomfortable, period.

Naturally, I am well aware that different people have completely different views on this subject. I don’t judge, I don’t criticize, I just express my opinion.

If you pay, how much?

Now that I’ve made the decision that it’s time to stop resisting YouTube Premium and start watching videos in a casual and comfortable way, no matter what device I’m using, it’s time to take a look at how much I’ll get to pay for it. It turns out that at first nothing at all. Currently (until May 2) There is a promotion in which new users can enjoy free entry for 2 months. Unfortunately, since I once, a few years ago, already activated this option, YouTube only offers me the standard one month free access period during which I can decide if I want to continue for a certain amount.

In the case of a single subscription, YouTube Premium costs PLN 23.99 per month. However, you can use a family subscription, where you can add up to 5 family members for PLN 35.99 per month, thus sharing costs between multiple users. is this too much? If it was just a lack of ads, I would write that it could definitely be cheaper. However, the service is configured in such a way that it does not end with saying goodbye to the content that we do not want to watch. What’s Next? lets take alook.

Ads or YouTube Premium? Choose the paid option

YouTube Premium – except for ads?

It is already known that the biggest advantage of YouTube Premium is the lack of ads. For many users, this can be an overwhelming consideration when deciding to sign up. In the case of the website on which we spend several or several dozen hours each month, it seems that just over 20 zlotys per month is a fair amount of freedom from what we do not want to see, which actually spoils our entire entertainment. Meanwhile, this is not the end of the advantages. In the price of a YouTube Premium subscription, we also get the option to save movies and music to the device’s memory (this option is especially useful for travelers and subscribers of tariffs with a small data package), background play (when the screen is locked on a smartphone or tablet or switch to an application other than YouTube ) and access to the streaming service with music – YouTube Music. This, for sure, makes the decision to sign up for the premium offer all the more rewarding.

While the show appears to be well designed, I have some reservations about it. Yes, I’d like to use YouTube without ads, but I don’t want to pay for YouTube Music at all, because I’m using a completely different music site. Screen turned off? I don’t need it, because I mainly use YouTube on TV. On a smartphone, the on screen option is sufficient. Ability to save content in device memory? I don’t need it either. Yes, sometimes I travel by train and have a lack of coverage, especially on the Pendolino, but since passengers can use WiFi, the problem has become less severe for me.

Practically speaking, the option where I only pay for no ads, but certainly less than the entire YouTube Premium package, will suffice for me. However, my guess is that the whole was calculated in such a way as to increase the profits of the service provider, and we, the customers, do not have much to say on this subject, especially when we are talking about such a large site that has practically monopolized the market. Well, starting from PLN 23.99 per month I will not get much poorer. Unfortunately, this is not the only subscription I pay for. When we add more sites to this, the costs go up quite a bit.

How much do you spend per month on subscriptions?

When adding the monthly expenses incurred to sign up for websites, it turns out that the total cost for them is not as small as it might seem. Netflix is ​​definitely the most expensive service, costing 60 PLN per month at the highest subscription. Let’s add HBO Max (PLN 20), Apple One (PLN 25), Amazon Prime (PLN 4) and YouTube Premium (PLN 24) to It turns out monthly invoice As for the subscription, in my case, it is 133 PLN. Soon there will be another payment for Disney Plus (PLN 29) and it turns out that the monthly subscription budget exceeds PLN 150. is this too much? Yes and no. On the other hand, I can give up each of them, which means that there will be tens or tens of zlotys in the house budget. On the other hand, would I pay less for a solid digital TV package? If so, not so much.

How much are your subscriptions per month?

Summing up my considerations about a YouTube Premium subscription, I must say that freedom from intrusive ads is worth paying a monthly fee of over PLN 20. Of course, as long as a user uses the website frequently and willingly. By casual viewing, you can survive with commercials. Unfortunately, in my case, when it comes to several or several dozen hours a month, it’s certainly quite an annoyance to be able to afford it.

I should also ask, what subscriptions do Antywebu readers use? Which would be more difficult for you to give in to? Is this model for distributing multimedia content right for you? Comments, as usual, are yours.

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