What kind of flooring do you choose for the living room? Trends for 2022

One of the main decisions that must be made when designing a living room is the choice of flooring. A well-chosen parquet will not only be functional, but also become the “point over and over” of the entire arrangement.

What floorboards should I choose for my living space? We invite you to take a brief overview of the most interesting interior trends. Check out our inspiration!

What is fashionable flooring now, or what is the latest fashion

Ranking trends change dynamically, sometimes even in every season. Ideas for finishing the floor in the living room too, although it has always been the most popular for years Classic solutions.

The year 2021 was marked by environmental inspiration. The wood flooring trend continues this year. What exactly is hot right now?

Fish bone in salons

This classic style Currently experiencing its renaissance. The fishbone can be arranged in several ways, with two of the most common variants:

  • The classic herringbone, also known in English – tidy of rectangular plates of the same size so that the shorter side of the longer side meets the other,
  • French herringbone – to make it, you need a folding parquet Components of a parallelogram, where the short edge of each plate is cut at an angle of 45 degrees; The form is then positioned so that the individual panels meet together on their shorter sides to form an arrowhead.

FINISH French gouda, oak latte macchiato, oil wax

Herringbone – in English and French – perfect Fits just about any style. It should be noted that the visual effect that we get on the floor depends not only on the way the panels are arranged, but also on their color and surface texture.

Bleached, light and gray shades will fit perfectly, for example, in minimalist Scandinavian interiors. Darker wood with visible grain – in New York, in classic or antique arrangements.

XXL Floorboard – Gorgeous Simplicity

The oversized floorboards only have 5 minutes. As the designers point out – this is the solution It looks better in spacious interiors. Especially if you make sure that the floor is not clogged with furniture.

In fact – the simpler the room decor, the better. FinishDeska XXL is a great choice for a minimalist, modern or Scandinavian style living room.

FINISHDESKA XXL, choose oak, varnish, and brush

FINISHDESKA XXL, choose oak, varnish, and brush

Retro worn parquet

Worn parquet with visible traces of use? Definitely! This is another interesting trend this year.

Both boards are of natural oak, birch or pine color with obvious cracks and abrasions are fashionable, as well as bleached and stained wood.

aged wood texture It looks really cool. Depending on the other elements of the décor, this flooring can add an elegant, warm or modern feel to the arrangement.

raw floor slabs They perfectly match vintage, rustic, Provencal or rickety chic styles. It’s also a good choice for a loft-inspired living space.

Parquet floors with eclectic patterns and shapes – the primacy of individuality

Laminate flooring designers and producers prove once again that classic design, which is wood, also looks great in non-classical arrangements.

The year 2022 began under the banner of individualism. Eclecticism, which is widely understood, is now in the lead, that is, a free combination of various textures, patterns and shades.

Graphic wood floorboards are becoming more and more popular – like those in the FinishParkiet DRAW range. So if you want to go further, now is the time! Nothing stands in the way of playing with shape here either.

For more inspiration, check out FinishParkite!

The designers emphasized that the wood on the floor in the living room was and will continue to be above trends. These natural materials are fantastically agingeasy to care for, warm at reception and to the touch – you want to walk barefoot on the wooden floor.

If you’ve been looking for a beautiful, functional flooring for years, check out FinishParkiet kits. If you have any questions, please contact us – we are happy to advise you!

Source and photos: FINISHPARKIET Parquet Factory

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