UCL Leaders 2022 Conference in London

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An inspiring blend of the worlds of business and science, the hottest current topics in which the world lives, and exceptional experts, including Krzysztof Zanussi and Jan Komasa. The UCL Leaders Conference, an annual interdisciplinary conference organized by University College London students, has been held for the sixth time. The event was held under the auspices of “Vogue Polska”.

This year’s edition of UCL Leaders, held at the end of March 2022 in London, was exceptional. For the first time, the conference had an international character, thanks to which it became a contribution of Polish society to the social and academic life of the university. It was attended by experts from four fields: science, technology, politics, business, and the arts. The event, which brought together current and future leaders, was more important than ever in the face of the current global situation. During the last years of the pandemic, numerous environmental perversions, as well as the war in Ukraine, many of us have reassessed our lives, rethinking the ideologies we hold dear.

The conference was chaired by Susanna Lewandowska, Director of Programs at Wyborcza Philanthropic Group and Vice President of the High Heels Foundation. Four panels brought together distinguished professionals from four different fields. During the science and technology session “Uniting Mind, Body and Technology,” experts looked at who was in control. The theme of the business board was the transition to a low carbon economy. Political Committee on the War in Ukraine. Zuzana Lewandowska and Irina Timchizin, co-founder and managing director of the UK-Ukrainian City Club, focused on the growing tension between Russia and the West and its consequences. In turn, during the artistic session, the speakers thought about how art could give meaning to the world.

Fulfillment through art

The title of this year’s painting at UCL Leaders was “Art as a tool that brings value to the world”. Artists of different ages and origins, and experts from many disciplines, were invited to the inspiring discussion. Among the dozens of nominees, six speakers were selected: Arch Hades, Christophe Zanussi, Fiona Hayes, Jean Comasa, Arthur Bogoa, Jan Valek.

Art is a way of tangibly displaying personal ideas. Provides insight into the intertwined, immaterial realms of ideas, beliefs, values, and fears. It can be a resistance tool against the absurd, which removes the meaning of existence and celebrates it at the same time. Of all living things, only humans pass on experience from generation to generation. And all thanks to the art of narration […]. The concept of wisdom must be revised. Wisdom is an indication of what to choose in life so that you don’t go bankrupt in the end – Krzysztof Zanussi argued during his speech. The director also emphasized that the origins of the problems we are struggling with lie in the audience’s inability to use their inner wisdom to resist the urge to consume. Zanussi believes that by resisting him, we have a better chance of fulfillment in life.

In turn, the poet Arch Hades explained that, according to the philosophy of existentialism, there is no human nature, and people have no goal or obligation. As I argued, we are only a thing later, what we will make ourselves. So you can freely create your own meaning and purpose in being. Art should excite and help us to think of all ideas. It shouldn’t be a form of distraction or escape […]. My mission is to confront postmodernism and revive existentialism and refuse to entertain junk food – For him, social media is a fast-food entertainment, said Hades, which, along with streaming platforms, degrades society rather than nurtures it. According to the poet, its immense popularity comes from the human tendency to escape from reality. Arch urges you to follow your heart and create your own meaning in life.

Meanwhile, the French artist Arthur Bogoa emphasized that in the capitalist world, we are constantly engulfed in a sense of anarchy. Art can bring us out of anxiety as a tool that allows us to focus and slow down in an accelerating world. Art helps us develop and focus in chaos, and thus gives meaning to life […]. My work does not reflect my opinions. It is about the process by which wisdom develops and serves its development – Pogoa said.

So what is the future of art? Speakers unanimously expressed optimism. paint Jan Valek He described his belief in individualism and the thinking that leads and will lead to creative progress. Like Arch Hades and Jan Comasa, he sees the main role of truth, which through art will always find its way into the recipient’s world.

In addition to four seminars, participants at UCL Leaders 2022 had the opportunity to join an intimate meeting with Fiona Hayes on personal development in an international setting. With over 30 years of experience in the field of journalism, incl. At Vogue Hong Kong, Fiona is a huge inspiration for young people. She presented her philosophy to the conference participants: “Do fun work, in interesting places, with interesting people.”

The next edition of UCL Leaders will take place in the first quarter of 2023. More information at event location. Registration for UCL Leaders Conference 2022 It can be seen on YouTube.

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