The war in Ukraine, Trump and the epidemic. “Prophecies” by the creators of The Simpsons

You don’t have to watch a single episode to connect with the iconic yellow characters from The Simpsons animated series. The production, dating back to 1989, has become one of the most famous works in the history of popular culture. Since then, as many as 33 seasons of cartoons have been created about the fate of the Simpsons: Homer, Marge, Lisa, Bart and Maggie, as well as their friends and neighbors.

The author, Matt Abram Groening, watches everything constantly, but for three decades, The Simpsons has worked with 140 screenwriters, who often … predict the events of the future.

Some say the creators of The Simpsons are time travelers who sometimes travel back a few years to see what lies ahead. Others believe that scriptwriters use fortune tellers, or even possess supernatural powers, thanks to which they know what’s coming.

Most likely, it is a combination of unusual invention, imagination, careful analysis of the world situation and an ordinary accident. However, the effects are sometimes annoying.

In 1998, episode 9 of The Simpsons Season 9, world leaders meet at an event organized by the United Nations. During that, they discussed their plans for the future and their visions for international relations.

When it’s the delegate’s turn from Russia, he admits that the Kremlin has wanted for years to convince the world of the final end of the Soviet Union, while in fact a plan to restore the old order was being militarily implemented. The plaque with “Russia” turns into the “Soviet Union”, and soldiers with red stars appear on their uniforms in Moscow.

Many say that vision came true as early as 2014, when Russia annexed Crimea and began a war with Ukraine to return to its former Soviet-era borders. The attack, which began in February 2022, only confirmed viewers’ hypotheses.

In 1993, episode 21 of the fourth season, “The Capture of Marge”, was broadcast. The wife of the main character, Marge Simpson, is accused of theft and arrested.

The rest of the residents of the town of Springfield, where the series is set, are infected with the dangerous Osaka flu virus, which arrives with freight from Asia. Local doctors are initially helpless, and due to a lack of medicines, they recommend patients to self-isolate.

The parallels with the COVID-19 pandemic are clear. The virus comes from distant Asia (although in this case from Japan, not China), it quickly spreads to all local residents, and the only way out, due to the lack of medicines and vaccines, is to stay at home and close.

A similar theme appears in an episode where the US government decides to deliberately blow up a cat flu epidemic.

In the same episode, crowds of people started a riot, demanding any drug that could relieve the symptoms of the disease, even if it was a placebo. Angry Springfield residents attack a truck that turns out to be carrying a swarm of killer bees escaping into the wild.

Indeed, immediately after the start of the epidemic and the arrival of the Corona virus in the United States, services in the country received numerous reports of nests of giant Asian hornets. For weeks, the huge, aggressive insects have posed a threat to both American bees and people living near nests.

“Bart Do Przyszłość”, episode 17 in season 11, which aired in 2000, literally depicts the futures of two characters: brothers Bart and Lisa Simpson. In this vision, Lisa became the leader of the United States, defeating President Donald Trump in the elections. In her speech, the heroine said that the country is facing hard work after its predecessor plunged the United States into an economic crisis.

The authors of the cartoon not only predicted the Trump presidency, but also depicted the scene that actually took place several years later. It’s the moment when the once-American leader gets down the elevator while a crowd of his fans gathers behind him.

In 2012, episode 22 of season 23, “Lisa and Lady Gaga,” the American pop star’s performance took place during the Superbowl hiatus, the NFL Final, and each year, after the second quarter of the meet, a music show was staged where Famous musicians were invited. Five years after the episode aired, Lady Gaga really sang in the Superbowl hiatus, and just like the animated version, she played the piano and at one point rose above the audience.

In the fourteenth episode of the fifteenth season of 2004 “Ziff Who Came to Dinner” there is a blurred detail that many viewers initially missed. Behind the main character of the series there is a movie poster with Keanu Reeves and information about the premiere of “A Matrix Christmas”, which is actually the fourth fictional part of the Wachowski Sisters saga.

It turned out that the scene was another prediction that came true after Matrix 4 or “Resurrection” appeared in cinemas in 2021. It was not a Christmas image, as in The Simpsons, but of course Keanu Reeves himself appeared on the posters.

A scene that looks at the future of the series’ characters was also featured in the 1995 episode of “Lisa’s Wedding”, in this episode Lisa Simpson, Homer’s daughter, goes to a fortune teller to find out what awaits her in 2010.

Her future version finds out about her upcoming wedding. She is excited to pass the good news to her mother. For this purpose, it calls for the use of technology that transmits a vivid image with sound.

Apple was the first to offer such a service on its iPhones. The app was called Face Time and was used in … 2010.

In 1997, the movie “New York vs.

The newspaper ad features a picture of a moving bus, a large number 9, and right next to it are two World Trade Center towers that appear to be spelled “911”, which have become emblematic of the World Trade Center tragedy.

Voting machines for presidential elections. In 2008, Homer Simpson went to the polls to vote for Democratic candidate Barack Obama in 2012, and when the main character arrives at the polling station, a commission directs him to a special machine.

Homer wants to vote for Obama, but the machine changes its decision and sends the vote to Republican second-candidate Mitt Romney. In fact, a similar incident occurred in 2012 when the Pennsylvania voting machine actually changed the decisions of some voters to support Obama as the representative of the Republican Party.

The fifth episode of Season 10, 1998, “Falling From a Star” features Homer Simpson’s encounter with actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, who drew him into the film industry.

A moment later, it was revealed that Disney had acquired the 20th Century FOX label. Age via 20th Century Fox. After 21 years, an almost similar situation occurred in our world.

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