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Sadie returns to London to fulfill the will of her late mother. In unjustified circumstances, she leaves her husband in the United States and arrives in Great Britain with her daughter. Ten-year-old Robin is part of an obligation that Sadie must fulfill in order to receive an inheritance – the condition being that her daughter enroll in the elite girls’ school that our heroine graduated from. Single Sadie faces a new reality as she faces the hostile atmosphere at her daughter’s new school and tries to juggle the responsibilities of a single parent and return to the practice of law. The situation becomes more complicated when one of Robin’s friends suffers a mysterious accident.

This wonderful story perfectly combines three threads: tension related to school, tension resulting from a court case as well as nerves and confusion after a relationship breakup. Each of these problems is shrouded in an intricately woven mystery, which the reader tries to solve together with the main character. Eagerly, we continue the plot in search of answers to the questions: why does the husband suddenly begin to ignore his wife after 8 years of a happy relationship? What would an ambitious mother want to do with her daughter in a first-class position? Can a sweet, articulate English teacher seduce and take advantage of his lost student? It is not an easy task because all the characters seem to lie, maneuver and get lost in their testimonies.

The strength and skill of the writer is her credibility. It describes the mother-daughter relationship in such a real way that the reader shares the protagonist’s concern about the child. The scenes of Sadie’s conversations with Robin are entertaining and touching at the same time. Harriet Tice As a former attorney, you introduce the recipient in a very persuasive and competent manner to the business secrets of a court case. Intertwining a side plot in the plot – the issue of a teen’s use by a teacher – he makes his novel partly a thriller legal thriller.

I don’t know what awaits us. I want to stay calm, but I can’t get rid of the fear that remains in my stomach as heavy as our steps on the sidewalk.

Harriet Tice – All Your Lies

The author also shows how easy it is to fall into the trap of competition. These days we are overwhelmed with the culture of success. In the ubiquitous social media, we notice beautiful and happy people who only share their successes and happiness. In this world, if you don’t achieve something, you don’t stand out, you don’t exist. In this world, ordinary people are often detached from reality, and like the mothers who are possessed in Tice novels, they lose a sense of what is most important in life. On the other hand, Tice points out, parents’ satisfactory ambitions often make their children unhappy. In one interview, he admitted that he is a bit obsessed with the pressure some parents put on their children to succeed. The obsession she remembers may have something to do with her own experience – Tice’s father was a judge, so after graduating in English, she started studying law instead of writing which she enjoys so much.

Harriet Tice British lawyer and writer. I grew up in Edinburgh. She is a graduate of English Studies at Oxford University and Law at City University of London. She practiced law for ten years before devoting herself entirely to raising children and her favorite activity – writing. She is the author of two bestsellers: ‘Bloody Orange’ and ‘All Your Lies’, and in April this year her third novel ‘It’s Over at Midnight’ will be shown in the UK. She lives with her husband, two children and beautiful dogs in London.

“I love you,” I say softly and shut the door behind me. I cross the corridor, go back to my room, and lie down with my feet where Robin is warming.

Harriet Tice – All Your Lies

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