That was a good day. Excerpts from the book “Seine or Glagwick”

A dream about Glajwic It is a story about a man who was willing to sacrifice everything to find a missing student, and at the same time a perverted autobiography of Gleeves – a city with two identities separated by time.

Summer of 1932. A young teacher comes to German Gleiwitz in the crisis-torn Reich. Martin Weber soon gained the trust of the principal and the sympathy of students, including the sons of Gliwice manufacturers and the local German Silesian elite. However, when the Nazis come to power, conflict in the school is inevitable. There is a conflict of attitudes and moral ideas, and the stake in the fight for the souls of young people is life …

Contemporary Gliwice. Aspiring teacher Marcin Bordiga gets a job at a prestigious high school. He is loved by students, but at the same time he arouses the envy of colleagues who do not want “hooligans” among themselves. One day, one of his students disappeared without a trace. Marcin, acting against the police and against logic, conducts a special investigation to find the ward. His research becomes the beginning of a journey back in time, at the same time creating a mischievous story about… Gliwice? Glawitz? Or maybe Glagwick?

We invite you to read Wojciech Duttka’s novel Lyra Publishing House. Last week you can read on our pages Excerpts from the book A dream about Glajwic. Today it’s time for the next part of this story:

She pointed to the large door, carved from the finest oak wood. Weber saw similar cases only at the University of Leipzig, but they were led to the office of the dean or chancellor. You can see that the principal of this school from Gleiwitz was someone who was at least as important. Martin pressed the handle, opened the door, and went inside. The room was large, full of maps, and in the center was a huge globe surrounded by a carved wooden frame.

“Hello, Hare Weber,” said the director, standing up. – I received your letter on Monday.

So did you get my order and my papers?

– Definitely.

The director extended his hand and Weber shook hands.

– Please sit down.

The desk contained two large leather chairs and a table where director Herr Günther Fernhuber received the guests.

“I am very proud of my collection of maps,” he said, stroking his neat, trimmed mustache. – She studied geography in Leipzig with Professor Friedrich Ratzel.

Weber replied, “That’s a big name.”

– In fact, the professor’s personality fascinated us, too. These were generally great times and great Germany Fernhuber sighed. This nation was aware of its size and the tasks it faced. I studied geography with the conviction that it should serve the nationLynn, identifies and describes in every possible way the living space he needs.

Webber was familiar with the concept of biosphere created by the potential employer master. He knew who was using the term now, but because of his desire to get the job, he refused to reveal what he was actually thinking. In Germany in 1932, it was increasingly important to define points of view and how to use them. Webber also knew he had to be careful.

“Our nation has things other than living space now,” he said, hoping to change the direction of the conversation.

“That’s right,” replied the school principal. – Your achievements despite the difficult times we live in are impressive, especially your PhD in ancient history. I have read your approach and all the letters of recommendation I have received from Leipzig regarding your case.

When applying for a job, Weber asked for references from several university personalities he had known since his doctoral days. These letters were sent to Gleiwitz without Weber’s examination. Those were the rules.

Did the director make a decision?

“I’m about to take it,” Fernhuber said, “but I wanted to talk to you in person.” – I want to see what kind of person you are. It is important to work with our youth.

The gym to which Weber introduces was a boys’ school. In Weimar Germany, which was no exception in Europe, the schools at that time were generally heterogeneous. This was considered a healthy symptom of a return to normalcy due to differences in the maturity of boys and girls.

– So please ask. I will try to answer according to my best knowledge and skills.

The director liked this answer.

What is youth work for you? As if you were kind enough to describe it in three words.

Webber has completely calmed down now. He answered without thinking:

Passion, knowledge and wisdom.

– You are very original and succinct.

The director asked for brevity in this answer. Fernhuber got up and went to a neat wooden sideboard, opened it and offered it:

– A drop of French cognac?

Webber replied, “I don’t drink at work.” It seemed to the teacher that a faint smile passed through Fernhuber’s mouth. He felt like he was scoring.

What subjects can you teach with us?

– Ancient History, Philosophy and Classical Languages.

– We already have a Latin teacher. Reverend Brant teaches her. However, I see an opportunity to give you four hours of Greek in a humanities class. Combined with ancient history and philosophy, you will have three-quarters of your work.

Webber was very happy. He very much wanted to find a job in his profession, and not just be a burden for a few degrees.

You won’t regret hiring me! I smile.

“I don’t really want to be disappointed,” replied Hare Weber cautiously. I am particularly interested in the German philosophy course for final exams. I want our students to understand Hegel and Fichte well and Schopenhauer, because I especially value them in our philosophy.

– it is clear. As a director, you expect good results.

– What do you think of German philosophy, Weber?

– It’s the best in the world.

Once again, the smile on the principal’s face. Smiling twice in the morning at school is a thing.

Webber, you got the job. I am satisfied with your achievements and letters of recommendation. Now go to the human resources department downstairs, room seven. You will find everything there. Your papers will be delivered to the staff immediately by the secretariat. Congratulations on your participation in the best male gym in Glywitz!

shook hands.

It was a good day for Weber. He had a new job.

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