Polish Catholic TV EWTN How to obtain a KRRiT license

The cost of a satellite license is PLN 10,000. zloty. It does not have to be covered by social broadcasters. In Poland, they include Radio Marija, Radio Fara, Radio Jasna Gora, Radio Orthodoxia, Radio Rodzina of the Diocese of Kalisz, Catholic Radio Zprosa Doi, Radio Ein Karim, Radio Skomilna Czarna and Catholic TV Serpino.

Social broadcasters cannot broadcast ads or charge cable operators or digital platforms.

They should promote pedagogical and educational activities, respect the Christian value system, and strive to strengthen national identity.

EWTN Polska paid only PLN 2,200 in administrative fees for the award of the concession.

Tarwam TV Competition

Trawam channel is not a social broadcaster, so it can broadcast ads. Reach the population of Poland thanks to broadcasting in the first digital TV multiplexer for terrestrial television.

The decision of the National Broadcasting Council shows that EWTN Polska will go to the BCAST test processors in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdansk and Lublin. Thus, it will be the only terrestrial competitor to Tadeusz Rydzyk’s father’s station.

Regular channel coverage is expected to begin in early 2022, and test runs may take place earlier.

In the USA, the station was launched in 1981

EWTN Polska comes from the global Catholic television network EWTN, and is available in more than 150 countries: Eternal Word Television Network (Eternal Word Television Network) which focuses on preaching the truth as defined by the magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. The station was launched in the USA in 1981, then gradually increased its range. It debuted in Poland on October 19, 2018, but under a foreign license. Poland will allow, inter alia, terrestrial emissions.
EWTN serves the faith and teachings of the church and aims to provide a means through which the various organizations in the church have a new center of expression nationwide. All materials produced focus on evangelism and building the foundations of faith. EWTN Polska is funded by viewers’ voluntary donations, broadcasts no advertising and is freely available.

Subject to the license, EWTN Polska will broadcast programs for at least 12 hours a day. The content of the program must be consistent with the social teachings of the Catholic Church, the Polish Bishops’ Conference and the Holy See, and they will promote prayer, faith, goodness, harmony and peace. The program is to teach moral behavior and the formation of virtues.

Many broadcasts from Poland and the world

In the license application, the broadcaster announced that the station’s show would include several live broadcasts.

Among others, the Eucharist worship from the Chapel of Nepocalano, the Divine Liturgy, and the occasional prayers and ceremonies from the most important holy sites in Poland, including from Jasna Góra, the sanctuary of divine mercy from Łagiewniki near Kraków, the shrine of the saint. Anthony in Radecznica, St. Jadwiga in Trzebica, Church of St. Maksymilian in Niepokalanów, live broadcasting of the most important Catholic centers in the world, incl. Vatican City, Fatima, Holy Land, Medjugorje.

In addition, you will be able to watch the broadcaster’s special productions, films of a religious, evangelical and educational nature, films and interviews, reports of a religious, social and educational nature, religious music, programs for children, families, guide, culinary and pilgrimage programs.

The Eternal Word Education Network (EWTN) network also announces its support for the most important religious events in the country and in the world, such as the Youth Meetings in Lydenica, the Youth Meeting in Taiz, the International Youth Day, or the Eucharistic Conference.

The fourth religious channel nationwide in history

The most famous religious station in Poland is the Trwam TV channel, which was launched in 2003. In the years 1995-2001, Telewizja Niepokalanów was also broadcast, which was replaced by TV Puls. Between 2001 and 2003, it was possible to watch Niepokalanów 2. TV, but due to Puls’ financial problems at that time, broadcasting was terminated. Later, the Franciscans sold their stakes in the station and its schedule disappeared from religious programming. Religia.tv, founded by the ITI group, was active in 2007-2015. They were associated with the project, among others Fr. Kazimierz Sowa, Szymon Hołownia, Ryszard Petru or Father Maciej Zięba. In 2013, ITI Group stopped funding the channel. In an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl, Wojciech Kostrzewa, President of the ITI Group, explained that the reason was “the failure to achieve the assumed audience results and profitability”. For example, in the second quarter of 2012, Religia.tv gained 0.06 percent. TV market share. In 2020, Trwam TV got 0.55%. TV market share. That’s 0.17 pips. Percent more than in 2019 – according to Nielsen Audience Measurement data.

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