Meghan and Harry’s son is the first such child in the royal family

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s son is only 3 years old, and he’s been honest about it already. Aside from the fact that his parents announced his birth under unusual circumstances, much has been said about his surnames or lack thereof.
  • Although Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born into the royal family, he never received the title of prince. Meghan Markle believes that the reason was racism, which was manifested by many members of her husband’s family. However, the truth is different
  • The boy could have been given the nickname count for this, but his parents rejected this possibility. All because of the word in the nobility title, which, according to the couple, will have a negative impact on Archie’s life
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married in 2018, and their wedding was one of the biggest events not only in the British royal family, but also around the world, as evidenced by the fact that the ceremony was broadcast in many countries. A few months after this ceremony, the American couple made other impressions. Meghan and Harry announced that they are expecting the birth of their first child. These reports have been circulating online for a long time, but were officially confirmed in October in the Kensington Palace Instagram profile. As you can learn from the book “Royals at War: The Untold Story of Harry and Meghan’s Shocking Split with the House of Windsor,” which tells about the scenes of Sussex’s struggle with the rest of the royal family, Meghan paid tribute to the family a few days before the official announcement, specifically At Princess Eugenia’s wedding. According to the authors, the bride congratulated the couple, but she and her family were “outraged” that Meghan Markle wanted to overshadow her party.

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Archie’s unexpected hometown

Archie Mountbatten-Windsor was born on May 6, 2019 at Portland Hospital, London, and holds both British and American citizenship. Initially, the boy was supposed to be born in a different place. It has been speculated that Meghan Markle will give birth to St. But Mary in Paddington, London, Markle deviated from tradition. Interestingly enough, she did not introduce her to her son and husband soon after birth, which Princess Kate always does. Meghan and Harry showed their son a few days after his birth and had their first interview.

Archie has no noble titles

All kinds of information about Archie circulated quickly on the web He is the first person of ethnic origin to be born into the British royal family. One of the most surprising information is that the boy who occupies the seventh place in the line of succession to the British throne will not be a noble. How is this possible?

Meghan Markle admitted during a raucous interview with Oprah Winfrey that she learned while she was pregnant that her son would not be a prince. As she said at the time, she suspected it was due to alleged racism and fears from some family members at Buckingham Palace that the boy would be born with an unwanted skin colour. Because he did not receive the title, he was also denied protection by the British monarchy, which his mother did not like.

Photo: Xinhua News / East News

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in the first picture with Archie

whats the truth? It is a decree issued by King George V in 1917, the purpose of which was to verify the award of titles in more detail in order to reduce the number of reigning princes. However, according to the decree, only the sons of the king and the grandchildren of the king of the male dynasty are exempted from the restrictions. Archie at birth was the ruler’s grandson, not a grandson. The title of Prince can only be obtained when Prince Charles will be king. Then it means that Archie will have to act and represent the royal family, and seeing that Meghan and Harry themselves have resigned their royal duties, relinquished their privileges and are separated from the family, they are unlikely to agree to their son receiving this title. Meghan admitted, however, that although the title itself wasn’t important to her, if it was going to provide protection for Archie, he should get it.

Meghan and Harry’s son could have had a different nickname. Parents refused the offer

In March 2021, the British press reported that Meghan and Harry had the option of accepting the title of their Scottish aristocrat son, founded in 1674. Archie was then named Earl of Dumbarton. But the boy’s parents rejected this possibility. In June, The Telegraph reported the alleged reason. Apparently, Harry and Meghan were afraid it might be because of the word in the title StupidWhich means stupid in English, will be nicknamed Archie.

Commented on the pages of “The Sun” royal expert Phil Dampier.

“It shows how much Harry and Meghan care about their image and want to control every aspect of their lives, as well as how they are viewed by society, especially in the United States, where their future is.” added.

Interestingly, Harry wanted his children to have a “normal” childhood, and he grew up far from the flash of flash and grew up without nicknames Just like Princess Anne’s children: Peter and Zara Phillips. Harry mentioned this among other things while talking to Oprah Winfrey. According to “The Telegraph”, this is why Meghan and Harry decided to leave the royal family.

Megan wanted a different name for her son

During one of the Invictus Games meetings, Meghan Markle admitted in an interview with Sherry McBay, who has a son Harrison, that it is her son’s middle name. She added that she and Harry thought for a long time about choosing a first name. Harrison is said to mean “son of Henry” or “son of Harry”. So it wouldn’t be surprising if this was the first name given to their child.

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