Luna: I have always been inspired by space

olive the heapInteria: Today (April 22 – Editor’s note) your album premieres. What’s going on today – excitement or worry about how the album will be received?

radiate: – Definitely exciting. Honestly, I thought I’d make it to midnight, but I slept strangely. I was very tired, I had a lot of feelings … Today I woke up very early for the first time and with great joy, it is usually difficult for me to get up early [śmiech]. I had to see how many people were listening to the album, and I checked all the streaming services. So far I feel a lot of excitement and excitement.

Earlier she released an English EP album, now the album is in Polish. I have heard from many artists that, depending on the language, they express themselves differently. How is it with you?

– That’s right, I must admit that writing and singing differently in Polish and English are completely different. I started with Polish and thought I’d stick with it, but then it dawned on me that I got a suggestion from Spotify to create a song in English. And it had good success, so I decided why not – I will be creative in both Polish and English.

This is also a nice diversion and it broadens your horizons in some way. Because when I write and sing in Polish, I focus more on the words and on myself. And due to the fact that English is not my first language, it is not the words that are important to me at the moment of their singing, but the feelings themselves. Moreover, I discovered the great power of English writing because I saw how much it could be included in the text. This is not always possible in Polish. It is very difficult to write in Polish, and some words and phrases do not sound right. And the English language is more sonorous, and some metaphors sound better …

Do you think you need to register in English to pursue a career abroad?

– I think it’s not a duty, but it’s very hard to predict. I don’t rule out that the Polish hit was a worldwide hit, but I think singing in English makes traveling abroad easier. That’s why I decided to release this EP and that’s why I created it in both Polish and English. With this article in English, I want to open up to foreign markets.

It is mentioned on the album by Elon Musk “as a readable symbol of the tangible physical presence of man in the universe, as a seductress”. And when it comes to musical inspiration?

– I don’t have enough of them. When I go to the studio, I try not to listen to a lot of different music, so as not to get too inspired and repeat something. It is very easy to do now, especially since the existing ones are a little similar to each other and it is difficult to create something completely different.

I was inspired by the different sounds, such as…organic, that I hear next to me. You know, the sounds of wind, and water, and a blazing fire. The universe is also very inspiring to me. I know I don’t hear it every day, unless I play it on Youtube [śmiech]But it’s an amazing space that I really enjoy listening to. I also try to listen to myself and the people around me – it is also very inspiring and helps with creativity.

And if you want to name any artists, I’m very drawn to Scandinavia. Bjork is my great inspiration. I really like her music and all the artistic creativity in general. Plus Aurora and Eivør…and of course Nick Cave!

It is such a dark and harsh atmosphere.

Yes, technically, it’s what attracts me the most to the dark [śmiech].

I recorded a song incl. With Justyna Steczkowska. Do you have the duo of your dreams, and then you can say that you have achieved everything?

– On my first album, I decided to do a whole solo show, because I decided that this is the first album and I would like to show my world, my style and my music as much as possible. But when it comes to duets, a duet with Björk or Aurora would be a dream for me. These are big dreams, but they deserve to come true. Maybe one day you will succeed.

At the beginning of your career, you were also associated with theater. Are you planning to return to it or do you want to devote yourself entirely to music?

I don’t think I want to close myself up and shorten myself, because art is a beautiful field in which I would like to work all my life. At the moment, music comes first, but theatre, cinema, or the visual arts… they are all connected. I also try to draw from it, escape as much inspiration as possible, and incorporate this theatrical aspect into my music. It seems to me that it is then more interesting and has a slightly different dimension. But so far he does not plan to play in the theater. For now, I only go to the theater in private [śmiech].

Back to Musk for a moment… Where do you get that interest in space?

I can’t give a specific reason, but I’ve always been drawn to this vast and wonderful outdoor space. The universe has always been an inspiration to me, and also a bit scary in its depth or even infinity. You fascinated me, especially when I was a little kid. I loved sitting in the garden at night and staring at the night sky, at the moon. I imagined talking to him. And that was left to me, because sometimes I sleepwalk [śmiech]. And sometimes I talk to the moon, even in songs.

I turned this magic into art, because I thought I wanted to have that feeling that I remember from my childhood, staring into space, hypnotizing and drowning in space, which I would like to have with my music. I wanted to make the audience feel for a moment the way I often felt when I looked at the moon. With this album, I wanted to detach from Earth for a moment and move it to another space, to take from my thoughts, from all that is here and now, and from this stimulation we feel every day.

So he is not only a picturesque embodiment, but you also feel special with this connection with the universe.

Yes exactly! I think I’d even prefer Luna to be my changing sulfur, but she’s gotten so close to me that we don’t part. It’s hard to know when I’m Luna and when I’m not. I am all the time. So much so that my family started calling me Luna and stopped answering my name [śmiech].

Will you tell us what you’re preparing for the upcoming parties? Fans will be transported to another dimension?

This is the plan and I hope to be able to implement it as much as possible. For now, I want to focus on summer festival parties. Until now, the concerts were in clubs, in such an intimate night atmosphere, so I am very curious how this music would sound in such conditions.

This is finally the end – if you knew the whole world was listening to you, what would you say?

Let the whole world drift by magic and be as full as possible here and now. And he will trust himself.

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