Kim Kardashian at the 2022 Met Gala in Marilyn Monroe. Celebrities have been criticized for the strict diet that allowed her to put pressure on the famous creation

Kim Kardashian’s performance at this year’s Met Gala was exciting right from the start. Celebrities created a creation in which Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to Kennedy. In addition, she admitted that she lost eight kilograms in three weeks to fit into the famous dress. Neither the choice of wardrobe nor the strict diet was well received.

Kim Kardashian is the only person in history who wore a dress after Marilyn Monroe, in which the actress sang the unforgettable “Happy Birthday” to President John F. Kennedy in 1962. For this reason, the star vowed not to put cosmetics on the body, wearing a special wardrobe in the presence of the guards And using white gloves, after a few minutes on the red carpet she changed the original outfit to her replica. However, the museum community criticized the idea of ​​wearing a garment of historical value over a living object.

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Now Kim Kardashian has also been criticized for bragging about the treatments that helped her wear this dress. Since sewing alterations were out of the question for conservation reasons, the tabloid star had the option to lose weight or opt for a different outfit. “There was only one option at stake,” according to Vogue, who was briefed by Kardashian on details of the party’s preparations. I wear a sauna suit twice a day [nieprzepuszczający powietrza kombinezon, który wymusza pocenie – przyp. red.]I ran on the treadmill, completely eliminated sugar and carbs, and ate only veggies and protein. I did not starve myself, but maintained strictness – she said.

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In three weeks, I lost almost eight kilograms. Experts agree: This is not a healthy pace. Citing Women’s Health, Jonathan Valdez, a spokesperson for the New York State Academy of Dietetics and Nutrition, noted in the context of Kardashian’s “achievement” that such rapid weight loss threatens, among other things, electrolyte imbalance, gallstones, gout, nausea, and problems with bowel movement. . He also noted that carbs are also in vegetables, so they couldn’t have been completely eliminated by a celebrity.

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Valdez and Nichola Ludlam-Raine of the British Dietetic Association, who spoke to the BBC, confirmed that sooner or later the body will “recover” from a sudden loss of nutrients and gain weight again. In Kardashian’s case, that will likely happen sooner rather than later, because after partying in her home country, you could see donuts and a few boxes of pizza. And you can hear them enjoy it after three weeks without carbs.

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Ludlam-Ryan described Kim Kardashian’s behavior as irresponsible and even dangerous. Lots of people will read and watch it [w tym] She told the BBC that people with eating disorders or young women believe it is possible or necessary to lose significant weight in a relatively short time, while experts recommend losing half a kilogram per week. Kardashian has also been criticized by representatives of organizations dealing with bulimia and anorexia, fashion journalists (including Amy Odell, biographer of Anna Wintour), and even other celebrities. Like Lili Reinhart, famous from the series “Riverdale”, who in her circles denounced the harsh diet, “When you know that millions of young people listen to your every word and follow your example.”

Amy O’Dell talks about Kim Kardashian’s diet before the Met GalaTwitter / Amy Odell

Not only was the promotion of unhealthy activities under fire, it was also the motive behind it. Kim Kardashian tortured her body for weeks to wear a defined dress for a few minutes, which was originally sewn on Marilyn Monroe to fit perfectly, and which can’t be pinned on Kardashian anyway—hence the white fur wrap covering the back of the dress throughout the performance.

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