Josefina: Why is it so hard for adults to love? [recenzja filmu / Mastercard OFF Camera]

She is the mother. Life does not spare. Every week he visits his son behind bars. He is a prison guard. Fate plays with him, too. Why then – though they want – they can’t? Spanish film “Josepina” der. Javiera Marco is one of the presentations of this year’s Mastercard OFF CAMERA International Independent Film Festival.

It starts with silence. One that we work on every day, but we are not used to in the cinema. Because the “Josefina” soundtrack is life. Leave the bus. Dog barking in the stairwell. The cup was set aside on the table. Crispy croutons with garlic stewed tomatoes, the famous Spanish paan con tomate sandwich, which tastes so good in the morning. It will be like this until the end. Until Silence finally became the third most important hero in the painting, next to Berta and Juan.

Berta (played by Emma Suarez, winner of three Goya Awards, including best performance in Julieta Pedro Almodovar) is a seamstress, a diligent mother whose son is imprisoned and the exhausted wife of a paralyzed husband, who has to take care of herself because the state does not provide care. for him. “Please wait for a seat” – he once complained that he only hears this, asking for a place in the center. He lives in Madrid in one of those areas that tourists do not visit because there is no reason to. Nobody is interested in her life either. Even son of Sergio (Miguel Bernardo, known to the public for his role as Guzmán in “Elite School” on Netflix), a prisoner he doesn’t listen to. Nor does he tell her about his life behind walls. This is what became the reason for her casual relationship with Juan.

Juan (Roberto Alamo, laureate of two Goya statues, incl. Because “God forgive us”) is a prison guard. He has been seeing Bertha for a long time, as he supports the cameras of the facility, as well as during visits. Juan is a good man. Not paying attention to amenities that everyday life does not provide him in any way, but is hungry for closeness. It seems to him that the only possibility for the unintended contact with Berta to continue is to lie. Or otherwise – a hugely colorful fact.

They start talking next to the prison. Belen is waiting for the bus to take her into town. Accompanied by Juan, who does not recognize that he is a guardian. Berta complains about calling her non-existent son – “He talks to me, but he doesn’t tell me anything.” Juan nodded as he understood, but his daughter Josefina, also imprisoned in the facility, behaves differently. Encouraged by the man’s modest and laconic story, Berta asks him to persuade his daughter to write a letter to Sergio. an agreement. Except Juan Josefina was making it. In the evening, after returning home, he sits at the kitchen table where she eats in the morning and begins to write.

“Josepina” It is the first full-length film directed by Javier Marco and screenwriter Belen Sanchez Arevalo. To date, the couple has acted in short films – successfully. Last year, it won Spain’s top film award, Goya, for “A la czar” (“in the face”), a portrait of a brave woman who has been insulted on social media and decides to take on a humiliating online troll. In “Josefina” they recreate the atmosphere that defines them, which they have been building together for more than a decade. We have to deal with normal characters like us, sometimes completely colorless. tiring. Single, struggling with inevitable problems. When Berta tells Juan that her husband is completely paralyzed and dependent on her, the man is embarrassed. “That’s what it is,” replies Berta.

Emma Suarez fantastically reflects the character of her heroine, her Spaniard, who has nothing to do with the smileys in the catalogs of travel agencies. They are sharp and dry although they are looking for tenderness. Gestures in which there is no sexual arousal or sexual attraction. Likewise Juan. Berta is interested in him and wants to be close to her. They are embarrassed in each other’s company in silence, but do not try to drown her out with unnecessary words. The world taught them it wasn’t worth it. Those words have a burden. So that they are not thrown into the wind.

So we get a picture of a mature woman and an equally mature man who wants to be together. stay. Lie next to you. and fall asleep. They are not tormented by the feelings of youth. They have long forgotten about it. This is not the most important thing now. This on the screen resonates and vibrates. Why is it so hard for mature people with a baggage of experience to love? Why do we lie when the truth is most needed?

Javier Marco It offers not only its heroes, but most viewers a lot of space. The secret sense of humor that is found in the little things. It’s spaces, but it also opens up to intimacy. Because it’s an intimate movie. And the finesse that cinema has been missing for a long time.

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