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Despite the fact that advertising on TV is often a big expense and its runtime is very short – it’s still worth the investment. Advertising films capture many senses. If you pay attention to eye-catching frames, correctly selected music, pleasant to read, a great effect will be obtained. With a limited budget, you can opt for sponsorship banners, and ad spots would be another solution. Placing the product on the TV also works great. By using traditional media, it becomes possible to reach a wide audience and increase brand recognition and trust.

Why is it worth investing in TV advertising?

It is said that promoting a business on television takes a lot of money, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The price of advertising on TV depends on several factors. It is primarily affected by ad spot length, airtime, position in the ad block and who we buy at ad time. Media houses often buy it in bulk, so you can count on favorable price conditions and activities tailored to our target group.

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Even the time of year is important – for example, the autumn-winter period is associated with increased viewership. This is due to longer and longer evenings and unfavorable weather conditions. People are starting to spend more time in front of the TV screen, which of course translates to increased viewership. It must be remembered that the impact strength of television advertising is high, which is caused by the transmission of content by image and sound at the same time. It becomes possible to effectively reach a large number of diverse recipients, including potential customers. There is a belief that the content shown on TV is vetted and worth recommending. The wide scope of television advertising means that it is possible to capture the attention of the viewer and provoke certain attitudes of consumers.

What are the available means of television advertising?

Currently, many television advertising mediums are used. It can take the form of ad spots that typically last for up to 30 seconds. Television advertising products also include teletext and media sponsorship. There are many possibilities for advertising on TV. Many investors choose advertising banners such as sliders, cameras, or animations. They are only a few seconds long. It is broadcast before the start of the program. Viewers are informed who the sponsor is. Another option would be to put the product into a chain and software. But the most expensive will be the short ads shown between shows or during the movie.

How to create an effective advertising spot?

It takes a long time to produce TV advertisements. It consists of several stages. Television advertising consists of an image, words and sound effects. With the help of properly selected colors, shapes and movement, it becomes possible to influence the emotions and feelings of viewers. The number of words should not be overstated, especially if the picture is more complex. The faster the ad, the more you need to limit the number of words. With the help of a musical track, it becomes possible to increase the effectiveness of advertising. The votes should evoke a positive attitude towards the advertised product. Advertising film can take many different forms. It is ideal to demonstrate the operation of the displayed item.

Another way is to play scenes from life. You must present a problem that can be resolved with the promoted product. Finally, of course, satisfaction with the solution found should be shown. Films with a hint of humor are also great, they are very positively received by viewers and arouse interest. It also uses animation technology especially for children’s products. Commenting on a product or service by someone famous, likable, expert, famous and using a brand champion is great.

What does the production of ad sites look like?

The production of an advertising spot consists of several steps: determining the budget and target group, choosing the location of the presentation and implementation technique. You have to plan the site scenario, find a contractor, ensure marketing consistency and plan the entire work schedule.

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