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The decision to ban the display of Russian channels was made during Thursday’s meeting of the National Broadcasting Council. – In connection with the initiation of hostilities by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, due to security and defense issues in the Republic of Poland, the National Broadcasting Council adopted a resolution on the deletion of the following programs from the registry of television programs broadcast only in the information and communication technology system and distributed programs: RT (Russia Today), RT Documentary, RTR Planeta, Soyuz TV, Rossija 24 – The portal informs Teresa Brzynieszka, spokeswoman for the National Broadcasting Council.

The end of Russian channels in Poland

Next, the representative of the National Broadcasting Council explains what such a decision means in practice. – Deletion from the registry means that the above programs cannot be distributed in cable networks, satellite platforms and Internet platforms – explains Brykczyńska.

– We will remove the channels from the list of FTA channels in accordance with the decision of the National Broadcasting Board – Canal + spokesperson Pyotr Kaniowski announced in an interview with Polsat Box decided to take a similar step. – In accordance with the decision of the National Broadcasting Council, we removed the Russian channels indicated by KRRiT from the list of channels in Polsat Box receivers, revealed Olga Zomer, a spokeswoman for Polsat Box. – I confirm that we exclude all Russian channels from the UPC Polska show – Michał Fura, press spokesman for UPC Polska, said on Twitter. Instead of the Russian-language channel RT, UPC played TVP World on Thursday evening, TVP Info reported. – Due to the decision of the National Broadcasting Council, we exclude all Russian channels in our offer – said Justyna Grzelak, public relations coordinator of the Vectra cable network for PAP. She explained that instead of the Russian channels (in the case of Vectra they are RT and RTR Planeta) a board appeared with the information: “Due to the decision of the National Broadcasting Board, the channel is not available.”

– Regarding the Russian attack on Ukraine, thanks to the decision of the National Broadcasting Council, we can confirm that we have disabled Russian TV channels – Nitya (affiliated with the Cyfrowy Polsat group) reported at 3 am from Thursday to Friday.

Russian channels, incl. On Parliamentary Cable TV

Thus, cable networks should remove the above stations from their offer, and satellite platforms from the list of decoders. The selected Russian channels are free to use via satellite. Now their reception will only be possible via the Internet (including their websites) or their own satellite TV tuners.

Via Hot Bird 13E, used by Polish platforms (Polsat Box, Canal + and Orange), you can watch, among others, RTR Planeta, Rossija 24, RT News, RT Documentary or Pervy Kanał. It is not known why the latter was not included in the list of prohibited stations.

Ten or so hours ago, Latvia made a similar decision regarding the Russian stations. At the beginning of December last year, Pervy Kanał and Rossija 24 were part of the cable network of the Polish Parliament. – It seems to me that the Russians prefer not to put Polish channels on their TV channels in Parliament – then they evaluated Polish MP Mirosław Socho in an interview with in an interview with the portal

We recently reported that Pasjatv, a TV channel distribution company, has signed a new contract with Channel One in Russia. Presents 11 TV stations related to the Russian broadcaster. The company from Gliwice is responsible for the distribution of channels belonging to the Channel One Russia family in cable networks, satellite platforms and IPTV shows. This channel includes Channel One Russia World, Dom Kino Film, Dom Kino Premium, Documentary and Historical Vremya, Musica Pervogo, Carousel International for Children, Gastronomy Tele Café, O! , Lifestyle Popper, travel Boukhali! Dedicated to the Pobeda War.

– Channels are directed primarily to people who know the Russian language, do business in the Eastern Bloc, are interested in the political and economic situation in Russia. A country of great importance in the global economy. Cable networks that are geographically closer to the border will be more interested – then Barbara Gwenzak, President of Pasjatv, reported on the portal Entertainment channels are not banned by the National Broadcasting Council. Therefore, it can be presented in the presentation of cable networks and digital platforms. However, the company’s offering also includes Russia Today and RT Doc.

Due to the difficult political situation and the decision of the National Broadcasting Council to remove Russian news programs from the register We are obliged to stop the distribution of the Russia Today channel, the Russia Today documentary, until the political situation in the world stabilizes. Pasjatv mainly sells TV channels from all over the world. We do not deal with the issue of politics. Of course, I am aware of the seriousness of the situation and must accept the recommendations made by the National Broadcasting Board – inform Guźniczak.

orange quick response

The digital platform and IPTV operator Orange have already decided to remove the station. – Because of the aggression against Ukraine, we have closed all Russian TV channels from Orange – said Wojciech Jabczyński, a spokesperson for Orange, on Twitter.

Earlier, the operator decided to make a gesture to the Ukrainians. – We are reducing the rates for calls to Ukraine by more than 80 percent, and this support will greatly facilitate communications between Ukrainians living in Poland and their families and relatives residing in the country. We are with you – Report Jabczyński on Twitter.

The operator also issued a statement on the matter. – The reduction to PLN 0.29 per minute, i.e. for the price of a local call, applies to all calls made from Orange and nju mobiles to Ukrainian landline and mobile numbers. These are prepaid offers and subscription offers. You can use cheaper calls until March 10 – we read in them.

– For Orange Flex users, an international calling package to Ukraine has been prepared: 100 minutes for 30 days for PLN 0. Simply enter the Ukraine code in the promotional codes field in your Flex app to get the free package. In Orange Flex, the social card is free on every package. It gives you the ability to use instant messaging without a gigabyte limit, for free. The social corridor includes, among others, WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, Facebook, Telegram and Twitter – Orange added.

How can the National Broadcasting Board remove a program from the registry

In accordance with the Radio and Television Broadcasting Act, the National Broadcasting Board may remove from the registry a broadcast program that has published at least twice content promoting activities in the past 12 months, including those contrary to the law, with Polish justification and attitudes and opinions contrary to morality and the social good, which, among Other things, publishing “content that incites the commission of a terrorist crime or threatens the security and defense of the state.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry reported Thursday morning that Russian forces from various directions are attacking Ukrainian cities, including from Donbass and occupied Crimea. Later, the Ukrainian authorities reported that a column of Russian troops crossed the country’s eastern, southern and northern borders. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced that Ukraine is exercising its right to self-defense in line with international law.

TVP has pulled the Russian series “Stepowa Miłość” and “Cossack Love”.

On Thursday, on TVP2 Neither episode “Love of the Steppe” scheduled for 13:25, nor the first episode was re-run. 18:45. The series appeared on the station’s schedule on January 26 this year.

Earlier, from November 30, 2020 to January 25 this year. TVP2 showed the Russian-Ukrainian series “Love of the Cossacks”. In December 2020, it was viewed by an average of 1.76 million people (data from Nielsen Audience Measurement).

Both “Stepowa Miłość” and “Kozacka Miłość” were pulled from internet platform TVP VOD on Thursday.

The world must know the truth about Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Correspondents, including Wiadomości, TVP Info, TVP World and Belsat are based in Kyiv in eastern and southern Ukraine. We broadcast a special program 24/7 about the Russian invasion. On TVP World, private and shaped Russian disinformation – according to Polish TV head Jacek Korski Thursday morning.

A completely different approach to Russian culture was expressed by Kursky at the beginning of January last year, indicating his reservations about the broadcast of “Cossack Love” on TVP2. “You can’t blame a humpback man for having straight babies.” Russian culture is one thing, Russian cinematography is one thing, and the Putin regime is one. Should we stop reading Dostoevsky, and listen to Prokofiev, because the dictator is in the Kremlin? This is nonsense – he said in “Guest News”.

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