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When it seemed that the construction industry would gradually and steadily recover from the epidemic, optimistic forecasts were suppressed by war and inflation. The shortage and rampant supply of materials, and prices often changing overnight, paralyze countless projects, the implementation of which is halted in extreme cases. PlanRadar could be the answer in this case.

  • PlanRadar’s features give users an opportunity to successfully confront uncertainty about price and availability of building materials.
  • PlanRadar users emphasize that one of its biggest advantages is the reduced risk of errors and errors in communication between project participants.

In recent weeks, buying steel has required nerves of steel from investors. From levels around 2000. PLN, prices per ton of material have risen to more than 8 thousand. zloty. The price frenzy is the effect of accelerating inflation and shortages caused by the geopolitical situation: according to GUS data, in 2021, Russia and Ukraine were the largest importers of steel to Poland, right behind Germany. In the case of other building materials, the situation is no better: in March 2022, their prices increased by an average of 30%. Compared to March 2021, thermal installations have traditionally registered the largest jump.

Problems are caused not only by high prices, but also by the dynamics of this process. Fluctuations often occur overnight, which is caused by the war in Ukraine. Russian aggression has disrupted or destabilized supply chains, and had a significant impact on fuel and transportation prices. For contractors, this means that the bid calculated today may be unprofitable the next. How to conduct business and carry out investments in such circumstances?

digital flexibility

Cost optimization has always been and will always be a priority for entrepreneurs and investors. And in the era of large-scale digitization, they are gaining unique opportunities in this field. The value of digital tools can be seen especially now, in turbulent times that require a great deal of flexibility and agility – notes Bartek Pietruszewski, PlanRadar Country Manager in Poland.

According to the company’s calculations based on surveys conducted among several thousand users, PlanRadar can reduce working time by up to 7 hours per week for each employee. Where do these time savings come from, which translate into financial savings?

The easy-to-use application, available from both desktop computers and mobile devices, allows you to manage the creation process remotely. It collects and makes available data, as well as enables its exchange and editing, while ensuring continuous communication for all users. Thanks to functions such as chat or push notifications, important information is communicated in real time to all interested parties. This also applies to assigning tasks directly to 2D projections along with descriptions of text, graphics, images, or audio recordings. The program is also integrated with BIM technology, which allows you to model individual projects in a 3D model.

Flawless savings

PlanRadar’s features give users an opportunity to successfully confront uncertainty about price and availability of building materials. – Constant contact of the team allows you to control the inventory, allowing you to quickly respond to the changing needs of the project and make only necessary and accurately calculated purchases. This translates into specific savings, which is very important for those times when, before spending every zloty, the investor flips it in his hand not twice, but twenty times – says Partek Petroszevsky.

Users of the application emphasize that one of its greatest advantages is to reduce the risk of errors and errors in communication between project participants. In addition to the ease of communicating information about changes, fixes and corrections, in the end it significantly speeds up the program and thus reduces the cost of the entire investment.

– In the current reality, it is clear that a project that is better organized and managed is an opportunity to complete it faster, which, in turn, is synonymous with savings. Every month of completing either faster or later an investment, with the current dynamics, which often takes a day of changes in prices and costs, is worth – literally – its weight in gold – sums up Bartek Pietruszewski.

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