“He’s crazy, I’m crazy.” The turbulent fate of Anna Bologna, Marek Walczewski

  • They met at drama school, and later sang together in Teatr im. Słowacki and Stary Theater in Krakow
  • Marek Walczewski left Anna Bologna for another actress Magorzata Nemerska. He spent the rest of his life with her. He passed away in 2009.
  • Anna Poloni only fell in love again. This love ended prematurely when the legendary director died in a plane crash
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He was never seen on stage as in Konrad Swinarski’s “All’s Well That Ends Well”. Their marriage did not survive this rivalry and mutually exclusive lifestyles.

Prior to acting, Marek Walchowski experimented with architecture and fencing. Dubbing himself the “monster of cinema and theater”, he often played maniacs or tragic characters. He played in “The Passenger”, “The Promised Land”, “Wesele” and “Nights and Days” along with his friend Jerzy Bińczycki.

Before Alzheimer’s forced him to withdraw from the profession in 2005, he played for 30 years at the Dramatyczny Theater in Warsaw, and before that at the Teatr im. Słowacki and Stary Theater in Krakow. It was there that he participated in the theater with his wife Anna Poloni.

Marek Walchowski, 1975 – Witold Rozmysłowicz / PAP

She sang at a young age, fell in love with the theater from her older sister, who wanted to become an actress, and for the first time she went with her mother. She immediately knew that she wanted to study at a theater school in Krakow, and the theater would be her main place of work (as an actress and director). After his debut in 1959, and later under the guidance of the greatest directors Including Konrad Swinarski, Andre Waidea, Jerzy Jaruki She has appeared, among others, in “The New Comedy,” “Hamlet,” “Grandfathers,” and “Emancipation.”

She is a big lady of the Polish theater and still performs on stage. Over the years, it has also appeared on both the big and small screens. She honestly said that appearing in films (“Dekalog VII”, “Stories of Love”, “Reverse”) and series (“Over the years, over the days …”) only earns money, and she does not like it. In the 1970s, she became a teacher at her alma mater university. Over the following decades, she raised entire generations of actors, including: Jan Frycz, Krzysztof Globisz, Magdalena Cielecka and Sonia Bohosiewicz.

They met at the theater school in Krakow. When they decided to marry (which the actor’s mother insisted on), they were very young: Anna Poloni was only 22 years old, and Marek Walchowsky was two years older than the chosen one. They lived in the actress’s family home with her mother. It was not the easiest arrangement for the newlyweds.

Anna Poloni, 1975 Anna Poloni, 1975 – Tadeusz Sukkur / PAP

“He’s crazy, I’m crazy. You can see a lot of this crazy for one marriage. I hated the lifestyle my husband loved, the feasts at night and he took everything that was hard to get out of the fridge” She said in an interview with the monthly “Twój Styl,” admitting that they avoided nighttime quarrels so as not to wake her mother.

The actress called herself and Walczewski “The Ambition” and admitted that instead of supporting themselves in their accomplishments, they competed with each other. First on stage Słowacki, then Stary Theater in Krakow (where Anna Polony performs to this day). She admitted that it was not only about their own ambitions: “Marek was an actor for Jersey Jarokee, and I was an actor for Konrad Swinarski, that is, we worked in two rival clans of theater giants” She said in the same interview.

Years later, Anna Poloni to the audience at the meeting at the Theater Institute in Warsaw admitted that the marriage with Walczewski was a mistake. Not only was she and Walczewski’s strong personalities collided at every step, because she was someone who was at home and loved the nightlife.

The actor had an affair, fell in love with Małgorzata Niemirska, whom he met on the set of the TV show “Desperaci”, for whom she abandoned her husband, actor Andrzej Makowiecki. They tried to hide their relationship, but they didn’t do it well. The news spread quickly in the theater community. And they reached the betrayed wife.

Marek Walczewski and Daniel Olbrychski in the movie Marek Walczewski and Daniel Olbrichsky in the movie “Ga, ga. Glory to boahterom”, 1986 – AKPA

“I learned from strangers that not all is well in my marriage. Instead of immediately saying: ‘Hanka, I have a person’…” Anna Poloni said in “On Live” magazine. She admitted that after her husband’s betrayal, people looked at her with pity, which also upset her.

They separated in 1974 and it took several months for her to fall in love again. The object of her feelings was theatrical director Konrad Swinarsky. They worked together for years, and the actress treated him as her mentor and respected him a lot. She appeared in many of the plays he directed, and helped produce the legendary 1973 film Dziady.

“I fell in love with Swinarski with a great spiritual love. I can boldly say that Swinarski created me as an actress and as a woman. I loved him even though I was married. But I love my husband differently from him. Of course I tried different things to seduce him.” She admitted in an interview with “Twój Styl”.

Marek Walczewski and Anna Poloni (Photo: AKPA, East News)Marek Walczewski and Anna Poloni (Photo: AKPA, East News) – East News

She wasn’t able to tell if this love made sense. On August 19, 1975, Konrad Swinarsky died in a plane crash near Damascus in Syria. He was 46 years old. Upon the news of the artist’s death, Anna Poloni had a breakdown and fell into a vegan neurosis. It took several years for her to recover. She no longer falls in love and is not married. For her in the church, she vowed only once.

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