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Music without ZAiKS – Duty Free Music

ZAiKS, as an organization for collective management of copyright in Poland, collects all authors, including widely understood authors, composers, singers and musicians, and their intellectual property in the form of released works. By choosing to use popular tracks, regardless of whether they are broadcast from a radio station, online radio or popular music streaming sites, any public publication of the works results in the payment of fees owed, which are transferred in the form of royalties to the performers and copyright holders, Every number has been played.

Music usage fees are not limited to public places or service buildings with a wide range of consumers. The obligation to pay the fee also applies to parties organized, integration meetings and weddings during which music is performed by a paid DJ. Due to the difference in prices corresponding to the number of people participating in the event, on websites you can find ready-made calculators that will help you calculate the amount of the fee.

Music for Public Play – How to Get Music for Free

Meetings in restaurants, service buildings and other public places in absolute silence can not be 100% comfortable and give a feeling of complete relaxation. But what if you don’t want to incur additional monthly costs to play songs by popular artists? It is worth searching for ZAiKS music for free, which makes the time of guests more enjoyable and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Music without zax It is not a song downloaded from the Internet and you will not hear it on radio stations. Music without payment are works created on the basis of a special license that determines the amount of remuneration for the creator and co-authors, the possibility of their use and distribution. Free songs from ZAiKS are less well known, but their variety is so great that you will definitely choose something that suits the nature of your business.

Free Music – What kind of music can you choose for your activity?

Available free music that can be played publicly without paying a fee is a wide choice not only in terms of the type of activity that is being carried out, but also in terms of season and musical preferences. Among the many tracks, you can choose smooth romantic jazz, which perfectly fits into the atmosphere of romantic good-food cafés and bars, club dance for the livelier business, sportswear stores or youth venues, or gentle songs adapted to the season, such as As a carnival, valentine’s day or the burden of Christmas puts all customers in a unique mood, like a shopping mall.

A large database of songs allows you to provide its recipients with a large variety. Since the playlists are replenished monthly with new items, you can be sure that even the regulars won’t get bored of playing the same songs over and over again.

Hours of Free Music – Free Music from ZAiKS

Turn real radio into songs that are played using the available applications. Modern solutions allow you to quickly connect to the radio station and play music in a few seconds using only a tablet or mobile phone. The three available packages are set up so that you can easily choose the offer that best suits your services. If you are the owner of a restaurant or accommodation facility, such as a guest house or hotel, a good solution would be to choose the option of using only music appropriate to the type of service. In the case of stores, it was possible to add your own audio ads, which will periodically appear between songs.

For retail outlets, in addition to the ability to upload your own audio tracks, the option to use video advertising stores, service points and other organized attractions in the center, which can be easily played on the screens and plasmas located in the building, was included.

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