DJ VIT about the tour with Kukon

He used to play concerts with Plan Be, recently Started with Cocoon In “Ogrody on Tour” and got ready for the audience before the show Janka Rab At the Tauron Arena in Krakow. When he’s not on tour, he’s staying at Club Prozak 2.0 or visiting other venues, implementing the tagline: “This is life in our industry, one weekend, five tunes.” or something similar. We checked it from the source, i.e. in VIT, and probably from today your favorite DJ.

Do you also, like your fellow Cocoon with whom you are walking around, drink bitter water and listen to the song “Ich Troje”?

vet: I think it happened…more than once. (Laughter)

And what do you love most about rap cocoon?

It is original. It shows that life does not always spoil us, as you can see, for example, on Instagram, but everyone is mourning their fate and it largely depends on us how we will live our lives.

How did it happen that she played between you two?

We met spontaneously. Ziomal called me asking if I’d like to drink a few bananas on the set Da Vosque Ducta clip & Cocoon “5 Blondes”. There, for the first time, I personally crossed with Cuba. There was no awkward silence, it was immediately followed by a pleasant, informal conversation. Turns out Kukon was a pretty cool guy on privacy, not a rapper with an ego* in space. This, combined with the initial scheme of the project “Ogrody on Tour”, made me not hesitate long when I was offered to take a joint tour on this tour.

Your acquaintances focus mainly on joint concerts, or do you exchange ideas in other areas?

The guys from Ugrody welcomed me very kindly into the concert team, so we quickly moved from talking strictly about the artistic side of concerts to conversations about life in the broadest sense. (a smile)

In the case “Zapomnij o Ogrodach” it says: “After this party, I start wixa / Cheers to all ****, you look beautiful”, which I have to ask you about. Do you feel better as a partner than as a DJ?

Really tough question…I really appreciate the position where I can take turns playing at parties and concerts. I don’t make up my mind and don’t get close to just one DJ’s way, which makes it sound like general humor is more exciting in me.

How are your preparations for the party? Are you involved in the whole process? You sit, you talk, you come up with…

We had one try to see what this was all about to sound like. We created and edited a music playlist together later, which was very flexible anyway. Sometimes patent ideas popped up in someone’s mind while traveling on the bus, sometimes backstage five minutes before going on stage. You know rock and roll. (Laughter)

Do you remember the coolest performance or joint trip?

Definitely Domova na Ogrodach in Warsaw. What a fire there was!

And from your personal achievements – to which group, a moment that you remember most often?

When it comes to your dejing party, I think you’re as good as your last one. That is why, instead of focusing on past events, I prefer to focus on what can be done to make the following events better… However, it is very good to remember my last collection before Janek’s rap concert at the Tauron Arena in Krakow.

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Jan-rapping makes dreams come true at Open’er

Watch Jan-rapowanie’s track at Open’er.

Is someone waking you up from cold sweats at night?

It was years ago. surroundings of Torun. Ziomal caught the ball away to be played. A participant, forcefully expressed, thought me to be a resident of this place, who had promised a moment earlier that he would play a piece for him… and almost smashed my laptop in front of me.

Where did you ever get your DJ teaser from?

From the so-called when I was a teenager, I thought I had a good taste in music and could pick numbers in a fun way. Later on my first club visits, instead of dancing on the dance floor, I was wondering how I would do it if I was a DJ and how people would react to it… Technically, today I travel all over the country and it seems to me it’s not too bad. (a smile)

Cocoon said in an interview that rappers are not long-time artists, but producers. Now let’s try to analyze the DJ. From your point of view, what does this scene look like?

It seems to me that the phenomenon of the conscious peer has been disappearing lately. In addition, there are more and more situations where celebrities and influencers start partying, who in the vast majority of cases have no idea how to switch from one number to another … but have mastered pressing “play” and “stop”, Which is more than enough for the aforementioned club member. If not – everyone can do whatever they want. I do not forbid or advise anyone not to go to or play at such events. However, in my opinion, it’s not so much about DJ or club culture.

One of your older colleagues recently told me that his time is running out because the young and the new are coming in – as if age is the deciding factor here. Where are the skills, ideas and charisma?

The world and music keep moving forward. At a certain age, you may feel a drop in motivation, and it becomes easier to get lost. Some DJs just don’t want to dig new music anymore, and if they dig, they’ll be completely off the hook…this…otherwise, all you gain is neuroses and most of the hay you earn will be left to the wizard. However, if you still have the desire to fight, rest somewhere on vacation, somewhere nice, and when you return, show that you can Be like Wojtek Sokó. Not too bad, no longer a teenager…just into DJing. (a smile)

I’ll go back to “Forget about the parks” and text: “Once again Bucket **** comes to me for DJ / Have a good time, preferably in your city”. Congratulations, it seems like an endless holiday. This is?

There are pros and cons to this life. Yes, it’s cool and colorful, but this year I’ve finally matured to become a little independent from it. I have plans, I have even taken some steps to implement them, but I will not understand them now. I will be glad to tell you next time.

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