Damian Lazarus in a new role with movie music in the background

Damian Lazarus – president of the record label Crosstown Rebels – recorded the first soundtrack of his career for a documentary titled Beijing spring. In the wave of a new role in Lazarus’ career, the same interested person takes the film’s music and analyzes it thoroughly. We look at the five most important pieces of the music puzzle for most films. Check the details.

Damian Lazarus – an electronic legend in a new chapter

Even legendary artists need new areas to achieve at some point in their careers. The most creative people do not allow themselves to rest on their laurels, to release the same music in similar styles, not to merge with other artistic branches that the world suggests. Surprisingly, the artists who create electronic dance music are exhausted. Despite the abstract nature of their actions, with most of them obtaining the final product through experience, in the long run it can have a devastating effect.

Let’s take an example Damien Lazarus – Head of a reputable company The Crosstown RebelsFrom drum and bass promoters he became a versatile pioneer of art music. Since the early 1990s, we could hear his pioneering voices in the theaters of London, Ibiza and Los Angeles. He is a key figure in the creation of subtle genres such as electric flash, which has recently been directed towards more innovative endeavours. The best example of this is an experimental radio show about dance Laspod.


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Damien Lazarus
Damien Lazarus / Photography by Karim Tabar

He has always been at the forefront of artists who should compose music for films. This moment came with the release of his latest album Flourishpublished in its own publishing house The Crosstown Rebels. During this time, he fell in love with one of the documentaries that he could not stop thinking about.

Damien Lazarus – From the club floor to the cinema

Movie Beijing spring Focuses on the end of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and death Mao Zedong documentary. It displays the short but rapid growth of artistic potential that occurred in and around the People’s Republic of China in the 1970s. Focus on a group of artists called stars (Among them was the already famous Ai Weiwei), the film tells the struggle for free artistic expression against the backdrop of repressive politics.

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But where on earth is there a dance music artist poised to produce a film about a revolution that took place on the other side of the world, nearly half a century ago? Why would a DJ and tech producer know anything about the composition of the film? Here are the top five components of movie music according to one and only Damien Lazarus.

Beijing spring – Trailer for a movie


to me Lazarus There is a strong relationship between emotionally oppressive social climates and the emergence of underground movements such as Beijing spring. Continuing with dance music, he sees strong parallels between the spring “revolutions” and dance music that have historically occurred in Britain and Detroit, considering them to be similar.

In times of persecution and economic hardship, the best unthought music appears. I think you can easily compare and contrast places like Britain in the late 1980s under Thatcher. The then Criminal Justice Act led to an increase in illegal delirium and the birth of the Acid House. Additionally, artists such as Victor Jara used music to protest the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile in the early 1970s.


It takes a long time to master a soundtrack. Patience is especially important with documentaries, where appropriate space must be provided for music. Originally Beijing spring He had a dramatic, cinematic and immersive vocal temperament. Release Lazarus She is more melancholy and impatient, and skillfully relies on traditional Chinese instruments. Here, each piece operates with the same key.

Damien Lazarus – Beijing spring


The basis of the daring search for originality Lazarus There was a desire to match the creativity of the document.

I’ve had time with incredibly talented musicians. Most of them played ancient and unusual Chinese instruments, and I tried to add my own voice to it, hoping to give it an original feel. The idea of ​​working on a project on freedom of expression for artists was very attractive. You could argue that they were created for the sake of creation, but we all want to be seen and heard, right? It is normal that after the work is done, we want it, and others can also experience it and be affected by it in some way


Damien Lazarus He set out to make certain instruments allude to certain characters and themes throughout the musical notation, which in itself gives different pieces of music their own character. One of your favorite movies Lazarus he is magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson. The film was the biggest inspiration in creating the soundtrack for Beijing spring. Especially the way the film’s music is woven into the plot and aligns with the individual characters.


Lazarus He draws attention to the importance of thematic “coexistence” in the films, noting the elements of the soundtrack that perfectly coincide with what is happening on the screen. neglected Damian The point is that the result should work in harmony with the visual image, not against it. Favorite symbiosis movies Lazarus Include the latest work Denis Villeneuve And Panos Cosmatos.

I am a huge fan of the late Johann Johansson, his musical performances and experiences AccessAnd sicario And mandy They are amazing. The way he uses the emotion of music at the right moments is amazing

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