Dagadana, DEJW and Mróz are the stars of this year’s Days of Ostrów Mazowiecka (video)

Team DEJW, Dagadan and Mróz will be the main attractions of this year’s Ostrów Mazowiecka Days, which are planned for June 3-5.

Photo of Miejski Dom Kultury in Ostrów Mazowiecka / Facebook

This year, for the 18th time, the Ostrów Mazowiecka Days, scheduled for June 3-5, will take place. In the municipal pond, next to the municipal sports and recreation center at ul. Trębickiego 10, the main theater will be located. The days of Ostrów Mazowiecka are a great opportunity to promote the city, the achievements of its residents, and to integrate the local community.

When organizing the event in Ostrów, the largest companies from Ostrów Mazowiecka cooperate with City every year. Thanks to cooperation and material and financial support, the Ostrów Mazowiecka Municipal Office had the opportunity to organize concerts of the greatest stars of Polish music and the entertainment scene for the residents of the city, as well as for the surrounding cities.

This year, the Polish-Ukrainian ensemble Dagadana, which since 2008 combines elements of Polish and Ukrainian culture with the help of jazz, electronics and world music, will be on stage. The band sings with musicians from all over the world. They love to travel with their music, and so far they have given around 1000 concerts in 25 countries.

The star of the evening will be Mrozu, who combines blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll. The producer and music composer with his team takes care of every detail and provides energy to the audience. If you are a fan of theatrical show and interested in lively interaction with the artist, you cannot miss it.

Team DEJW is a volcano of energy that will make you dance. The singer has an unpredictable style, and amazing ideas for making music videos make DEJW one of the best disco polo representatives of the younger generation.

During the Ostrów Mazowiecka Days, the achievements of the local sports and art groups will also be on display. Ostrów Mazowiecka Mayor Awards will be given to the best students and athletes. Traditionally, the Mazovian Princess Anna Fair and a preschool festival will be held.

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