City Public Library invites you to celebrate together

Meeting with Joanna Bator, handicraft workshop, exhibition, e-book search or youth tournament – these are just some of the attractions prepared by the Municipal Public Library in Kielce. The library celebrates its 20th anniversary and invites you to the “Coolturalny Jubileusz”.

Elena Iwan, deputy director of the municipal public library, adds that the celebration is planned for Library Week, which begins on May 9 and runs until May 14.

It is a very important holiday for us, because the Festival of Librarians and Librarians is a moment when we can show what we do and brag about our achievements, but we also invite all the people of Kielce to celebrate, all those who love our library who use it, and lovers of literature. “Coolturalny Jubileusz” is actually a whole week of events that will take place at MBP – he confirms.

Monday 9 May will be important to library staff. As Ewelina Ioan says, the 2021 więtokrzyskie Library and Świętokrzyskie Library of the Year 2021 Library Prizes will be awarded at the Regional Public Library in Kielce.

– The Municipal Public Library in Kielce became the Library of the Year, and Anna Omodzinska – the Director of the Public Library of the Year – became a librarian. It would be a nice party summarizing the whole activity of our library. We will celebrate our Jubilee in Mediatka on Tuesday, May 10. Librarians will receive the Polish Culture Badges of Merit. Zbigniew Koniusz, Voivode in Świętokrzyskie County, will offer it to people in exchange for premium services to promote reading among the local community – explains.

There will be statues for the most active readers.

The implementation of the events is possible thanks to funding from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, from the Fund for the Promotion of Culture.

Events schedule

Monday May 9

– “Literacki Biblioturnia” (Branch No. 5, 10.00) – literary skirmishes with the participation of students from Kielce Elementary Schools.

– “Give the Library a Book with Dedication” (all branches) – Beginning of the week-long campaign, readers can donate books with occasional compliments to their favorite institutions.

– “We read in kilograms” (all branches) – the beginning of a week-long campaign of weighing books returned by readers. His aim is to check how much importance the Ciliçi residents attach to reading.

Tuesday 10 May

– Twentieth Anniversary Jubilee (Branch No. 7, 10.00 a.m.) with the participation of city and county authorities, former and current directors and directors of the Ministry of Public Security in Kielce, directors of other cultural institutions: festive presentation of “merited badges of Polish culture of library staff; honoring the best readers in the categories of women” And the man and the child.Photo exhibition “The 20th Anniversary of the Kielce Public Library” (photos from the most interesting encounters with the authors) and records ;artistic program performed by artists from the Kielce Dance Theatre.

Wednesday May 11

– 2021 Bratislava Biennale of Illustrations (Branch No. 7, 5 pm) with the participation of the Director of the Slovak Institute in Warsaw, Adrian Krumka – International review of illustrations for contemporary books for children and adolescents, a tasting of Slovak delicacies will take place during the event. The exhibition lasts for two weeks.
– “Everyone is looking for an eBook” (all branches) – The Kelsey Department of Public Health has prepared 20 eBooks that you will give to readers. They will be hidden in individual branches, and it will be the readers’ task to find them.

Thursday 12 May

– “Senior in the Network” (DŚT – T. Zieliński Palace, 11.00) – creative workshops conducted by Agnieszka Kucharska, art educator, illustrator of culture, co-founder of the Prażymy Ażurem brand; Limited number of places, orders in branch number 10.

– “Librarians to Help” – The Library Administration will visit the Ukrainian House of the Mujahideen. Plante 9, giving children tales and gifts; Librarians will go with books to hospital patients, district clinics, pupils from teaching and learning centers, and commuters at railway stations in Kielce.

Friday May 13

– Author meeting with Joanna Batur – writer, publicist and columnist (Branch No. 7, 5.30 pm) – Admission is free but places are limited, requests are in Branch No. 7.

Saturday 14 May

– Summary of the campaign “We read in kilograms” (social networking sites).
Show the most interesting donations to the library (social media).

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