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If a child often sees a parent with a book, then the interest in reading it is usually very difficult – children like to imitate adults. If, in addition, in the evening he listens to the books that the teacher has read, then at some point he will want to read himself. There is always a moment in a younger person’s life when they wish they could be independent. Of course, until then, children need help. In the case of reading independence, the best support is of course a good book for learning to read. But the question is what is the meaning of “good”?

A syllable reading book must meet several very specific requirements. Here are the main ones that make us talk about a book that will be really good and useful:

  • It has a simple, round typeface that resembles the letters children learn in school, making it easier to read.
  • The handwriting is large, and there are rather large spaces between lines and paragraphs, so the text does not merge into a single whole for the child.
  • It contains words with meanings that the child knows and short sentences.
  • The letters are in black and on a white background.
  • Its content is aligned with the interests of the young reader (for example, he talks about a favorite heroine from a fairy tale).
  • Its graphic design is interesting, but still simple enough not to distract the child from the text.

It is worth remembering that learning to read occurs at three levels, which are often distinguished in books. Sometimes the levels are marked alphabetically – then we have “A”, “B” and “C”. Sometimes information – the first level. Most importantly, the first level, i.e. Beginners, is for children who are just beginning their adventure of reading and composing words. The second level is for children who form sentences, and the third level is for fluent readers who still need practice.

Here are some specific examples of books that greatly help in learning to read:

1. “Learning to Read”, Agnieszka Łubkowska, Nasza Księgarnia

A learning to read book for children who are beginning or deepening their reading adventure. This book contains important elements such as clear font and large spaces between the lines for easy reading. In addition, the texts in the book are rich in interesting facts about the natural environment, the development of the child’s knowledge of the world. A great advantage of the book is its special structure and shape, which helps the child to focus on a particular issue. Learning to read is divided into three parts – learning letters, learning syllables and reading whole words. The third part starts with the simplest words, but the difficulty increases the more you read. Most importantly, each of the three parts of the book also includes activities that help your child form phonemic hearing.

A book to learn to read – press materials

2. “Elementarz Współczesny”, Anna Boborik, Egmont Polska Publishing House

It is an ideal proposal for supporters of the classic and proven method of learning to read, that is, in the form of an introductory book. In this book to learn to read, we will find the heroes of the famous and beloved books from the “I am reading for myself” series, who will lead the young reader on his way from reading the first words and sentences, to the practice of effective reading of long texts. The book has a clear and legible structure, which makes reading easy and enjoyable. The feature of the book is also the attached exercise book for learning to write, where the child can write down the letters he is learning.

book to learn to read A book to learn to read – press materials

3. Book series “I’m reading myself wrong”, various authors, HarperCollins Polska

This series of reading books is for readers who are fluent readers and can enjoy reading more detailed, fascinating and emotional stories. The series’ strengths are universal topics of interest to most children of all ages. The stories were written by eminent authors of children’s books and drawn by Polish cartoonists. Most importantly, books still have a relatively large font and plenty of space between lines, making them easier to read. Everything is in a convenient format, and the content is divided into chapters, allowing you to plan your reading time.

book to learn to read A book to learn to read – press materials

4. “Syllabic readings with pictures”, Anna Sójka, Children’s Education Center Publishing

This is a perfect educational book for kids and beginners. Its feature is two-color words, divided into syllables, which, thanks to the color highlighting, make them easier to assemble and read. The book contains multiple readings featuring animals and children. Most importantly, the content of the book was adapted to the world of children. So here we have, among other things, a rabbit who doesn’t want his nails trimmed, a fearsome dragon who loves vegetables, or a cocky elephant-narcissus who has learned a lesson in humility. The readings contain lots of spoken words and repetition, which helps your child to memorize what he just read. The ‘syllabic readings with pictures’ are also nice illustrations.

A book to learn to read syllablesA book for learning to read syllables – press materials

5. “Książkożercy” book series, various authors, Wilga . Publishing

This series of books is divided into three levels of difficulty, and each level features interesting stories, designed to suit children’s interests.

book to learn to read A book to learn to read – press materials

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