Warsaw. The Best Contemporary Polish Plays: 13 Finalist Shows

The Technical Committee of the 28th National Competition of Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition has selected 13 performances that compete for the main prize for the competition and individual prizes in the finals. The committee also identified performance bids that could apply to recover production costs.

Photo: mat. Theater Institute

Technical Committee made up of: Jacek Sieradzki (Chair), Pawe Kluszczyński, Katarzyna Lemańska, Andrzej Lis, Wiktoria Tabak, Katarzyna Tokarska-Stangret and Agnieszka Wójtowicz accepted 131 bids from 142 entries into the 28th session of the WPS OKn. For reasons on the part of the applicants, the commission did not have the opportunity to see 12 performances, so in the end, the commission evaluated 119 theater performances of contemporary Polish drama.

The competition jury will monitor the submissions that qualify for the finals between May 10 and June 20, 2022 (according to regulations, each final performance must be performed three times during this period). The winners of the 28th edition of OKnWPSW will be announced at the beginning of July.

In addition to the last thirteen, the Technical Committee has selected 46 shows that will be eligible for reimbursement for production costs (their list is available in the attached ‘Downloads’ files).

In accordance with the competition regulations, competition participants to whom the Technical Committee has granted refunds are required to submit a refund request, a post-completion cost estimate and a performance run report submitted by May 31, 2022. Failure to comply with this obligation will constitute the competition participant’s resignation from the right to a refund.

Reimbursement of the refund depends on the decision of the Finance Committee, which agrees with the established cost estimates of the theaters applying for a refund. The amount of costs reimbursed will depend on the maximum limits established by the competition organizer as part of the balanced reimbursement of expenses already incurred for the preparation of the first offer.

National Competition of Polish Contemporary Art Exhibition It aims to reward searches for the most interesting repertoire in Polish theatre, support Polish drama in its theatrical productions and popularize contemporary Polish drama. The competition is organized by the Theater Institute in Warsaw. Zbigniew Raszewski and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

The following bids have qualified for the finals:

1. Alte Hajm / Stary dom Michael Rubenfeld and Marcin Wierzchowski directed by Marcin Wierzchowski of Teatr Nowy im. Tadeusz Omneki in Poznan

2. Cement Monica Miliuska, directed by Micha Derlatka from the City Theater Miniatura in Gdansk

3. without a mother Mira Marcino, directed by Marcin Lieber, at the Ludoi Theater in Krakow

4. Beirut and the mystery of the river Katarzyna Matwijczuk, directed by Przemyslav Jaszak from the Maska Theater in Rzeszow

5. dark water Amanita Muscaria directed by Io Federal from Nowy Teatr in Słupsk

6. Madagascar Magdalena Drab, directed by Josiah Dubska, co-production of Estera Rachel and Ida Kamiński – Center for Yiddish Culture in Warsaw and Papahema Theater Foundation in Czestochowa

7. Antel: From a good maid’s life Jolanta Janiczak directed by Wiktor Rubin of Teatr im. Alexander Fredero in Gniezno

8. article Zenon Favre directed by Anna Augustinovic from the Współczesny Theater in Szczecin

9. love. Scary comic and vulgar stories Artur Pałyga directed by Agata Kucińska of the Academy of Theater Arts. Stanisław Wyspiański at the Krakow branch in Wroclaw

10. weak Magdalena Drab, directed by Rafi Sabara, from the stage. Stefan Garach in لودód

11. The art of intonation Tadeusz Słobodzianek directed by Anna Wieczur of the Dramatic Theater in the capital of Warsaw

12. here mean where? something about memory Mikowaj Greenberg in an adaptation directed by Dorota Abe and Pyotr Dibrovsky from the Na Marginisi Foundation in Poznan

13. We are all strangers Carolina Solig, written by Anna Mazuric, directed by Olga Sikovska from Teatr Nowy im. Kazimierz Dejmek in ód

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