Tov Low: A club concert in Poland in 2022

Singer, Composer, Songwriter from Sweden (currently living in Los Angeles) tov luv Presents the music video for the new song “Nobody Dies From Love”. Co-write with a longtime collaborator Ludwig Soderbergh The song opens a new page in her career.

“When you’ve been with someone for a long time and it’s over all of a sudden, it’s like a part of you is dead. That person is now a stranger to you. All memories are tainted. Right after a breakup, you think you shouldn’t feel good about everything, What you had together. I think the best thing you can do is “dance to that broken heart. This song is for that,” says Tove.

The music video for “Nobody Dies of Love” was filmed in Mexico City and directed by the Brazilian duo Alaskawith whom Tove previously collaborated on the music video for “Will You Tell Her?”.

“All the songs on the album are very cinematic, dramatic, and wonderful, so I want to add a character to each song to the visual story. For ‘Nobody Dies From Love,’ he is a lonely, sensitive and sensitive star looking for connection. This little movie is a different kind of love story” . – adds the singer.

Check the lyrics of the song “Nobody dies of love” on Tekś!

With the release of a new song, Tove Lo has also announced a UK and Europe tour in 2022. As part of it, he will sing on November 16 at Stodoła in Warsaw. Tickets for this concert will go on sale May 6 (Ticketmaster is on pre-sale the day before).

Let’s add that the Swede will also be one of the stars of this year’s Open’er Festival in Gdynia.

Tove Law released her debut album, “Queen of the Clouds” in 2014. The album went platinum and brought his singles “Talking Body”, “Moments” and four-time platinum “Habits (Stay High)” (about 950 million views). The group “Lady Wood” was launched in 2016, and reached the eleventh position on the Billboard charts, and the single promoting the work “Cool Girl” has gained 800 million views.

The sequel, “Blue Lips (Lady Wood Stage Two)”, is on Rolling Stone’s “Top 20 Pop Albums of 2017” list. No one can forget the female anthem “Bitches” they recorded with Tuff Low Charli XCXAnd pop iconAnd Elephant And Alma.

Tove Lo can be considered as a special guest on tours Coldplay, Katy Perry if Maroon 5. In parallel with her singing career, the artist writes songs for other performers. For example, she co-authored the song “Love Me Like You Do” (4 times platinum). Ellie Goulding from the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” or “homemade dynamite” Lord. In addition, with her talent, she has supported stars like Zara Larson, Ikona Pop, Victoria Justice, MSMR, Lea Michele and Hilary Duff, She has also collaborated with artists such as Charli XCX, Nick Jonas, Sean Paul, Duran Duran, FINNEAS, Alesso, Major Lazer.

In 2019, Tove Lo released her fourth full album “Sunshine Kitty”. The publisher promoted the single “Glad He’s Gone”, which earned a Grammy nomination in the Best Music Video category.

Following the success of her fourth studio album, Sunshine Kitty, Tove Low made her debut in the critically acclaimed The Expats. Eric Pope.

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