The wife of the Russian oligarch reveals the plans of the eminent personalities. This is how they wanted to save themselves

Wife of the oligarch and owner of Spartak Moscow, Leonid FedunIt is very popular in Russia. Zarema Salishowa He is one of the most important figures in Russian football. Although she no longer holds any official position (she was a member of the Moscow Club board last year), He still has a lot to say about Spartak And football in general. She takes advantage of the fact that her voice is eagerly heard by fans from Russia.

After Putin’s aggression against Ukraine She is best known for her harsh assessment of the future of Russian football and the wider sport In the context of sanctions imposed to start the war. She frankly stated that if nothing changes and foreigners will leave the Russian sports field en masse, There will be a crisis. “Our football ship will sink faster than the Titanic– summed up.

In another statement Salikova accused VIPThey are doing nothing to save Russian sport. “We still have not heard a single concrete proposal to support Russian football. No action has been taken! Everything is fine: the flow of gas and currency circulation does not stop, ”- she wrote in a column for

Now she spoke again. And Once again he strips his illusions with words.

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Zarema Salishwa comments on UEFA’s decision to further exclude Russia Of the competitions organized under its auspices and the reception of the organization of sporting events. In her opinion, a long time ago Such a turn of events can be expected. In her opinion it is clear. By attacking Ukraine, Russia made it impossible for Ukrainians to compete normally in international arenas, and so did it itself. You shouldn’t be able to appear on them.

He claims that in front of the Russian athletes “All doors and windows closed tightlyAnd that It’s going to get worseBecause all national football begins decay. And the Russian Football Association does not act rationally in this regard. By the way, the billionaire’s wife reveals Assumptions of VIPs in MoscowWho had to calculate it They will be saved by the money flowing from Gazprom for the International Federation.

Instead of acting quickly and saving what can still be salvaged, the Russian Federation is making a crazy offer to host Euro 2028 and Euro 2032. Gazpromwhich has been paying UEFA hundreds of millions of euros since 2012 under sponsorship agreements, will help. or at least Zenit will secure a place in European competitions. We just managed to win UEFA Champions League Final (specifically in St. Petersburg, and not in Luzhniki – important details), But this too was for nothing– reviews.

She also noted one of the most important Russians’ arguments regarding the exclusion of Russian athletes. frequently They demand the separation of sports from politics. According to Salikhwa, it is hypocrisy Logo is used only when appropriate.

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