The trailer for CODA’s Oscars story opens as you witness Hollywood history for a new chapter

The Academy Award for Best Picture went to “CODA,” which tells the musical aspirations of a hearing daughter who grew up in a deaf family. It was presented by Lady Gaga and Lisa Minnelli, who this year celebrated the 50th anniversary of their Oscar-winning role in 1972’s Kabaret.

Oleszczyk said, “This is the first time Oscar is in the hands of streaming in the main category. That’s what Netflix has been battling for a long time, but the relatively new Apple TV+ platform, which has secured the distribution rights to the CODA+ movie after its huge success at Fest. Sundance”. According to the critic, “This opens a new chapter in the history of Hollywood, because never before has a film distributed by a streaming platform won in the most important category.”

Only one award for Netflix

He pointed out that Netflix, which has received a total of 27 nominations this year, has received only one figurine—for its directing “Dog’s Claws” by Jane Campion. According to the film expert, “It is interesting that the film that won in the main category is a remake, because it is the American version of the French film + we understand each other without words +.” More than 10 years ago, when Martin Scorsese’s film + Infiltration + won an Oscar. It was also a film remake in Hong Kong.

According to the critic, “In the acting categories, there was no surprise in men’s judgment on Will Smith for King Richard: Victorious Family+”. The surprise came with a scandal at the party when Will Smith slapped Rock during the Oscars for the documentary + Summer of Soul + for a joke about his wife. Jada Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia areata, which was recently reported on her social media. Meanwhile. In jest, Chris Rock pointed at her shaved head, claiming that she would be a cool GI character. Smith got so angry that he slapped Rock and started screaming at him with obscene words.” He added, “I believe this event, for which the actor later apologized during his thank-you letter, will be remembered as a scandal that cast a shadow over this party.”

According to Olichick, “An important prize is a statuette of Kenneth Branagh for the screenplay of the movie Belfast+.” “Pranagh is the only person in history to have been nominated in seven different categories, as the fan page author Oscarioza made sure to note,” he added. Oleszczyk added that the only disappointing thing during the celebration about the ongoing war in Ukraine was: “Two short paintings and one mention of Amy Schumer about Ukraine certainly aren’t enough at the ceremony, who found time to edit the best scenes from Bond films. Or in the list of the best scenes in cinema history according to Social media users.

“Unfortunately, there is no statuette for the film + Dress + by Tadeusz Sisyak, the winner in this category was the film + The Long Goodbye + by Anila Karia, with the participation of Riz Ahmed and his co-author” – he said, “+ The Long Goodbye + is a very good film.” With an anti-racist message and the brilliant Riz Ahmed who was nominated for a Sound of metal+ award last year. Ahmed sings proudly in a film about his Pakistani origins and in his new film Fights Racism in the UK.”

Oleszczyk regretted that the statuette was not included in the Polish film, but, as he said, “For a young artist, the nomination itself is a colossal success.” “It’s also a success for the Warsaw Film School, which produced this film, and Maciej lesicki as the producer – as for Łysiak himself, it’s hard to imagine a better career start than the one he + dresses + has, because he already has a movie nominated. , Watch it at All over the world. So, from a Polish perspective, we will wait first of all for the next film by Tadeusz Łysiak. “

Majmurek on the Oscars: The most interesting films of 2021 have been removed from the nominations

The most interesting films of 2021 were almost deleted, completely unnoticed. This year the Oscar nominations have been a disappointment – film critic Jakob Majmurek said of the Oscars awarded on Sunday night.

According to Jacob Magmorek, the “CODY” Oscar was a surprise. “This film was not expected to win – small, intimate, not distributed in cinemas in Poland, and went directly to the video platform,” – he said. “It’s also a sign of the times. This Oscar is very important not in the context of the technical merits or the value of a CODA+ movie, but in the context of the contention, competition between traditional Hollywood studios, distributors, a more representative system and vod platforms” – he assessed. According to critics, it was expected that the first Oscar in the main category for a film distributed by the streaming platform would receive a Netflix movie, not Apple TV +.

Commenting on the Academy Award for Best Male Actor in King Richard: The Victorious Family for Will Smith, he noted that the actor was a bookie’s favorite. In the opinion of your group, it is a “reward for return”. “At the last Golden Raspberry, Smith also received a Redemption Award for King Richard: Victorious Family+” – he recalls. He noted that the actor “after years of very bad roles, playing him in third-class action films and others, he got a role that allowed the world to remind the world that he is talented.” Film critic describes it as “terribly awful and emotional”. “But Will Smith’s role is a comeback story and Hollywood loves stories like that,” he said.

Tadeusz Łysiak’s dress, nominated for Best Short Film, did not win a small bust. Critics consider it “a category that attracts public attention to little, so the mood of the Academy remains a mystery until the last minute”. He added, “Just being nominated for such a young artist is a success, and the awards date will come. It is also a success for the Warsaw Film School, where he made this film as a diploma.”

Magmorek said the selection of Oscar-nominated films this year was disappointing. “The hottest movies of 2021 have been left out almost entirely. The hottest movies ever went unnoticed.” He listed the following films: “French Courier from Liberty. Kansas Evening Sun” by Louis Anderson and “The Green Knight” by David Lowery; As he said, “It’s a great movie that no one ever noticed.” “I get the impression that the most exciting movie titles have certainly been elsewhere this year, and that most of the films awarded are not projects that interest me,” he assessed.

The Academy Awards, the most prestigious awards in the world of cinema, were presented for the 94th time.

Oscars 2022 – full list

the best movie “Coda”

best director Jane Campion “The Dog’s Paw”

Best Actor in a Leading Role Will Smith “King Richard: A Victorious Family”

Best Actress in a Leading Role Jessica Chastain “Eyes of Tammy Faye”

Best Supporting Actor Troy Kotsur “Coda”

Best Supporting Actress Ariana Debus “West Side Story”

Best Pictures: Greg Fraser “Dion”

Best Full-length International Film: “Drive My Car” Japan

Best Animated Short Film: windshield wiper

best fashion: “Cruella”

Best Short Feature Film: “A long goodbye”

Best Adapted Screenplay Sian Header “CODA”

Best Original Screenplay Kenneth Branagh “Belfast”

Best Full-length Animated Film: “Encanto enchant us”

Best Documentary:summer of the soul

Best Documentary Short Film: “Queen of Basketball”

Best montage: “Dune”

Best makeup: “Tami Fay’s Eyes”

Best Scenography: “Dune”

the best song: No Time to Die from No Time to Die

Best movie music: “Dune”

best sound “Dune”

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