The sirens will melt with the memory of the Smolensk disaster

“Smoleńsk” will be broadcast on TVP1 on Saturday at 21:35. The main roles in the film were played by Beata Vido, Maciej Butorak, Aldona Strozik and Lech Lutoki.

The film “Smolensk” was shown in cinemas in the fall of 2016, and soon reached the top of the ranking of the worst films in the world in the IMDb ratings.

It has already been broadcast on TVP1 several times, especially in connection with the two-year anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. On April 8, 2018, its first broadcast attracted 2.06 million viewers (data from Nielsen Audience Measurement).

On April 10, the President’s speech and a document prepared by Ewa Stankovic

On Sunday, April 10 at 17:30, TVP1 will show the speech of President Andrzej Duda with the management of his office. On the other hand, at 9:00 pm, the narrative of the twelfth anniversary of the Smolensk disaster is scheduled to last several minutes.

These festivities are announced on Saturday morning on TVP Info.

On the other side On Sunday at 10:05 pm, TVP1 will broadcast the documentary “State of Danger” by Iwa Stankovic about the Smolensk disaster.. It premiered on April 18 last year, and the documentary was watched by 1.68 million people.

Ewa Stankiewicz reports that the thread showing “execution(?) instead of premiums” and analysis of the prosecutor’s files has been removed. – I received on TVP promises that a documentary would be made on this subject. We’ll see – she indicated.

“State of Emergency” was scheduled to be shown on TVP1 on Wednesday, January 20 last year. The broadcast was canceled a few hours ahead of schedule, Polish television explained that it had received “official and legal objections, which raise serious doubts about the risks of using legally protected material in the film,” so the document will be available for prime-time viewing on Sunday, April 10.

On April 8, the main issue of “Wiadomości” reported that TVP had received a film with the results of its work from the Parliamentary Subcommittee on the Smolensk Disaster, led by Anthony Maserewicz. Macierewicz asked Jacek Kurski to broadcast the recording on April 10 in the evening.

The dispatcher informed that he would comply with this request, while the “state of emergency” would be shown on April 18, at the memorial of Lech and Maria Kaczynski. – Telewizja Polska as a public broadcaster, on such an important issue as explaining the causes of the crash of Smolensk, feels obligated to publish material authorized by state institutions in the first place, and in the second – of a journalistic and journalistic nature – TVP is justified .

In memory of the Smolensk disaster, the siren

Tomorrow at 8:41, in honor of the victims of the Smolensk disaster, sirens will sound in all provinces across the country. We remember those who wanted to memorialize those who died in Katyn, and paid the highest price in 12 years On Saturday, the Minister of the Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kaminsky, wrote on Twitter, adding, “Welcome to their memory!”.

– The task of alerting the population and alerting them to each head of civil defense in the area under his administration. At the district level, he is a voivode, in Starosty bouvets, in the city the chief or mayor, and in the municipality – the mayor. The Ministry of Interior and Administration stated that the siren is part of the detection and warning system.

The ministry informed that on April 10 at 8:41 am, the siren will sound continuously in accordance with the regulations. “Residents should not take any action. Information about the activation of the siren was provided to residents 24 hours in advance, as well as via the Regional Alert System (RSO)” – the ministry noted

Many journalists and opposition politicians criticized the activation of sirens across the country on the occasion of the anniversary of Smolensk. Siren 10.04. In a situation where our neighbor is at war, and there are refugees fleeing from him in the country, these sirens could have been abandoned. Sick idea – written by Żaneta Gotowalska from Wirtualna Polska

“Someone bangs their head with a siren when we have a war across the eastern border!” – said Joanna Miesijek of “Wprost”. – You will also hear it at the border in Przemyśl and in the halls of Warsaw where people sleep on half-beds. But the truth is that the president will appreciate this commitment – commented Katrina, a columnist for “Plus Minusa.”

– It’s not a good idea – said Tomasz Luciak of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. – 8:40 on Sunday. Lots of people will sleep and the sirens will wake them up. Most will not know why. In particular, refugees from Ukraine were shocked by these warnings. Great idea: / – Commented by Patrick Strzałkowski from

It was also pointed out that when it was on February 25 this year. And the prison guard announced that in memory of the deceased officer, “light and sound signals for 3 minutes in service vehicles parked in front of prisons and pre-trial detention centers,” Deputy Minister of Justice Mikhao Wu said: “Tomorrow at 2 p.m. It will not be used. During the war in Ukraine, it must Warning signals serve one purpose, and they should not confuse society.”

Katowice Mayor: We will not sound the sirens

Katowice Mayor Marcin Krupa reported on Twitter Saturday morning that he had decided not to activate the city’s sirens on Sunday morning. – He said – such an unexpected sign would be a great shock to the thousands of Ukrainians who have found shelter with us.

– We must remember that in recent weeks they were hiding in their homeland from the bombs of the invaders in basements and shelters, and the alarm signal always reminded them that their health and life were in real danger. The inhabitants of Katowice, given the Russian invasion, could also feel fear and threat – Krupa explained.

Other local government officials made similar decisions. The government commissioned us to activate the sirens to commemorate the victims of the Smolensk disaster. We definitely refuse!!! There are tens of thousands of people in Poznan. Traumatized refugees, including children, who, even at the sound of an airplane, can react with fear and extreme pressure – announced the Mayor of Pozna, Jacek Jaukoviak.

– Like many other local government officials, I decided not to sound the sirens tomorrow in Sopot. We have thousands of refugees from Ukraine who were hiding in their country from the bombs and missiles of the criminal regime. The head of Sopot, Jacek Karnovsky, wrote that the air warning signal was a huge shock to them.

The RCB will send an alert to the Ukrainians about the howling of sirens

– People with Ukrainian SIM cards who log into Polish mobile networks will receive an RCB alert with information about the activation of sirens tomorrow in honor of the victims of the Smolensk disaster. The SMS will be sent in the Ukrainian language, announced in the Twitter profile of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration.

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