The seventieth day of the war. The Russians storm Azovstal. fires in russia

The Russians are making little progress in the Donbass, and only the Ukrainians are getting a serious weapon. This is the American howitzer M777, with the support of Ukraine will be able to defeat Russia. This is what the military experts – General Mieczysław Cieniuch and Dr. Robert Reczkowski – said in an interview with Onet.

We see slight tactical advantages on both sides. From the beginning (according to Russian reports) of the “second stage of the war”, that is, from the massive offensive on the Donbass, Russia gained only 3-5 km of territory in some places. not much. Ukraine has also not gained an advantage and is so far defending wisely – points out Dr. Robert Ryckzkowski, a military expert from Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun.

– Russian troops at the buildings of the Azovstal Metallurgical Plant in Mariupol – David Arashamia, an influential member of the Verkhovna Rada and negotiator in talks with Russia, confirmed on Wednesday. He added that the authorities had contacted the Ukrainian defenders of Azovstal. Earlier, the devices reported that fierce battles were taking place in the factory premises and that there was no contact with the soldiers inside.

– Attempts to break into the plants continue on the second day. In a commentary to Radio Svoboda, Arashamiya said that Russian forces are already in Azovstal lands. He added that the devices are in contact with lawyers. This information was also confirmed by the journalist of the “Kyiv Independent” Ilya Ponomarenko.

The Azovstal offensive partially started on Tuesday Evacuation of civilians from factory buildings. On Wednesday, Russian forces stormed the factory, which has been bombed and bombed so far. Fierce battles are underway, no contact with Ukrainian soldiers – Ukrainian newspaper Pravda reported earlier during the day.

Captain Ivan Romanov participated in the annexation of Crimea and the Russian intervention in Syria. This is the third Byrds soldier to die during the invasion of Ukraine.

Ivan Romanov was a 33-year-old Russian officer from the Byrds, Novosibirsk region. This is the third Russian soldier from this city to die in Ukraine. Earlier, Alexander Frolov and Lieutenant Semyon Proszekgin were killed there, the Russian Berdsk Online website reported.

There are explosions and fires in many strategically important objects in Russia. Their case, in most cases, has not been officially presented, so it is suspected that they were sabotaged. At the same time, Siberia is experiencing massive seasonal fires, which the authorities cannot contain due to the lack of personnel.

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A “serial fire saboteur” has been circulating in Russia for several days. Every day there is new information about explosions and fires in different regions of the country. The most recent example is a fire at an industrial complex in the city of Dzerzhinsk in the Nizhny Novgorod region, east of Moscow. There are also weapons factories here.

Onet correspondent in the area that is the center of the battle of Donbass. – We are afraid. What’s going on is horrible. We slept at night, thank God. We are waiting for what the day will bring – says one of the women we met in Severodonetsk.

However, some remain optimistic. – We had a dacha where we planted potatoes and tomatoes. We will not get to the dacha now, so we planted potatoes among the flowers – we hear from someone else.

It is possible that Russia has a plan to use the unrecognized territory of Transnistria to attack Moldova, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malar assesses, citing the RBK news portal. Meanwhile, the President of Moldova stated in an interview with the weekly “The Economist” that her country does not currently aspire to join NATO.

– Putin uses the territory of Belarus to launch aggression against Ukraine. Perhaps such a plan exists for Moldova as well. Especially since we are currently recording the preparations of the Tiraspol airport to accept aircraft and know that the Russian forces that are currently in the Transnistria region of Moldova are on full combat alert. All scenarios are possible and we are preparing for them, Malar said.

“It is inconceivable that the UK would not help Finland or Sweden if they were attacked, whether they were members of NATO or not,” British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said on Wednesday. He stressed that there is no need for an agreement in this regard, because we are “European countries that share the same values.”

During his visit to Finland, Wallace emphasized that the decision on whether or not to apply for NATO membership rests solely with that country and, whatever it is, the British government supports it.

“It’s one big grave,” says Oksana Sjomina, who survived the bombing of the Mariupol Drama Theater on March 16. Journalists used a 3D simulation to assess exactly how many people were killed in the attack.

How many people were in the theater when it was bombed? This is a question Associated Press journalists asked themselves. And the results of their research, in which they used the latest forensic methods, shed new light on the official data on the bombing.

In an open letter to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, intellectuals associated with journalists Ralph Fox and Herta Müller called for Ukraine to be supported with arms supplies, writing that “it is in Germany’s interest to prevent the victory of Russian aggression.” Earlier, the signatories of two other open letters to the chancellor were against arms delivery and “not to provoke” Russia, reports Zeit Online.

Chancellor Schulz at the May 1 rally in Düsseldorf, “against the whistles and cries of protest”, emphasized his desire to support Ukraine with more supplies of weapons so that it could effectively defend itself.

Those who signed the letter thank the chancellor for this step, and encourage the rapid implementation by the Bundestag of the decision to sell arms to Ukraine. “With (…) the constant bombing of civilians, the systematic destruction of infrastructure, the humanitarian crisis, millions of refugees (…) every day counts” – they emphasize and add that the weapons in the hands of the attacked state cannot be divided into “defensive” and “Offensive” if for self-defense purposes.

Ukraine asked Germany to supply 40 Cobra systems with “Die Welt” notifications. Industry experts estimate the value of the Cobra system at 50 million euros.

According to Die Welt, the German government plans to deliver Cobra radar systems to Ukraine. Industry experts estimate the value of the Cobra system at 50 million euros, Die Welt says.

This morning, movements of Belarusian military equipment towards the Lithuanian and Ukrainian borders were observed, this was reported by the Biełaruskij Hajun Project, which collects and disseminates information on military operations in Belarus.

According to the Biełaruskij Hajun project at 5 Polish time, a column of about 30 pieces of military equipment of the Belarusian Armed Forces headed from Minsk towards the Oszmiana region, that is, towards the Lithuanian border, along the M7 road. The video shows BTR-82A and BTR-80K armored personnel carriers.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has threatened NATO countries that their arms shipments in Ukraine are a “legitimate target of destruction”. Russia constantly wants to force Western countries to stop supplying equipment that greatly helps Ukraine defend its territory.

The United States and its NATO allies continue to pump weapons into Ukraine. I would like to note that any NATO transport, which arrived on the territory of this country with weapons or materials for the needs of the Ukrainian army, we consider a legitimate target for destruction – said Shoigu during the conference, which was reported by the RIA Novosti state agency.

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