The movie “The Accused” with Charlotte Ginsburg. Ivan Atal drama review

“The Accusers” directed by Ivan Attal poses difficult and uncomfortable questions to viewers. Does sex mean the same for men and women? What is rape and what is the erotic game? And is it really possible to withdraw from any intimate situation? The movie “The Accusers” shows that even in the time of #MeToo, it’s not easy to find an answer. French director Yvan Attal draws viewers into a thrilling double-sided game that heats up the atmosphere, starring his son Ben Attal and his partner, French movie star Charlotte Gainsbourg. Is it worth watching the movie “The Accused” Here’s our review.

Making the movie “The Accused” Based on Karen Towell’s bestselling novel On February 25, he will compete for the Caesar Prize (the French equivalent of the Academy Award) in the Best Adapted Screenplay category. And we can already follow this interesting and multidimensional story of two young men meeting on the cinema screens “One Night and “20 Minutes of Fun”, which will affect the rest of their lives, as if Alexander’s father were the hero of the film. , Put it.

In the film “The Accused” we will see among others Suzanne Jounier and Ben Attal, the son of Charlotte Ginsburg.
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The accused movie: a decent boy and an ordinary girl

The movie “The Accused” begins with Alexander’s arrival in Paris (Played by Ben Attal, son of Charlotte Gainsburg and film director Evan Attal), a student at an American university. The boy goes to the apartment of his father, a wealthy and influential journalist (Pierre Ardetti), where only a housekeeper is waiting for him. The father is busy with his own affairs, and does not even find time to call his son. The mother is emotionally close to him (Charlotte GainsburgLong live with another person. He enjoys the arrival of his only child and invites the 22-year-old to dinner in the apartment he shares with his partner (Matthew Kasowitz).

It seems that Alexander is smart and polite to come to terms with his family situation. She easily fulfills the mother’s demand for love, she enjoys not only her partner, but also his conversation partner 17-year-old daughter Mila (Suzanne Joanit). After a pleasant evening and a small concert at the piano, the boy, at the request of his mother, takes the teenager to a party with his old friends.

The girl seems fascinated by her newly met friends. You can see that he feels very safe with him, so viewers of the movie will probably be shocked to see the police looking into Alexander’s apartment the next day. Everything happens quickly. Boy handcuffed, stripped of his phone, locked up for 48 hours. All the while he’s trying to figure out the reasons for his arrest, and like us, he’s surprised to hear that it’s about Mila’s rape.

Alexander repeats, even shouts, that he did not rape Mila, but is he sure he knows what he did? Was the Mila who accused him really in a hopeless situation? We try to answer these two questions throughout the rest of the movie.

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Alexandre (Ben Attal) gives the impression that he is lost in detention and in the courtroom.
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An accusation of rape in the time of #MeToo

From the moment of his arrest, the entire story presented in the movie “The Accused” focuses on answering the question of whether there was rape. The movie keeps you in suspense until the last minute, and the viewer’s sympathy constantly balances the main characters of the drama. Both of these have their own reasons and feelings. Everyone gets lost in the testimony and lies consciously to some extent. Each of them, only because of his upbringing (Alexander belongs to the progressive intelligentsia, and Mila comes from a partially Orthodox Jewish family), they try to present the case so as not to harm her relatives. What seems obvious to a liberal boy is hard to accept, and often hurts a girl who has grown up in a cult of virginity and purity of intentions.

The litter box in which the convergence occurred is a symbol of the place where these two worlds brutally collide. Nobody is guilty here, and they are both guilty. You can protest, show empathy. But each of them entered the world of ghee with their own history, feelings hurt by previous partners, let’s add that much older, and their own understanding of the role of sex. Mila shows heroic courage when, against her mother, she decides to report the matter and expose herself to the blows. Alexander must deal with the hatred and judgment of the public before the actual judgment. Although supported by loved ones, they are actually alone in the courtroom and in life.

The director of “The Accused” Ivan Attal asks important questions

Director Ivan Attal’s film “The Accused” is an important voice in the debate about the power to set boundaries, and how difficult it is to extricate yourself from certain situations, even in times of #MeToo.

The Defendant is a movie every woman should watch. It’s better in the company of a partner who also understands that despite all our openness, we are saturated with stereotypes more than we think.

Atal made an interesting movie. Focus the viewer’s attention on the last frame. One thinks about this painting long after the show is over. Every woman should have it under her eyelid. Not to fear or avoid sex, but to keep in touch with yourself, because sometimes “20 minutes of fun”, like Jean (Pierre Ardette), Alexandre’s father, sarcastically resigns, costs us a lot. Especially with guys like Jane.

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He played the role of Alexandre’s father, Pierre Ardetti
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Charlotte Ginsburg and her son Ben Attal in an influential duo

Director Ivan Attal did not hesitate to assign the main roles to his partner Charlotte Ginsburg and her son Ben in the film “The Accused”. He was confident that the winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes and the actor, who had already appeared alongside him in “Pieski Życie”, would cope with the task entrusted to them. Thanks to this procedure, the usual chemistry and closeness of motherly relations with children on screen was established, and Claire’s speech at court became even more meaningful. We have no doubt the publicist doesn’t speak up when she says she struggles looking at her ex-partner’s son and daughter, and when she cries over lost love. She is very honest about all of this, both as a woman and as a mother. I don’t know if the “accused” is worthy of Caesar, but it certainly deserves our attention. There is no revenge, effective castles and court games here. Instead, there is life in all its shades.

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