The dream is in us. Norway Program – Honorary Guest of Warsaw Book Fair 2022

Up to 30 writers from Norway will come to Warsaw to participate in 50 literary events during the four days of the fair. The following will meet the Polish public at the Book Fair in Warsaw:

• Malin Falch, Kristen Roskift, Bjorn F. Rorvik and Per Dibwig, Bjorn Sortland, and Monika Steinholm (children’s and youth literature),
• Lynn Ask, Anders Kvaman and Anja Dahlley-Overby (graphic novel),
• Marta Brin, Erika Vatland, Torbjorn Verovic, Nina F Grünfeld, Asborn Jacqueline, Kaja Nordingen, Anne Sverdrup-Thijson (non-fiction),
• Kjersti Anvinsen, Marie Obert, Cecily Enger, Helga Flatland, Jörn Lehr Horst and Thomas Enger, Clara Hefberg, Victoria Keeland, Nina Lake (novelist),
• Aina Velanger (poetry).

The following will also appear at the book fair in Warsaw: Berit Restin Sarah and Karen Anne Pulgo – the authors who created joiki, folk vocal pieces, which are an important component of the cultural identity of the Sami people. The musical setting of some of the events, in Norwegian beats, will be provided by DJs Charlotte Bendix and Nilas.

Lynn Ask, Anders Kvamen, Malin Falch and Anja Dahlé-Overby will also participate as part of the Komiksowa Warszawa Festival, which is held in conjunction with the Book Fair in Warsaw.

The rich program, where everyone can find something for themselves, is divided into thematic blocks.

Norwegian Pavilion Program (In front of the Palace of Culture and Science) Interviews will begin with the series “It’s Time for Children” and “Time for the Little Reader”. This is a great opportunity to meet some of the best Norwegian authors and illustrators. At “It’s Planet Time” events will be attended by authors who write about nature, the environment and travel. In the “Between Us” block, from a literary perspective, you will be able to get to know Norwegian society and its current problems better, and the series “Man and his Secrets”.
And “It’s Detective Story Time” will allow you to look deeply into the human mind.

The Norwegian Literary Program also offers a glimpse into the past. Proposal “Time for the Classics” is a meeting that provides a glimpse into two Norwegian Nobel laureates, for those interested in history, the theme of World War II will be introduced in Norway. With the day in mind, the Norwegian Literary Program includes ‘Czas na poezcji’ which also includes Ukrainian poetry, ‘European Feminists Anno Domini 2022’ and ‘European Literature Today’.

In the Norwegian Pavilion in the Marble Hall of the Palace of Culture and Science However, there will be many events geared towards publishing industry professionals, including meetings dedicated to translations, literary policy in Norway and Poland, and library projects.

Every hour throughout the exhibition, in the Norwegian Pavilion at Marble Hall, you will be able to take part in an instant language course titled “Learn Norwegian in 15 Minutes!” And in the children’s corner, the youngest will be able to participate in creative workshops.

Selected meetings with Norwegian authors will also be held on the main stage of the exhibition. All events will be available in Polish or with Polish translation.
View of Norway – The Honorary Guest of the Book Fair in Warsaw will be present in the Norway Pavilion Tent (No. 1/E) in front of the main entrance to the Palace of Culture and Science and at the podium in the Marble Hall. Palace of Culture and Science (Suite No. 117). The pavilion and pavilion will be a place for meetings with the authors and discussions. In addition, in the Norwegian Pavilion in front of the Palace of Culture and Science, in the Fashion for Reading bookstore, you will be able to buy books by Norwegian authors with Polish translations, and immediately after the meetings – get the authors’ autographs.

The Guest of Honor project is organized by the NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) office in close cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Warsaw.
The organizer of the book fair in Warsaw is the Foundation for History and Culture.

Entry to the Warsaw Book Fair is free for all visitors.

Days and hours of the book fair in Warsaw:
26 May 2022 from 10:00 to 18:00
May 27, 2022 from 10:00 to 7:00 pm.
May 28, 2022 from 10:00 to 7:00 pm.
May 29, 2022 from 10:00 to 5:00 pm.

Authors from Norway at the Book Fair in Warsaw

Norway Program – Honorary Guest of the Book Fair in Warsaw

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