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As long as it is possible to implement these plans, in contrast to the gloomy reality, the 24th Nowa Tradycja Polish Radio Folklore Festival will be held. It’s meant to be a static version (unlike last year online), with audience, and special music projects commissioned by the organizer, such as the Radio Popular Culture Center, and the Popular Music Contest.

This competition has been the most important part of the festival for years, as it allows young or new projects inspired by traditional music to present themselves, creating the Polish folk scene. Its winners include: Carolina Sheesha, Spuka, Wołosi i Lasoniowie, Cracow Klezmer Band, Żywiołak, Muzykanci, Kapela Maliszów, Dikanda and Kapela ze Wsi Warszawa.

This year, the first program of Polish radio is taking part exclusively in the popular music competition, which will finance its prize for the competition participants! Marcin Kossi, PR1 Director and Editor-in-Chief, told us the details.

– I’m glad Jedynka can participate in the new tradition! We always met the director of RCKL, Piotr Kędziorek, when he announced what would happen during the festival at Muzyczna Jedynka. I watched this festival with great excitement and respect. In any case, many phenomena that emerged from the new tradition and “sucked up” my music box – said Marcin Kossi, emphasizing the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bcombining tradition and modernity that drives the festival.

The Popular Music Competition has been supported by Radio 2 for many years by funding the Second Program Prize of Radio Polish. In this eye, it’s time for Radio One, which the program’s editor-in-chief is pleased with. So it’s time to announce what the individual prize winner has in store!

– I think the prize, very attractive, will be a show on our stage: Scena Szpilmana, Jedynka Live is our popular concert series. The director of PR1 revealed to us that the concert as part of this series will of course be broadcast on Polish Radio 1, adding that he was eagerly awaiting the festival.

It should be noted that the first program has been supporting RCKL activities not since yesterday. Our shows don’t just appear on Radio Two! It suffices to mention Etnowieści or popular editions of Nocą music. And that’s not all – a series of concerts by the Radio Folk Culture Center was broadcast live on Jedynka, like the opening concert of a new tradition last year. When Jedynka’s director was asked what he connects with the word “tradition”, he answers with a laugh that with “Miś” (there is a dialogue there that the girl cannot be called by tradition), but then adds:

– I always emphasize that for the first program, what we grow out of, and our roots, are very important. We sponsor what we created to be the premiere program, but we’re also up to date. Likewise, the new tradition combines these two trends.

Marcin Kusy will not only present his antenna prize, but also participate in the competition jury. What will the music journalist pay attention to?

– fact. Taste and melody. That’s what I’m looking for. I will definitely pay attention to the melodies, because Jedynka is melodic. We are not ashamed of this. Whether it’s pop or jazz tones, we always try to make it pleasing to the ear. I will say it frankly: as the director of Jedynka, I will pay less attention to avant-garde things, but I do not exclude anything! Because both fiction and fact are equally important to me, explained Marcin Cousy, as a music critic sensitive to “reproduction” and account.

Performances on the new tradition have always been a surprise to Kuse. He recalls eclecticism, weaving traditional strings in an unusual musical context. As she is waiting for it.

– Of course, I would prefer to invite you to this festival in a different tone. With a tone of joy and curiosity, not fear. I wish you strength and peace. I hope that this unit, which is also manifested in music, has tremendous power – added the Senior Program Director of Polish Radio.

We would like to remind you that you can still apply to the “New Tradition” folk music competition 2022. Details and regulations are available on the website


Program title: Musical meetings

led: Alexandra Tikarska

Release Date: 4.03.22022

Broadcasting time: 05.23.2020

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