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Fun books for kids

Why is humor in children’s books? The answer seems simple! Is there anything a parent would want more than a smile on their child’s face? But is it just that smile? Perhaps not only, although it is an important component. Laughter is the simplest form of reward for reading time, an encouragement to use again this form of entertainment, which – you know – develops imagination or the ability to formulate ideas, education, inspiration …

The key – if you want to cause that laugh – is to keep up with the kids’ humor. just us? Because perhaps it isn’t always worthwhile to unpack books in the attic that remember our childhood, or even books that have already been abandoned by our little reader’s older siblings. Of course, not all books get old. Some of them are still relevant, and are still entertaining and informative. However, if in any folder we find such a phrase as: “Servus, Mr. Friend” – this is a clear sign that the times of her horror are already over. What is important is that our child laughs, not us! If a children’s book entertains us adults as well, the victory is twofold. This, however, is not the most important thing.

So what amusing children today?

Every parent or guardian knows that the funniest kid jokes are not ambitious at all. However, there is nothing wrong with the fact that the 4-year-old laughs at snot and other abominations. Especially since such jokes can be used cleverly in books. Such is the case with the series The Rabbit and The Bear by Julian Gough, illustrated by Jim Field. The first part of it Bunny and Teddy Bear. Unpalatable Rabbit Habits This is a book for parents with strong nerves. A rabbit’s bad habit is… to eat their droppings (which, by the way, is supposed to be a rabbit habit!). The stories about my title hero – the always angry and resentful rabbit and the oasis of peace in the person of a bear – not only amuse, but also teach optimism, friendship, coexistence with others, and ways to overcome everyday (and less everyday) problems. After getting acquainted with a funny pair of heroes, the child will probably eagerly arrive at other parts, from those where Rabbit and Teddy Bear encounter, for example, a group of progressive beavers cutting through the forest – the home of our heroes – to the newest –Not such a fearsome king– About another confrontation between a rabbit and a bear, this time with a social problem and a polar bear claiming to be king and terrifying the inhabitants of the forest. In his texts, Julian Gough combines real problems close to children with humorous action and provides his readers (of all ages) many hours of unforgettable fun.Rabbit and Bear Books for Kids

Another great show that can appeal to both children and adults is the series about Susanna, which presents the fate of the family with humor. Elana K. Arnold created the character Susanna with young children in mind, and at the same time…chicken lovers or those who would like to become so. In the first volume Susanna. What came first: the chicken or the friendship? We get to know Zuzanna and her pet, Golden Hen – here again we will have a lot of laughs, but also a lot of interesting facts about chickens. If we don’t want to keep the hen in the garden like Susanna’s parents, we have to watch out for the promises made to our children! Susanna. birthday cake- A new part of the adventures of Susanna and her chicken – it will tell us how the preparations for the birthday party of Hania – the youngest member of the family – were carried out. So it will be a funny, warm and ideal story to strengthen the relationship between the child and the parent through shared laughter and stories about family life.Zuzanna is a series of fun children's books

What about slightly older readers who have already started reading on their own?

For them, humor in books is also needed! After all, a book is supposed to be fun, because…the best form of learning is learning through play. We remember better when there are strong feelings associated with remembering, and this also applies to joy. The child will remember more new words, stories that will subsequently affect the development of his imagination, ordinary information about the world, when reading makes him laugh. Reading will be associated with something positive and will not be confusing in school. Therefore, it is useful to start reading the book on your own with a simple, interesting and at the same time valuable reading. The time will come bloated, more serious and wiser novels, and at first you can suggest something that suits the child’s needs and sense of humor. Therefore, children who start reading on their own might like it a handful of wool– A story with humorous elements somewhat reminiscent of the cartoon stories about Lamb Shauna. Lamb Bernard, Lama Sama, and Willow the Goat form a gang to protect themselves from the persecution of other farm dwellers. The heroes will have to face a dog, fox, big cat or bull with emotional problems – no matter the outcome of these clashes, kids won’t be able to stop themselves from laughing when they learn about the adventures of Fleece.A bunch of Sophie

For young pet lovers and mystical stories, it will also be a good choice Curious detective– Their heroes are sugar dogs. They are indispensable detectives, always on the trail of criminal mysteries. Soon we shall see the second volume of their adventures – here we are, which will be full of puzzles, secrets, intrusions as well as sweet pastries and of course laughter! This silly comic story is a must-have item on the shelf for every little dog lover.Curious Investigators

As you can see, reading together can be an opportunity for the wise development and entertainment of the child, but also of the parent or the whole family. It is said that the average adult does not smile until eleven in the morning. But we know very well that sometimes humor can be the only cure for life’s difficulties. Let’s laugh with our kids, look for books full of humor, and maybe be surprised when we find a smile on our faces and see how much change that can come. After all, laughter is health.

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