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The 12th International Festival of Motion Figure Theater “Masquerade” 2022 will be held in Rzeszow from May 14-18. There will be a musical premiere for older children and shows for children.

The motto of the 12th edition of MASCARADE is GUEST, where difference is understood as difference, diversity and hospitality as respect and curiosity for others. We will consider the emotions that the unknown arouses in us. We will consider whether tolerance is a positive, derogatory, or neutral concept, and how it differs from respect. We want to talk about how to overcome the barriers that divide us, we announce to the organizers of the Maska Theater.


May 14 (Saturday)

the time. 12 – How to tame the basilisk? – Workshops for children aged 10-13, led by Natalia Koza – teacher of the Maska Theater (Maska Theatre, Kacper Theatre).

The leitmotif of the workshop will be Woody Allen’s words: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” an invitation to transcend the boundaries of your ego and see another human being: race, gender, religion, etc. .

the time. 15 – Dziwolągów procession under the slogan “We are all strangers” – start in front of the Maska Theater, and walk through the city center

the time. 16.30 – “Moon Stories” (musical for viewers +8) directed by Tomasz Kazurowski – Maska Theater – PREMIERE.

A teenage vampire, Mina, along with her grandmother, the Baroness of several hundred years, is once again forced to flee from the place that has become their home. They are looking for a new refuge where people will not threaten their existence and look for it. They kept hiding. They feel strange and different everywhere. They find their way to mythical Transylvania, where, despite their fears, they will experience the adventure of a lifetime, saving the forest, a haven for all those who seek peace and tranquility. They will meet real friends who help them tame the worst monsters from Tales of the Moon…”Tales of the Moon” is a musical about fear and friendship and defying social expectations.

May 15 (Sunday)

the time. 12 – “Ja, Snowman” (show for viewers +6, 70 min) directed by Artur Romansky – Animation Theatre, Pozna (Maská Theatre, Grand Theatre).

Have you ever wondered how to live your whole life in one night? How to stuff all the masterpieces, discoveries and beauty of this world in a few hours? Is it even possible? How do you live with someone we disagree with him like fire and water? Can you love someone very different? Will the sudden and difficult friendship show how to enjoy life, deal with traffic and… how to avoid the inevitable? The performance was honored with the main awards at the XXX National Festival of Puppet Theaters in Opole.

the time. 14-19 – LIVE LIBRARY – an accompanying event implemented in cooperation with the High School of Bilingual University. S. Barańczak in Rzeszów (Rzeszów University, Building A0, ul. Pigonia 1). free entry.

The Living Library is a national project that promotes the idea of ​​tolerance and respect for human rights. The idea is trivial, but it is not cliched at all, because although the living library functions like a real one, there are … people in books. People like you and me … seemingly ordinary people, but in different ways they stand out from others with their stories. People who, because of their origin, religion, lifestyle, opinions, skin colour, sexual orientation or past, must face stereotypes, ostracism and exclusion. Which put fate in a seemingly impossible situation. How did they deal with it? What can be learned from this life lesson? This is what you can “read” while visiting a live library. Who can become a reader? Everyone who comes to us on May 15, will get a library card, borrow a specific live book and talk to them. How do you read such a living book? A conversation for which we allocate about 20 minutes All questions are allowed, of course, respect for the principles of personal culture and respect for the other person Borrowing a living book is a very direct and intimate meeting with a person and an exchange of experiences, giving support. The lending room will be open only for one day – on May 15 from 2 pm to 7 pm in the beautiful spaces provided by the University of Rzeszów.

May 16 (Mon)

the time. 9.30 – “Kingdoms” (show for more than 3 spectators, 45 minutes) directed by Justyna Sobczyk – Guliwer Puppet Theatre, Warsaw in co-production with Teatr 21 (Maska Theatre, Grand Theatre)

This is a completely unusual performance – attentive, full of warmth, taking into account the needs of people with different sensory sensitivity, including people on the autism spectrum. The “Kingdoms” of the Goliwer Theater in Warsaw was created on the basis of stories created and drawn by Marta Staciek, an artist associated with Teatr 21, in which the actors are people with Down syndrome and autism. For the show’s authors, this material became an inspiration to view the world of each creature as a separate kingdom. Eustachia – the queen of Venus has always loved to watch the Earth and its inhabitants. Now the Queen watching the nuns, Bernadette and Clementine one day, shut the door and set off on an adventurous journey… The simple plot becomes an excuse to closely observe our planet, observing the needs and diversity of its inhabitants.

the time. 11 – “My Pink Shadow” (show for more than 7 spectators, 60 min + 30 min talk), directed by Bartosz Kurowski – Pinocchio Theatre, ód (W. Semashkowa Theatre, Grand Theatre). Based on a beautiful presentation, Scott Stewart’s wise book, inspired by his family’s history, is a poignant, if not obvious, story about the courage to be yourself, and about the shared responsibility and support of loved ones, who can effectively color the greatest and most dangerous fears.

the time. 16 – The influence of the Pigmalion – Workshops for teachers, conducted by Natalia Koza – teacher of the Maska Theater (Maska Theatre, Kacper Theatre)

May 17 (Tuesday)

the time. 9 and 10.30 – “Spaghetti” (show for more than 3 spectators, 50 min), directed by Søren Ovsen – Päg Theater, Warsaw in collaboration with Theatregroup Patida in Copenhagen (Masca Theatre, Grand Theatre)

Brothers August Wysoki and Beniamin Wysoki invite you into their kitchen – they’ll show you how to make the perfect spaghetti. The heroes have a proven recipe, large pots, mutual help, but … they will be distracted by someone. The stage will be lively, cheerful, dancing and of course musical. Young viewers will have the opportunity not only to learn the secrets of preparing one of the most popular (and delicious!) dishes, but also to listen to live music played by the actors and accompany all their pranks. If you want to learn how this iconic dish is prepared by true theater masters, then this suggestion is just for you! We guarantee it will be delicious!

the time. 11.30 – “Wędrówka Nabu” (show for spectators 7+, children and youth, 60 min), directed by Przemyslav Jaszczak – Arleken Puppet Theatre, لودód (W. Simaszkowa Theatre, Grand Theatre)

Nabu is a young girl who lives in a village across the sea. He has a beautiful, warm home and a loving family. One day, in unjustified circumstances, a fire broke out, which drove them out of the safety zone. Naboo decides to flee his village, which is engulfed in flames, to find a place where no houses will burn, and everyone can finally be safe. Nabu’s story shows how difficult it is to escape fear and pain. And how much we must bear to achieve the goal of the trip. The book by Yaroslav Mikouevsky, on the basis of which the play was created, is an extraordinary poetic tale on the topic of the migration crisis and intolerance. Adrianna Maliszewska for her role as Naboo at the 5th Festival of Small Premieres in Wałbrzych was awarded an Honorary Diploma by the Union of Polish Artists for Acting in Animation.

the time. 18- Presentation of the compositions of the Academy of Small Theater at the Maska Theater (Masca Theatre, Casper Theatre)

The audience will be able to see three artworks performed by young professionals:

1. “Theory of cosmic (dis) order” (the oldest group) – The inscription was based on a text written by Rafał Paśka, author of Podkarpacie.

2. “What do feelings do?” (middle group) – based on the book by Tina Ozevic “What do feelings do?”

3. “Basilisk” performed by participants last year at the Little Theater Academy – based on the motifs “Bazyliszek” by Wanda Chotomska and “Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. Who was this legendary mythical creature? But we’ve never asked ourselves if he’s been lonely, and young followers will attempt to explore the mysteries of contemporary basilisk, who he is to us and what kind of mirror can undo the evil magic.

May 18 (Wednesday)

the time. 9- Text reading for young people + a conversation with artists monastery. Daria Kubik (Masca Theatre, Grand Theatre)

the time. 18 – “Exceptions” (show for youth +12 and adults 70 minutes) Do you associate puppet theater with shows for young people and adults? Are you ashamed to admit that you miss childhood and want to get out of trouble sometimes? To the playroom, full of funny and scary toys that can cheer you up and move, but also… disqualify. In this project, the Warsaw-based Analog Collective tackled the topic of “Being different from everyone else”. The creators asked dozens of children from 5 to 16 years old to help find the answer to the question of who the excluded person is, where he came from and how to deal with him. The children, using their first-hand knowledge and extraordinary imagination, analyzed the current social situation in relation to exclusion and presented a ready-to-play scenario. What conclusions did they reach? Baby play! Meet the characters created based on conversations with children by the creators of the Analog collection. Unclear and socially engaged theater masters will turn the big stage of “Musky” into a bizarre puppet show, where bizarre behaviors mingle with violence, and childhood with adulthood. What will this fun end up with? Important about violence, it’s loud It’s time to change your mind. “Wykluczeńcy” will definitely help you with this!

Approximately. 19.15 – The end of the festival

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