Russia accuses Sweden of Nazism! Astrid Lindgren and founder of IKEA at the Super Express

Russia accuses Sweden of Nazism! Astrid Lindgren, founder of IKEA in trouble

Crazy advertising campaign at bus stations in Russia! Posters appeared there accusing Sweden… of supporting Nazism. The silliness really goes away. Examples of “Nazis” include such figures as the famous children’s book author Astrid Lindgren, founder of IKEA and director Ingmar Bergman. Was Baby Langstrumpf a Nazi?

“Children of Bullerbyn”, “Brothers Lionheart”, “Pippi Langstrumpf” – Do you remember those religious books from your childhood? Written by Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren. It’s hard to see anything negative like that, but Vladimir Putin, who specializes in creating alternate reality and history, has managed to do just that. Although hard to believe, at bus stops A ridiculous propaganda campaign against Sweden was launched in Russia – posters appeared there in which the Russian authorities accused Sweden … of supporting Nazism. The silliness really goes away. Examples of “Nazis” include famous children’s book author Astrid Lindgren, founder of IKEA or director Ingmar Bergman. The poster read: “We are against Nazism, and they are not.” Meanwhile, Lindgren, for example, during the Second World War, wrote in her memoirs about the tragedy that the Germans attacked in Poland and about the extermination of the Jews, unequivocally condemning Nazism and Stalinism.

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Do you know anyone who supports Putin’s actions?

“Poor Poland! The Poles claim that if the Germans manage to take Warsaw, then the last Polish soldier is dead. And those whose relatives were tortured in German concentration camps will not forget anything just because there is peace,” she wrote. Perhaps Putin did not like the fact that, unlike him, she did not think that Stalin was completely different. However, none of the people mentioned on the posters could personally defend themselves, because all of them were no longer alive. The Swedish Foreign Ministry said it would not “publicly argue” on the issue, and Russia simply accused everyone who condemned the war in Ukraine of being Nazis. However, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersen described in the newspaper “Expressen” the actions of the Russians as “unacceptable”. The campaign against Sweden began after the country offered its support to fight Ukraine and announced its accession to NATO.

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