Polish Football Skills Summer 2022 – The Summer Edition of Sports Camps!

Holidays are fast approaching. This is the time when it is worth organizing an active and developing trip for your child. You can do it with us! More than 50,000 children from different countries of the world have already participated in our sports camps. This year, we have also diversified our tours with an important attraction from the point of view of a young football player. Check out exactly what we have prepared!

Sports Camps Summer 2022 – Details

In 2022, our flights take place in up to 6 locations for almost the entire vacation period:

  • Giżycko – 07/03-09/07, 07/10/16/07, 07/17-23/07;
  • she was sleeping – 26.06-02.07, 03.07-09.07, 10.07-16.07, 17.07-23.07, 24.07-30.07, 31.07-06.08, 07.08-13.08, 14.08-20.08, 21.08-27.08;
  • Szczawno Zdrój – July 10-16, July 17-23, July 24-30;
  • Uniejów – 07/03-09/07, 07/10/16/07, 07/17-23/07;
  • Ostroni Morsky – 26.06-02.07, 03.07-09.07, 10.07-16.07, 17.07-23.07, 24.07-30.07, 31.07-06.08;
  • buried – 03.07-09.07, 10.07-16.07, 17.07-23.07, 24.07-30.07, 31.07-06.08.

Depending on preferences, your child may enjoy going to the mountains, as well as to the sea or lake. Everything will be specially prepared by us. There will be playgrounds with natural or artificial surfaces – it all depends on the location. Children from 7 to 19 years old can take part in our excursions – both girls and boys, regardless of their football experience. The price of one flight at the moment is PLN 2399 for new customers or PLN 2299 for regular customers. What can your child count on during summer sports camps 2022?

Professional sports activities

The training program, created jointly by the Sports Curriculum Specialist, guarantees maximum results for young athletes, without excessive stress. In all classes, we took into account the age and potential level of progression of the participants. The standard day during summer sports camps will be as follows:

  • Soccer practice – 4 modules: technical and coordination training, 4×4 mission games, training games with a foreign coach;
  • Lessons with a sports psychologist – unit 1;
  • Car classes – unit 1;
  • “fair play!” – One unit, during these activities young people will learn respect and communication on the field, which will also translate into a normal life;
  • Classes with a physiotherapist – unit 1.

In addition, we took into account various regenerative activities, for example in the pool, motor tests, skills tests – on the first and last day – demonstration training for parents and our New for 2022, ie Tactical Classes in FIFA 22. These last activities will help visualize the tactics of individual teams in a simple and accessible way to show young footballers different styles of playing football.
There is 1 PSS trainer for every 4 playersThanks to this, it will be possible to develop the skills of each participant individually. Besides, in summer camps 2022 Coaches from foreign clubs will also participateLike Real Madrid, Bayern Munich or AC Milan. Thanks to this, young players will be able to World class learning!

Summer Edition of Sports CampsSports Camps for Polish Football Skills Summer 2022

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Other amenities for summer 2022 participants

In addition to the main part, which is football training, young players can also count on a number of other advantages that will help them develop their footballing skills, but also rest. These things are:

  • full residence;
  • Full of – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, rolling meals and drinks;
  • 2 sets of adidas soccer jerseys – T-shirts, shorts and leggings;
  • Polish football skills Hat, bag and water bottle;
  • adidas training equipment;
  • Qualified teaching staff;
  • washing sports equipment;
  • healthcare;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Graduation diploma for summer camp 2022;
  • A book in which the individual skills of each player are described;
  • photojournalism.

We also provide special educational materials for parentsOur sports psychologist advises on how to support your child in achieving their sporting goals, and how to talk to them about it.

Summer Edition of Sports Camps

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Final exams and prizes for the best

At the end of Summer 2022 Camps, each participant will undergo Stress tests and final tests.

The best players will be called up for our PSS teamThey will also be given the possibility of free trips to sparring matches with foreign teams, such as Bayern Munich.

In turn, the potentiometer research will show whether participants got Ronaldo or Messi a second sleeper and what skills they still have to work on. The best among this study, apart from the appointments to represent us, They can also get an annual contract with the Adidas brand, which will finance them with sports equipment!

Thanks to the sports camps organized by Polish Soccer Skills, many footballers have already found their place in teams in the major leagues of the world, and two of them – Kamil Jóźwiak and Karol Linetty – play for the Polish national football team!

Sports Camps Summer 2022 – What else is worth knowing?

We offer camp resignation insurance – You pay in addition to PLN 100. This option guarantees a full refund if your child, for example, is sick or infected with the COVID-19 virus. All cases that are entitled to a refund in GTC are described.

In addition, there is also the possibility of deferred payment. Within 7 days of registering your child for the trip, you only need to make an advance payment of 600 PLN, the remaining amount just one month before the start of the camp.

In the event that you would like to enroll your child in two holiday sports camps, please enter it in the form Passwords #DrugiObozAnd You will get a discount of 200 PLN for the second and next camp. The requirement is that the child wears the same uniform that he wore during the first flight.

Don’t wait and register your child for the 2022 Summer Sports Camps today! Details are available at: https://soccerskills.pl/pl/obozy-letnie

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