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Małgorzata Wasilewska, who wrote in The Drawer earlier, fulfilled her dream and published a book called Everests – 23 Conversations about Change.

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Writer, flight attendant, journalist, priest, activist, chef and restaurateur, beautician, former model, traveler and many others. 23 ordinary and extraordinary women at the same time. 23 brave and brave heroines. 23 challenging and touching conversations. 23 He told and heard stories. And all this in one book by one author from Gdańsk – “Women’s Everests – 23 Conversations on Change” by Małgorzata Wasilewska.

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author – Małgorzata WasilewskaWriting in a drawer earlier, she realized her dream and published in the so-called self-publishing (or more precisely in his company Librain) a book called “Everests – 23 conversations about change.” The post was released on March 8, which is Women’s Day, which was supposed to further emphasize its subject, and perhaps also orient the receiver. Although, of course, anyone can read the book, it is sure to be accessible to people who are afraid to make decisions and change their lives. But I will tell more about that shortly.

Humble conversations by women

Back to the author for a moment, this What Wasilewska does on a daily basis certainly was not without significance to the creation of the book. She is a HR Consultant by profession, Certified Business Coach, and Scrum Master. As a coach and mentor, he participates in projects related to changing career paths. He has been recruiting for 15 years, conducting trainings and workshops, and also working on the basis of his original program. Therefore, talking to people is common and natural for the author. Perhaps that is why her interviews are so well read – one gets the impression that all these dialogues are little audible conversations between friends, non-coercive and modest. This is a huge advantage of this book.

The heroines – different, but the same to each other

The second feature of this post is undoubtedly the heroines themselves. As the title suggests, these are the women who changed their lives for various reasons. They are of different ages, have different professional and personal experiences, but they have one thing in common: they decided to change and they decided to fight for themselves. Apparently, the project was initially supposed to concern only women from Tri-City, but eventually the initiative grew and went beyond our own. Of the 100 characters and conversations, the author decided to select 23 characters that were included in the book.

Among them we will find, among others, figures known for their public activities, such as: Basia Ritz (MasterChef winner – owner of the Ritz restaurant in Gdansk), Magdalena Witkevich (writer), Danuta Sowińska (Activist from Tricity), Bożena Golanowska (ex-journalist of TVN / Polsat – now a beautician in Gdynia), Armina Walniak (Protestant pastor), Małgorzata Fechner-Puternicka (former ice cream factory owner, now political blogger), Marta Nidzilla (passenger) or Ilona (Villejesca) Montana (earlier model). Each tells about his life changes, which are often difficult decisions, often difficult relationships, the need to deal with their weaknesses, or criticism of the people around them.

Małgorzata Wasilewska . “Women’s Mount Everest”

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Women are change

It used to be very common to say that women are changeable. To paraphrase these words, one could say that a woman is a change. Because what is really behind this volatility? What does this contrast really mean? After all, when a woman dyes her hair or changes her style of dress, this is not just a superficial transformation. There is usually more than that. Sometimes we need such a seemingly trivial impulse to make a deeper and greater change. A woman is changeable, because she can adapt to the situation, she will find herself in many roles, guided by feelings, intuition and sympathy. This is also what “Women’s Everest” is all about.

The changes in this book are discussed very positively. Even most of the heroines like changes, they like to be on the move, in constant transformations – not only on a professional level, but also in life and character. Some say they initiate these changes themselves, others say they prefer to wait for the moment when a change is really necessary. Still others claim that life simply forces changes and despite fear or anxiety, they face new challenges. True warriors for a better tomorrow for themselves and their families.

These stories, both life and cinematic at the same time, can cheer up and move. Their heroines are real heroines. However, what I personally missed in these discussions was the greater focus on the crisis, on what caused and led to all of these changes. Because they are usually violent relationships, toxic relationships, husbands – alcoholics, families based on patriarchy or attackers at work. The ladies did not want to talk about it, they did not want to discuss it, go back to painful memories or hurt someone in the family. Of course, as readers, we must respect these decisions. However, this bitter meditation remains after reading. It is a pity that he was not heard out loud.

The book can be purchased from the website.

Małgorzata Wasilewska – Polish philologist and journalist by education, trainer and recruiter by profession. He says of himself: “I am in my forties and will give my beginnings. Someone might say: A little late, but I know that everything has its time. I live in Gdansk and I love this city. I breathe here, I live here. Here I read: On the beach, in Woods, on street corners and crevices, looking at people, listening to their stories For years, I’ve been writing in a drawer and now publishing “Women’s Everesty” – a collection of interviews conducted during the difficult time of the pandemic This book is my child.

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